Orange Calcite: The Amazing Healing Properties Of Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite: The Amazing Healing Properties Of Orange Calcite

The Orange Calcite stone has great spiritual properties. Calcite is an important stone when it comes to balancing the energy flow through your chakras. Use an Orange Calcite crystal to support your personal power and manifest your dreams.

We’ll talk about this important stone of solar high vibes and manifestation. You’ll find out about its amazing healing properties and metaphysical powers. As a result, you’ll know just when and how to use this brilliant gemstone.

About Orange Calcite Crystals

Calcite is a Calcium Carbonate mineral. Among the Orange Calcite crystal properties are its vitreous luster and the stable polymorph rock-forming mineral structure.

Due to the various impurities included, Calcite comes in a variety of colors, including orange. You can read more about it in our Calcite crystal guide.

Orange Calcite crystal properties

This shimmering stone can appear as a light or dark orange colored crystal. Some of the most interesting Orange Calcite facts involve the spiritual power of this complex crystal. Very few stones pack such a wide array of spiritual powers.

As an orange gemstone, this spiritual stone works with the sacral and solar plexus chakras. It’s an excellent stone that carries healing energies for multiple chakras.

That’s because it packs the bright energy of the Sun. The crystals of Orange Calcite significantly improve your connection to the energy of the Sun, to light, and to the highest version of yourself.

Orange Calcite crystal meaning

The name of the Orange Calcite stone comes from the ancient Greek word chalix and the Latin word calcis, which both mean calcium. Due to its rating of 3 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Calcite was used as the basis for sculpting various artifacts. Part of the Orange Calcite meaning is that of original and authentic cultural expression.

Calcite Alabaster was appreciated ever since ancient Egyptian times. It was used for vessels that contained perfume and other beauty-related items. That’s why part of the Orange Calcite meaning is that of beauty and refinement.

Due to its connection to Calcium, Orange Calcite has also been associated with good health. As an orange gemstone, it’s a symbol of self-confidence and personal power.

As a solar gemstone, it enhances creativity. As a result, Orange Calcite is also a symbol of artistic expression. Since it connects to the sacral chakra, this beautiful gemstone also talks about fertility, family ties, and karmic generational energetic exchanges.

Orange Calcite Crystal Benefits

Some of the main Orange Calcite benefits are connected to the solar nature of this beautiful stone. The Orange Calcite raw energy has a very high vibe, similar to the high vibes of the light.

Wearing a polished Orange Calcite gemstone is going to help improve your confidence. Because of that, Orange Calcite tumbled stone jewelry is an excellent choice for creative people. This beautiful gemstone is going to support you in expressing your artistic vision and making it shine.

Having an Orange Calcite tower in your home will help you restore energetic balance. Due to its emotional healing properties, it helps you overcome hurdles and find original solutions to issues coming your way. The Seven Sacred Shapes of Balance promote energetic balance in your chakras. It will restore the equilibrium in your own energy field and in that of your environment as well.

With the high vibes of the light present in your energetic field, your emotional intelligence will grow. Your connections will improve and you’ll have a more fulfilling social life and love life.

What Does Orange Calcite Do For Your Physical Body?

As mentioned earlier, even in ancient Egyptian times, the Orange Calcite healing properties were well known.

Wearing Orange Calcite jewelry helps your body absorb Calcium, while wearing an Orange Calcite bracelet boosts your immune system and improves your stamina.

Among the Orange Calcite properties is its ability to clear toxins out of your body. Include it in your healthy skin care routine and you’ll have a bright and clear complexion.

Orange Calcite Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Orange Calcite cover a wide variety of areas. All those beautiful vibes that this stone brings into your energetic body will improve all aspects of your life, in fact. It will nourish the very core of your energetic field.

We’ll go through the many spiritual and energetic benefits you gain from using and wearing Orange Calcite.

What is Orange Calcite good for?

Orange Calcite is one of the most versatile healing crystals. This amazing stone has numerous spiritual qualities.

It’s an excellent manifestation crystal due to its connection to the solar plexus. It boosts fertility and creativity due to its connection to the sacral chakra.

We’ll talk more in-depth about each of these powerful ways that Orange Calcite can help you improve and enrich your life.

Orange Calcite spiritual meaning

Orange Calcite connects you to Divine Masculine Energy. It activates the active and action-prone principle of your own energy.

You can equate Orange Calcite rough energy to that of the fire element and of the light. The fire element and the light have powerful cleansing vibes. They help you activate and tap into all the gifts you’re not yet consciously aware of.

Once that happens, you gain conscious awareness of these gifts. You are then able to work on them and improve your skills. Your energy will center soul path awareness and you’ll gain a clearer understanding of your life purpose.

Wear the 7 Chakra Bracelet and Stones Set that has Calcite beads and you’ll experience a boost of confidence and inner balance. It will activate your spiritual insight and connect you to your higher self’s wisdom.

With the help of Orange Calcite, you can break bad habits and low vibe cycles. Some of these lower vibe aspects of your life can be tied to your current life or to past lives and karma.

Breaking karmic cycles is a great way to release some of the repetitive behaviors and thoughts you’re dealing with. You can do that through past life regression or trance work. Orange Calcite supports high vibes during such trance work. An Orange Calcite cluster is particularly powerful for such pursuits. It connects to the energetic ties between lifetimes.

Orange Calcite connects to the lower chakras, from the solar plexus to the sacral and the root. It cleanses negative energy from these chakras, creating space for healing. Then, it promotes positive high vibes. That is going to boost your creative and sexual energy. Your fertility and productivity will improve.

What chakra is Orange Calcite associated with?

A bright orange crystal, Orange Calcite connects to the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra. The Orange Calcite chakra energy is that of the fire element and of the Sun. It fuels your light body with bright new energy.

Solar plexus chakra

At the third chakra level, one of the solar plexus chakra stones is the Orange Calcite that connects to the lower chakras. It brings you the brilliant power of the energy of the Sun. You’ll be able to take a clearer look at your inner self. You’ll gain clarity related to who you truly are and what you’re actually capable of.

Clarity and a strong sense of who you have become the building blocks of your process of spiritual growth. It helps you achieve a stronger sense of personal power. You’ll strengthen your self-esteem and become more confident.

You can also use the Power Chakra Tassels to strengthen your newly-gained progress. These chakra-healing crystals will protect your energetic body. They’ll boost your stamina and vitality, promoting health and the high vibes of optimism.

The positive energies of confidence and spiritual progress will lead you to a better-balanced life. That, in turn, will bring benefits for not just yourself, but everyone around you.

Sacral chakra

Orange Calcite also connects to the sacral chakra. Some of the common healing properties of orange gemstones include amplifying the energetic healing of your reproductive organs. That’s going to amplify your sexual energies.

Wearing an Orange Calcite ring is going to connect your sacral chakra to the high vibes of Calcite. You’ll experience a stronger sex drive, but also an improved charisma. Your seductive skills will improve, making you more attractive to potential partners. If you combine the Orange with a Red Calcite, you’ll ground these improved vibes.

The boost of energy to your solar plexus and sacral chakras also means more creativity. You’ll find yourself coming up with fresh ideas more and more. Not only will you have these ideas, but you’ll find original and innovative ways of implementing them.

Orange Calcite: zodiac sign associations

Whether it’s a lighter or darker orange, Orange Calcite is a stone that connects to the element of fire. As a result, Orange Calcite works well for the fire signs of the zodiac: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

As part of the orange crystals team, Orange Calcite features the positive energy of the Sun. Due to its solar nature, Orange Calcite connects all the more with the sign of Leo, which is ruled by the brilliant Sun.

When you wear Orange Calcite jewelry as a Leo, you become more vivacious. You find creative and productive ways to channel your enthusiasm and charisma.

By and large, Leo connects to your 5th house of personality, pleasure, love, and amusement. Wearing Orange Calcite will help you enjoy the various aspects of your life more. It can offer steady support and guidance if you’re trying to find the brighter side of your day-to-day life.

It’s also a great idea to use Orange Calcite when you’re working on matters related to the house that Leo is the ruler of in your personal astrological chart.

Read here to see our other crystals for Leo.

How To Use Orange Calcite

The process of using your Orange Calcite gemstones depends on your purpose. There are different ways to use your gemstone based on the end goals of the Orange Calcite uses.

If you’d like to use Orange Calcite for your manifestation process, include it along with your other crystals. If you’re using only this gemstone, then set your intention for it to help you achieve your goals. Visualize your end goals fulfilled while keeping your Orange Calcite close. Its energy will boost your manifestation process.

You can use your orange gemstone to heal self-confidence issues. If so, hold your gemstone in your dominant hand while you’re undergoing your healing sessions or healing meditation sessions. It will amplify the healing process and help you achieve positive results faster.

Use the Chakra-Healing Hearts Set to ground the progress you make and go further with your healing. The high vibes of these healing heart-shaped stones will bring powerful motivation into your life. Your love life will improve and you’ll make the most of your passion in all areas of life.

The healing energies of Orange Calcite make it a good cleansing stone as well. Keep your gemstone close to other stones, particularly yellow, orange, and red crystals. It will help ground their energy and cleanse negative energies.

However you might be using it, add an Orange Calcite affirmation to your process. Try using affirmations like: “I am confident”, “I am abundant”, or “I am well-balanced”. They will improve your connection to the solar nature of your Orange Calcite stone.

How To Cleanse Orange Calcite

A powerful Orange Calcite cleansing method is burning white sage. That will clear all negative energies from your crystal, your own energetic field, and your environment.

Another great way to cleanse negative energy from your Orange Calcite is to bury it in brown rice. Rice absorbs energy, generally speaking. Brown rice in particular brings in the power of the earth element, which helps Orange Calcite regain its natural energetic balance.

Using salt for cleansing Orange Calcite might not be such a great idea because of the abrasive nature of salt crystals.

The Feng Shui Crystal Ball Set can also help you cleanse your crystals. It combines the power of Calcite with six other very powerful crystals. With the help of this set, you’ll take your cleansing process to the next level.

How to charge Orange Calcite

You can charge Orange Calcite gemstones with the power of the Sun. Its connection to the fire element and the light make Orange Calcite very in tune with the high vibes of sunlight.

Place your gemstone under direct sunlight at noon. Allow it to bask in the power of the Sun for about an hour. If you feel like one go wasn’t enough, you can repeat the process three days in a row.

You can also use artificial light with the help of a crystal lamp. The Purification Lamp helps cleanse and charge your Orange Calcite stones.

What Other Crystals To Pair Orange Calcite With

Among the recommended Orange Calcite stone allies are, of course, other Calcites. Clear Calcite is an excellent companion to your Orange Calcite stone. That’s because the clear version is a powerful energy amplifier. Clear Quartz has the same powerful effect of amplifying the high vibes of Orange Calcite.

You can also use Green Calcite together with Orange Calcite. That’s because Orange Calcite carries healing energies for the heart chakra which are boosted by the fellow Calcite stone. Other green crystals like Malachite, Jade, and Moldavite crystal make for great crystal companions as well. 

Calcite is often part of chakra-healing sets like our 7 Chakra ‘Blissful Healing’ Set. These sets bring together the power of Orange Calcite with other crystals that connect to each of your chakras. Together, they align, open, and activate all the chakras.

Get Your Orange Calcite Stone Today!

Wear this beautiful and delicate stone at all times to empower your authentic self. Orange Calcite supports you in expressing your true inner self and living your best life.

The solar and healing energy of this orange gemstone boosts your self-confidence. It helps you manifest abundance, joy, and serenity. You can use it together with other crystals for success and manifestation to make the most of its wonderful powers.

Shine bright with the help of this wonderful healing stone. Overcome any obstacles and find the solution to any problem.

With Orange Calcite by your side, you’ll naturally gravitate towards the brighter side of life.

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