Sugilite: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

Sugilite: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

Sugilite is most commonly found in South Africa, where a large deposit can be found near manganese mines. It was named after the Japanese geologist who found the stone in Japan, called Ken Ichi Sugi. Sugilite deposits can also be found in China.

This rare gem is one of the prismatic crystals that have incredible healing energies. Also known as Purple Turquoise, Royal Azel, Royal Lazelle, Royal Lavulite, and so on, these minerals can be used for emotional healing. It has also been said to increase psychic abilities. Its violet rays attune us to awareness of the spiritual realms.

Purple stones are especially powerful in welcoming energy and messages from the Universe directly into our lives. Learn more about other purple crystals in this comprehensive guide.

Sugilite Crystal Meaning

Found in South Africa, Sugilite allows you to cultivate stronger bonds with the people in your life. It encourages you to re-evaluate the relationships in your life and determine which ones are no longer serving you. Following that, it gives you the courage and strength to move on from those relationships with ease.

Sugilite attunes you to the unconditional love of the Universe. Once you have experienced such profound and deep love, this bluish-purple gemstone will allow you to give and receive deeper and purer love.

Sugilite Stone Benefits and Uses

It is a well-known gemstone that supports you in attuning yourself to spiritual love. It also supports your spiritual growth by building a bridge between your physical reality and the spiritual realms. In doing so, you will also be able to connect to your spirit guides and guardian angels more easily and be able to call upon them whenever you need help.

Sugilite Stones Properties

Sugilite Healing Properties

It is one of the most nurturing gemstones that can be used to enhance the strength of your nervous system. It will also support you in dealing with your emotional issues, overall becoming a reliable crystal that you can use to increase the positive energy in your life.

In addition, you can wear Sugilite ring jewelry to heal the aches and pains in your head and stomach.

Sugilite Metaphysical Properties

Rarely found in the world nowadays, these reddish violet gems resembling grape jelly are especially helpful in increasing our physical stamina. Not only will we be given the strength and personal willpower to carry on in our tasks, but we will also be able to remove negative attachments from our lives more easily.

The properties of Sugilite crystallize the point that it is a powerful stone. It has been known to connect us to our past lives, helping us understand where the root causes of some of our issues in daily life originated from.

Sugilite Chakra

It corresponds to the crown chakra. It allows you to attune yourself to divine wisdom and enables you to be more receptive to insight and messages from the Universe. Therefore, with this healing stone by your side, you will know that the Universe always has your back.

It pairs well with Amethyst, one of the best crystals for increasing attunement to the spiritual realm and supporting you in receiving insight and wisdom from your spirit guides. It also nicely complements the Smoky Quartz mineral, one of the best crystals for grounding and protection. On your high vibrational meditation journeys, having a grounding crystal by your side will allow you to remain in the present moment.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sugilite

What is Sugilite good for?

Sugilite is an incredible stone for activating your crown chakra and connecting you to divine spiritual wisdom. It instills in you a sense of peace and strength, giving you the insight that you need in order to deal with issues in your physical reality.

Is Sugilite a real gem?

Yes, it is! However, there are many dealers on the market who pose more common purple crystals as Sugilite, so be careful when purchasing.

How can you tell if Sugilite is real?

Although it is not possible to determine whether it is real or not without deeper analysis, there are some common red flags to look out for. The first is if the color is too dull or if it contains impurities, as Sugilite is a vibrant purple stone. The second is if the stone comes at too low a price. As Sugilite is extremely rare, it is not likely that it will ever be cheap.

Is Sugilite Amethyst?

No, Sugilite and Amethyst are both purple stones, but they are very different in their composition, make-up, and healing properties.

Can Sugilite be blue?

There is a different stone on the market named Blue Sugilite. Although the make-up of this stone is different from that of actual, genuine purple Sugilite, it is termed “Blue Sugilite”.

What is the difference between Sugilite and Charoite?

Sugilite and Charoite are very different stones, although they are both purple. Sugilite’s purple patterns are usually more uniform, while Charoite’s purple patterns typically come in swirls.

Where can I find sugilite jewelry?

You can find jewelry made from this stone in all credible jewelry stores. Make sure to look for genuine Sugilite, as there are many gemstones on the market that claim to be Sugilite but are not.

How do I clean my Sugilite?

You can clean it by wiping with a clean and soft cloth. Make sure to visualize the stone being cleansed in its highest vibration while doing so.

Do not put your crystal in water. Learn more about the crystals that can be cleaned in water in this complete guide.


Here are our final thoughts on this incredibly rare crystal. Not only will it allow you to get rid of the negative energies in your environment in an instant, but it will also attune you to the spiritual guidance and divine love that you need in order to live your days with ease. If you have never worked with this amazing stone before, give it a shot! You will be surprised at just how powerfully healing it truly is.

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