Purple Fluorite: Meaning, Properties, Uses and More

Purple Fluorite: Meaning, Properties, Uses and More

Purple Fluorite protects us from harmful energy in our environment. It is closely associated with other types of Fluorite, such as Green Fluorite, Blue Fluorite, Yellow Fluorite, Rainbow Fluorite, and Clear Fluorite, all of which fall under the category of Fluorite crystals.

Purple Fluorite harnesses the power of the violet ray, thus allowing us to be attuned to shimmering healing energy and spiritual awakening. Shining a UV light on it can cause it to change color.

Purple Fluorite Crystal Meaning

The Purple Fluorite stone is a dream crystal. It facilitates dream recall and dream interpretation, allowing us to be receptive to messages from the Universe in our dreams. It is one of the cubic crystals in the world, a genius stone that has vitreous luster and that helps to ward off evil spirits.

This healing crystal brings self confidence to our energy fields, allowing us to radiate strength and healing power. It is a powerful stone often used in gem elixirs that are specifically for clearing negative energy.

Purple Fluorite Benefits and Uses

Purple Fluorite is a focus stone that brings mental clarity and attunes us to pure peace. Choose Fluorite jewelry that resonates most with you, whether that is a necklace, earrings, rings, or anklets. If a Purple Fluorite heart calls to you, we have the perfect option for you.

It is an excellent stone to enhance our mental agility. The most common forms of this stone are Fluorite specimens and tumbled stones. Regardless of their form, they encourage spiritual awareness and psychic awareness.

Purple Fluorite Properties

Purple Fluorite Healing Properties

Purple Fluorite wards off negative energies from our environment, thus strengthening our immune system. It also trains our mental processes and mental acuity, thus allowing us to focus with clarity on our tasks at hand. It also helps to eliminate bad dreams and attunes us to nature spirits.

It is also a great stone for crystal healing, incorporating psychic abilities into our everyday life, overall making it a dreamy delight. Although it comes in many different shades, it remains one of the most affordable crystals that you can easily purchase.

Purple Fluorite Metaphysical Properties

It works well with Rose Quartz to attune us to the unconditional love of the Universe. It also harmonizes well with Lemon Jade to bring prosperity and abundance into our lives.

Purple Fluorite Chakra

It corresponds with the crown chakra, and it goes very well with heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, and third eye chakra crystals. It activates the third eye chakras, allowing divine will to come through the chakra. In addition, it also serves the throat chakra crystals well, as it allows focus and clarity to flow through their self-expression.

It also benefits the same chakras that other purple gemstones do, as they all correspond to the violet ray and attune us to awareness of the spiritual realms. Purple gemstones are especially powerful in welcoming energy and messages from the Universe straight into our lives. Learn more about other purple crystals in this comprehensive guide.


Here are our final thoughts on this stone. It remains one of the most popular crystals to purchase. Ever since its first appearance many centuries ago, people have continually put on their crystal menu Purple Fluorite. Although there are many other stones and healing crystals that bring lots of healing properties to people, this is a great crystal for focus, clarity, mental agility, and so on. With so much versatility to it, it would only be fitting for you to try it out for yourself and discover exactly what it can do for you.

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