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Pyrite Crystal Meaning: Healing, Charging & The Top 8 Crystal Combos

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Pyrite is known to many mineral collectors because of its nickname, "fool's gold". It has been used for many years in jewelry and as an iron ore. It's an Earth element healing stone that's also connected to fiery energy because of its name and the symbolic warmth of its metallic luster.

Pyrite is a protective stone that encourages boldness, among other things. So what other healing properties does Pyrite possess? Let's find out.

What Is The Pyrite Stone?

Pyrite, also known as Iron Pyrite, is an iron sulfide mineral that looks like a yellowish stone with a pale brass metallic luster.

Pyrite sedimentary deposits can be found in geological formations of metamorphic rocks and also in hydrothermal veins. Pyrite is generally opaque and isometric in crystal formation. It forms a cubic crystal system. This stone scores a 6-6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale and is the most abundant of all sulfide minerals.

The most common places where Pyrite forms are Colorado, Italy, Spain, England, and Austria. This particular type of stone is brittle and sensitive to heat. It often requires a lot of care when cutting it for special uses.

Pyrite Meaning

The name Pyrite comes from the Greek pyr or pyros, which means fire. This is because Pyrite creates sparks when striking it against a hard surface.

Pyrite was often mistaken for real gold by prospectors because of its hue and shine, which is where the "Fool's Gold" meaning comes from. But this iron sulfide that is also known as "fool's gold" is slightly lighter than actual gold.

Many Native American tribes valued this stone for its magic abilities. They often used Pyrite that was polished flat as mirrors for divination. But trying to polish large slabs of it into flat surfaces took a lot of work because of the Pyrite hardness which makes it tougher to handle than other crystals.

In the 1800s, it was a decorative stone that was carved into rings and ornaments in England. Due to the price of Pyrite vs gold, it was a better option for stylish decorative pieces that still made a glittering impression. 

The fact that it looks so pretty also makes it a good addition to any crystal collectors' collection.

The Healing Properties of Pyrite

Pyrite has many healing powers that manifest physically and mentally. It's a stone that's all about keeping you strong and out of danger, so it heals your physical body and also supports your emotional well-being as a result.

As far as physical healing, Pyrite is excellent for stamina. If you're looking for a stone to fight infection and protect your immune and digestive systems, Pyrite is the way to go.

The earthy energy of this natural element makes it a powerful booster for the immune system and a powerful protection stone because of its fire energy. The earth energy of Pyrite aids your lung function, improves blood flow, and helps with women's fertility.

Pyrite ignites a flame in your soul so that you feel safe in your body and spirit. Wearing Pyrite increases confidence and leadership abilities beyond what you think you're capable of. This stone also rekindles passion so that you're ready to conquer life again. This is the perfect stone for people caught in a trap of anxiety.

How To Benefit From The Pyrite Metaphysical Properties

Pyrite is associated with purity and the power of creativity. It has a strong masculine energy that shields its wearers from emotional attacks and negative energies. It cuts through negative vibrations around you and cleanses toxic thoughts. This stone allows you to see the truth in every situation and live authentically. Pyrite is also a powerful ally for other healing crystals, empowering you to be on top of the spiritual and physical world.

Wearing Pyrite allows the stone's energy to absorb directly into your skin through contact. This crystal can be worn as an amulet or talisman through a necklace, ring, or bracelet. Wearing Pyrite jewelry during meditation will also prove useful when it comes to opening any of the lower chakras so you can release the bad energy you might have accumulated. 

Pyrite is ideal for the end of meditation because it helps bring your energy back into the physical realm and promotes mental clarity. This is an essential part of the meditation process. The nourishing energies of Pyrite diminish the effects of energetic environmental pollutants and promote spiritual health and well-being.

The many benefits of the Pyrite stone meaning make it a great addition to a crystal grid as well.

Pyrite chakra association

The Pyrite gemstone works with the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, and the root chakra.

Pyrite clears blocked energies and allows a pathway for them to be expressed healthily. When the chakras are blocked, it can dull your senses and make you feel like you're sleepwalking through life which also affects your work and inspiration. 

Pyrite works very well with your sacral chakra and root chakra, stimulating passion and creativity. Igniting passion and sparking creativity are some of the best ways to enjoy the life you're given.

Using Pyrite in meditation will allow you to focus on your intentions and tangibly manifest your goals, but it also supports you with grounding your energy at the same time.

Color therapy and Pyrite properties

Pyrite has gold energy that symbolizes success and power. This is the most common color associated with kings and royalty besides purple. Gold makes people think about mythical adventures and riches. Gold-colored crystals bring feelings of devotion and enthusiasm. 

Due to its golden metallic sheen, Pyrite harmonizes well with the solar plexus chakra. As a result, it works very well with other golden, yellow, and even orange hues, encouraging brilliant ideas, creativity, self-expression, confidence, and zest for life.

Make the most of the Pyrite meaning by wearing it as jewelry or keeping it as home or office decor in order to spur on passion and fuel your manifestation process.

How to use Pyrite to attract wealth

Pyrite is often used in a home or office space to clear bad energy. It will also funnel positive energy into the room it's been placed in.

Similar to other yellow or golden crystals, among the significant Pyrite uses is that of manifestation, but is Pyrite magnetic for wealth considering its popular nickname? Yes, it most definitely is! Wearing Pyrite earrings such as the Pyrite Earrings of Wealth will bring the frequency of wealth and abundance into your life. Because Pyrite attracts wealth, keeping it in a place of business will bring you good fortune and prosperity. 

Place a Pyrite cube such as the ones in the Success Stone Set somewhere close to your work desk or cash register in order to improve your business's success and improve your profit and sales.

The so-called fool's gold crystal increases your cash flow if you place a small piece of it in your wallet or purse. If you want to attract good luck, consider using your Pyrite together with one or a few of the most powerful stones for luck.

The signs of the zodiac: Pyrite crystal meaning

Out of all the signs of the zodiac, Pyrite is an amazing crystal for Leos. People born under this sign have a fiery nature and are usually born to lead. They have strong personalities and work wonderfully with the power of Pyrite. As a result, the Pyrite rock also works well with other Leo crystals.

This stone's energy keeps Leos protected when they are in aggressive environments. It keeps them balanced and grounded so that they are ready for anything that life throws their way.

Due to its fire energy, the Pyrite stone is also good for the other two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius.

Because of its earthy vibes, it also works very well with dense earth energies and the earth signs of the zodiac. Pyrite energy livens up earth signs and spurs their drive and motivation. So Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn can also benefit a lot from the positive energy and healing powers of Pyrite.

But air and water signs can also benefit from the rare sizable crystals of Pyrite because they'll bring in the grounding and physical healing vibes of earth and fire.

Cleansing And Charging Pyrite

The best way to bring out the healing powers of Pyrite is by cleansing and charging it often. Just like any other crystal, Pyrite can absorb the surrounding energy and can fill up with negativity.

Can Pyrite Stone Go in Water?

If you want to clean Pyrite stone, remember not to lean Pyrite by keeping it in water! A lot of stones can be cleaned in water and soap, but Pyrite is a definite exception because of the chemical reaction that can occur between Pyrite, water, and oxygen that produces sulfuric acid! Don't use it in elixirs either for the same reason!

If your Pyrite has gotten dirty, use a dry and clean cloth to wipe it clean. In this case, it's better to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place.

How To Cleanse Pyrite Crystal

Sage is one of the best methods for cleansing Pyrite. Smudging this stone with something like the Natural White Sage 2-Piece Set will clear the negative energy and leave it ready to be recharged.

Since this stone is closely associated with fire, lighting sage is an excellent method of cleansing, but you can also use incense since it works based on the element of fire as well.

Another way to cleanse your Pyrite gemstone is to submerge it under some sea salt. Make sure it’s for no more than a few hours or it will affect the metallic luster.

A safer way for the salt to absorb any negative energy is to leave your crystal close to a sea salt bowl. While the salt will work slower that way, it's a perfectly safe way to cleanse the Pyrite and restore the stone's energy and healing properties without affecting the stone's structure.

How to charge your Pyrite crystals

To charge Pyrite, place it in the sand to allow it to reconnect with the earth element. A bowl full of sand will also do the trick.

Burying it in sea salt is also a viable option for charging and cleansing at the same time. Allow it to sit for a few hours before taking it out for reuse. If you want, you can place your Pyrite near a bowl of salt to allow it to cleanse the negative energy of the stone. While keeping your Pyrite stone in salt might affect its shine, keeping it close to a salt bowl is a perfectly safe way to repeatedly prepare your crystal to be charged.

Light is another powerful way to recharge your Pyrite healing properties. If you combine the power of light and salt such as with a Rose Salt Night Light, you'll charge your Pyrite all the better.

Direct sunlight or moonlight also charges your Pyrite. Allow it to sit in the most powerful form of light, noon light or the light of the full moon, to fully boost your Pyrite protective stone powers.

Top 8 Crystals Combos That Amp Up Your Pyrite Benefits

By combining this beautiful decorative stone with other healing stones you can amplify the Pyrite crystal benefits and healing properties.

  1. Clear Quartz

    Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals you can use together with your Pyrite stone. Clear Quartz has the power to amplify positive energy, transmute negative energy, and promote spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

    Your Pyrite crystals have strong masculine energy due to their fiery nature, so among their metaphysical powers are those of activating the energy of action, initiative, and resilience. These energies are then amplified by the effect of the amazing crystal that is Clear Quartz, so any manifestation, protection, or healing powers of Pyrite are greatly improved.

    If you want to make the most of your Pyrite, keep it close to the Healing Pyramid for at least a few hours a day. You'll see this crystal combo transform your everyday life and manifest your dreams into the physical realm.

  2. Black Obsidian

    What is the meaning of Black Obsidian? It is a powerful tool for protection and grounding. It's also known as a way to discern the truth, filtering through the energies around you to reveal what's real and what’s not.  

    With the help of the Protection Pyramid, for instance, you'll have powerful energetic protection, grounding, and also support in gaining energetic balance between your masculine and feminine energies.

    This bracelet boosts up the grounding properties of Pyrite and also supports it as it fuels your ability to channel your solar plexus manifestation power while building the perfect balance between your earth and fire energies.

    The Obsidian and Pyrite protection stone combo will keep you safe from energetic attacks and attract positive energy your way.

  3. Citrine

    Citrine is an energy giver and is all about support, abundance, and good vibrations. It's a stone that reminds you that you have a life purpose even if sometimes you might feel like you've lost your way. 

    The solar nature of Citrine makes it a great crystal for your solar plexus chakra, a chakra that Pyrite also works very well with. With the help of the Infinite Abundance: Citrine Lamp of Manifestation along with your Pyrite jewelry or Pyrite stone will boost your mindful optimism and increase your confidence in yourself and your ability to fulfill your goals.

    The Citrine and Pyrite crystal combo will stimulate your solar plexus chakra, which will fuel your inspiration and guide your step towards emotional balance, material success, and spiritual protection.

    The high vibe healing properties of Citrine combined with Pyrite will support your growth and development.

  4. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli stimulates the thought process and is used to enhance memory. It's a stone of truth and promotes honesty for all who use it, encouraging self-awareness and mental strength. 

    Wear the I Am Blessed - 999 Dream Catcher Necklace of Miracles to ignite the spark of creative problem-solving and learn from your experience and the experiences of others. By gaining insightful knowledge about yourself and the world around you, you'll find it much easier to navigate life but also to manifest your goals.

    Because Lapis Lazuli promotes focus, it's a great crystal to use together with your Pyrite stone when you're working on a manifestation process. You'll find it easier to truly focus on your end goals and find the best way forward in order to achieve them.

  5. Fluorite

    Fluorite is associated with sweeping away negative energy and bringing in bright spiritual energy. It's a great stone for people looking to detox their minds. It lifts the fog from your head and lets you think clearly. 

    Wear the Soothe My Mind: Anti-Anxiety Bracelet Pack of 4 together with your Pyrite jewelry so whatever negative energy might be around or within you will be neutralized. That way, you'll find it easier to focus and channel your positive energies towards manifesting.

    Using Fluorite together with your Pyrite crystal will also boost its healing properties since negative energy won't be able to interfere with the healing powers of your Pyrite stone.

  6. Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eye is an amazing stone for a multitude of purposes. It works wonders with initiative, drive, and passion.

    Adorn your furry friend with Protect My Pet's Healing Crystal Collars to enhance their well-being and vitality. The collars are crafted with the powerful Tiger's Eye stone, which not only benefits your pet but also fosters a sense of enthusiasm and zest for life.

    When you wear the Powerful Positivity Bracelet Pack of 4, you'll experience the uplifting effects of Tiger's Eye. Since this stone works with your root chakra, it can spur on passion in your professional and personal life as well.

    When you combine the Tiger's Eye vibe with that of your Pyrite stone, sparks will fly between you and your partner. Fertility and creativity, in general, will be improved, so you'll have better chances of adding new members to your family or simply enjoying a more satisfying life as a couple.

  7. Jade

    We've already talked about one of the Pyrite uses which involves attracting wealth. The Pyrite gemstone has a powerful magnetic pull when it comes to abundance, prosperity, and good luck. That makes it all the more powerful when you combine it with Jade.

    By wearing the Financial Success Anklet together with your Pyrite gemstone jewelry, you'll attract prosperity, financial security, and good fortune.

    Whether you're hoping to start a business, get a promotion or a raise at work, or take a lucky first step in a new professional direction, a Jade and Pyrite crystal combo will bring financial success your way and keep away negative vibrations.

  8. Labradorite

    Labradorite is a very powerful crystal when it comes to creativity and new beginnings. It has the ability to fuel powerful transformation and support you as you navigate those changes.

    Wear the Golden Hand of Fortune - Bracelets of Wealth when you're using your Pyrite stone to work on manifesting your dreams and achieving your most ambitious goals.

    The Labradorite combined with your Pyrite gemstone will enhance your imagination and fuel your creativity so you step outside of your comfort zone and find tranquility with each new experience.

Get Your Pyrite Crystal Today!

Even though Pyrite is known as "fool's gold", it's a very powerful crystal with great healing properties.

This stone offers you endless possibilities for the growth and development of your soul and mind. Using it in your everyday life will bring health and wealth to you and your loved ones and keep away negative energies.

If Pyrite resonates with you, get some as soon as possible. And in order to make the most of the Pyrite crystal properties, use it together with crystals for success and manifestation. Allow this amazing crystal to help you live your best life and enjoy the endless possibilities which are within your reach.

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