Top 3 Crystals for Love and Relationships

Love is amazing. And every relationship born out of love has a great potential to become something beautiful. However, as with most things we care about, sometimes we need help or just a little support to reach that next level of commitment and safety.

Open communication, honesty, and real effort are crucial to achieving this. But who’s to say you can’t get a little extra help with crystals and their healing energy?

We’ve managed to narrow the list down to the top 3 crystals for love and relationships. We want only the best natural stones for you and your partner in your pursuit of relationship bliss.

Rose Quartz

The most popular stone for love is without a doubt Rose Quartz. It encourages unconditional love, where one doesn’t need a reason or a purpose; the feeling of love is just too strong to be denied. This type of raw love can inspire great passion between two budding courters. It is the ideal (and traditional) gift for a partner to celebrate romantic love. It’s said to restore trust and harmony in relationships that are starting to show cracks. It tears down the boundaries of love and releases its infinite energy upon you and your partner. 

Not only does Rose Quartz focus on romance, but it’s also one of the best stones for friendship. This is because the loving frequency is often the same. It has the power to release negative emotions that can block love, helping you open your heart to the world around you.

Named after the romantic flower from which it takes its color, it’s hard not to woo your lover with a gift made from Rose Quartz. 



Next up we have Rhodochrosite, the best stone for self-love. As loving yourself is a crucial part of any relationship, this stone becomes essential. That’s especially the case if you lack self-esteem or feel like your ideal partner is out of reach. Confidence is attractive.

Rhodochrosite is said to energize the soul, flooding you with a passion that brings together your physical and spiritual energies. It connects the burning desires of the sacral chakra with the chakra of the heart, liberating loving energy. Expect butterflies a lot more often around your significant other. 

Its powerful energy can lift you from the pits of despair after a night at heartbreak hotel. It promotes positivity when you need it most. Rhodochrosite steadily improves your feeling of self-worth, through honest self-reflection, not self-deprecation as we’re often used to. 

It’s one of the greatest stones for building and strengthening deep emotional connections and is ideal for reducing stress caused by relationships. Relax once in a while. Love is supposed to be fun. 



This is the stone of raw passion and sexuality. It might very well be the best stone for a gift to your loved one, encouraging you to treat your significant other the way you yearn to be treated. This fiery red gemstone restores equilibrium to the sex drive, increases libido and produces more than just a few lusty glances. It’s the perfect stone for a loving relationship, re-igniting the spark that may be fading. It promotes trust, sincerity, and commitment, enhancing feelings of devotion in both directions. Love is a two-way street.

A stone of warmth, Garnet increases your understanding of your partner’s needs and helps you express your own in a more convincing way. If a relationship is starting to stagnate, then this stone can be the decisive factor that keeps it alive, reminding you of the passion you felt when you first fell in love. 

Providing a natural state of joy, the intense red color of Garnet uncovers a deep enthusiasm and excitement for experiencing all of life’s pleasures. The small and the large. If the stone had a motto, it would be, “actions speak louder than words.” You will feel it yourself while holding or wearing it. A kiss says a lot more than words do. Garnet eradicates any blockages in the lower chakras, stirring sexual energy and revitalizing the intense intimacy you once felt with your partner. 

Whichever stone you choose, we hope you both achieve your relationship bliss and continue emitting feelings of love and compassion.

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