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Your Guide to Lodestone and its Healing Properties

Posted by Sara Todic on

Your Guide to Lodestone and its Healing Properties

Your Guide to Lodestone and its Healing Properties


They say that Lodestone is the most magnetic natural stone on the planet. If it has found its way into your possession, then you can bet that it wasn’t just a coincidence. Its magnetic properties work both physically and spiritually, so this could be lodestone’s way of connecting to you.

Lodestone Origins

The name, lodestone, comes from Middle English for “leading stone”. It’s said to be a great talisman for direction and can help you get back on track if you’re feeling lost. Let it guide the way to the completion of your goals.

Found all over the globe, lodestone is relatively common, but is often difficult to find outside of specialist stores or online. It’s technically classed as a metal rather than a crystal, but in no way does that take away from its healing properties. Our ancestors would’ve known this iron ore held more than meets the eye.



There are two types of lodestone: male and female. The pointed lodestones are considered masculine, while the rounded or square ones are feminine. Traditionally, couples would take one of each and place them in a red bag to strengthen their connection with each other. They’re said to enhance the energies of their associated sex, but it can be extremely beneficial to have one of each and find that inner balance.

The stone itself is usually dark in color, ranging from black to brown.

Lodestone for Physical Healing

For a long time, lodestone has been considered beneficial for the circulatory system. It’s said to enhance the elasticity of the arteries so that blood can flow more smoothly. Lodestone also soothes muscle aches, cramps, and other pain caused by circulation issues. It promotes a healthy heart.

Lodestone is deemed useful for arthritis, rheumatism, and problems to do with the lower back. It helps with the bowels and is even good for the eyes and the soles of the feet. If you suffer from impotence, then a pointed lodestone can help—add a drop of patchouli oil during the night of a full moon to enhance the effects on the male sexual organs.


lodestone pyramid

It’s said that if you’re suffering from pain, you can use a lodestone to stroke it away. Rub the stone against the afflicted area and move it in a downward motion. Once you’ve done it for a time that feels good for you, place the lodestone in a bowl of water. Discard the water after use.

To increase the likelihood of conceiving, place a masculine and feminine lodestone in a red bag, and put them under the marital bed’s mattress. 

Lodestone for Spiritual Healing

Firstly, lodestone is said to activate the root chakra, strengthening your connection to mother earth and anchoring your physical body to nature. It can also stimulate the solar plexus chakra, helping you find your path in life and pushing you towards success. 

As a highly magnetic stone, it’s no surprise that lodestone is one of the greatest manifestation crystals. It’s a natural stone of attraction and it brings good things your way. In addition to what you want, lodestone attracts what you need. It drives you toward experiences that are necessary for your personal growth, even if they may seem bad at first.

Keeping a pair of lodestones together is always a good idea. They act as a physical representation of the yin and yang. They balance the masculine and feminine energies on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Leave them in your home to reduce the effects of geopathic stress and counter EMF radiation. They also work well as soothing stones that keep siblings from arguing.

According to Cassandra Eason, author of Crystals, “a single-pointed lodestone facing the door or a road-facing window [will draw] prosperity.” Others advise you to put a piece in a pouch and carry it around with you to attract wealth, abundance, and financial success.

It’s said that holding a lodestone in each hand every morning can help free you from long-standing burdens and liberate you from the sense of helplessness. It can strengthen your independence and make you more self-reliant. This is great for getting in touch with your true self and taking some time early in the day to be mindful.


lodestone tumbled

As a calming stone, lodestone helps you relax more easily. It does this by reducing negativity in your surrounding environment and easing the tension you would ordinarily absorb. When you’ve been in this state for a while, it becomes dramatically easier to think more clearly and set powerful and life-changing intentions. Through relaxing, you can connect with your higher self and activate your intuition. Some people even claim that lodestone helps you find your psychic powers. 

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, lodestone is a great grounding stone to have nearby. It helps you to calm down and reassess the situation. It’s rarely ever as bad as you first think. Take a few moments next time you’re over-stimulated and use your lodestone to weigh your decisions rationally rather than emotionally. 

The properties of lodestone are enhanced when accompanied by fragrances such as basil, juniper, and thyme. It also connects more deeply to Virgos, Libras, and Capricorns. Use it during the months of these astrological signs to ramp up its energy.

Lodestone is an all-rounder that enhances peace, love, and tranquility. It brings you closer to your goals, but more importantly, to other humans. Get lodestone to improve and accelerate the manifestation process. It’s the perfect partner for practicing the law of attraction. 

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