Spiritual Protection: How To Choose The Best Spiritual Shield For You

Spiritual Protection: How To Choose The Best Spiritual Shield For You

Spiritual protection is critical in today's busy world. Finding yourself a personal energy shield is something that can lighten your burdens, ease stress and promote all-round good health and well-being.

By using crystals that destroy negative energy, you can ensure that you're living in a blissful state full of positive energy instead. Crystals are particularly powerful for spiritual protection because they defend your energy field and supercharge you with good vibes instead.

But how do you decide what's the best spiritual shield for you?

Flick through our guide to find out! 

Different Types of Protection

Firstly, it's beneficial if you can hone in on the type of protection you need. We'll divide the article into categories so that you can skip to the part that interests you most:

Do any of these categories call out to you? If so, you may benefit from preventing toxic energy from mixing with your own energy through the use of spiritual healing stones.

Crystals for Car Protection

Our specific blog on crystals for car protection covers this section in more detail.

It's important to remember when driving that you don't want to absorb negative energy from your surroundings. This could be from people in your car or people driving alongside you. Stones that keep you safe while driving are some of the most essential as they can literally save lives. While it might not seem that a stone can help on the surface, if you're feeling positive, uplifted and attracting high vibrations, then you are far less likely to have an accident than somebody who is angry, surrounded by negative energy and attracting bad experiences.

For this reason, keep your energy defended by using one of these gorgeous stones:

You can get the Tiger's Eye Protection Tassel to ensure you drive safely. It acts as an energy shield for you and those in your car.


Crystals for Home Protection

In the world today, it's important to shield the energy of your home, especially against newcomers who could disrupt the flow of things. By leaving a powerful healing stone or two by your door, you can ensure that bad intentions and other such things stay out.

Protect your home with the power of these three healing stones:

You can get the Protected Home Pyramid Set to safeguard the energy of your living space. This includes a Red Jasper and Rose Quartz pyramid, along with 5 others that create an aura of happiness in your home that negative energy can't dismantle.


Crystals for Family Protection

Keeping our loved ones safe is important to us. By using spiritual stones for protection, you can ensure that your family is safe and sound from negative vibes. Some of the best crystals for family protection include:

These three stones each have a calming aura. While the first two are blue stones that calm your energy and open up the throat chakra — something that is essential for family members that live together — the other stone is a bright yellow bundle of joy for peace, love and harmony.

All three of these crystals help to elevate the energy of your loved ones, keeping them safe from negativity of all kinds. Try the Anti-Stress Rings for soothing the temperaments of a busy household. You can even give some of them away to your loved ones to act as a spiritual shield for them.


Crystals for Protection at Work


If you have some particularly nasty colleagues, or a mean boss, or simply feel drained at your workplace, there are some beautiful crystals that can bring you back down to earth. These stones are ideal to use during daily meditation as they can raise your energy and prepare you to face stressful situations without letting them get the better of you.

Taking the Green Fluorite Concentration Stone with you to work is a fantastic way of ensuring you remain productive and block out distracting negative forces. It'll keep you on task and empower you to find the light in the darkness. If you can sneak off somewhere for a meditation session during your break, that would be even better! Purple Fluorite is also a great crystal for clarity and concentration.

You can also use the Pyramid of Focus to ensure you remain stable in the present moment. Tiger's Eye will protect you from low vibrations and help you connect with your inner truth.

You can also combine Tiger's Eye with Hematite and Black Obsidian in the Triple Protection Bracelet to ensure your spirits remain high. It empowers you to be positive at work and de-stress at home.


Crystals for EMF Protection

Electromagnetic fields can bring our energy to a standstill. If you've ever felt like your brain was fried from getting too much screen time, then you need a crystal to protect you from EMF radiation. Our electronic devices emit radiation that can sometimes be harmful, causing your brainwaves to function at less than optimal levels. The energies of these stones are fantastic for absorbing the low waves of your technological devices.

The Energy Shield Anklet combines both Smoky and Clear Quartz to provide double the protection against EMF radiation.


Crystals for Sleep Protection

So many of us struggle to get a good night's sleep. And we all know what that leads to: mood swings, fatigue, short temper... the list goes on.

While the EMF protection stones may help block out the low energy from our electronic devices, there are also some spiritual healing tools that focus solely on sleep protection.

Amethyst is the go-to crystal for all things sleep-related. If you want a crystal that will never fail to protect you during your sleep, it's impossible to imagine a better stone than Amethyst. The Artist's Sleep Stone is the perfect example of how this crystal can supercharge your creativity, while leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated every morning.


Crystals for Money Protection

Financial protection is an ever-important aspect of life. As much as we'd like it to be different, we need a certain amount of money to survive. Fortunately, there are a number of highly charged crystals that raise your frequency to one of abundance. These wealth gemstones can magnetize wealth and ensure it stays with you.

The Wealth and Abundance Earring Set was specifically designed to attract abundance and lock it into place. You get gorgeous earrings made from Citrine, Malachite and Green Aventurine. These three stones, when combined, create the perfect energy field for attracting wealth.

If Pyrite is more your style, you can get the Pyrite Earrings of Wealth. This beautiful gemstone was once thought to be gold, and if you take it only by its money attracting effects, you wouldn't be far off.


Protect Your Energy With The Power Of Crystals

Now that you know the key to choosing the right protection tools for you, you can begin to integrate them in your life. Choose the area that you'd like to gain the most spiritual protection, and then find the stone that suits you best. It couldn't be simpler.

Take a look at some of our best sellers to find more inspiration for your spiritual journey.

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