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Healing Energy Tools: How To Choose The Best Spiritual Items For You

The importance of self-love cannot be overstated. No matter how busy you are, no matter how hectic life gets, no matter how chaotic your energy feels, taking time out to be by yourself – with some powerful healing energy tools – is never a bad idea.

In fact, it's almost exclusively a good idea.

By connecting with energy healing tools, you can maintain an aura of positive energy that will be contagious to all those around you. Whether you carry some healing stones for support, set up a Rose Quartz lamp in your bedroom, or make it a routine to cleanse your healing crystals with Tibetan singing bowls, you will be enhancing your well-being based on the healing properties of spiritual tools.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to fit in spiritual work for your health and well-being might sound like a difficult task, but we promise you it's not. In fact, there are plenty of ways that you can integrate healing crystals and other healing tools into your daily life without much deviation from your current routine.

How, you ask?

Select The Intention For Your Healing Crystals

Before you choose which healing tools you decide to use, the most important step is to decide why you want to use them. You might get yourself an energy bracelet that combines some of the most powerful healing crystals in the world, but unless you have an intention behind it, its healing properties are wasted.

Compare it to buying a vacuum cleaner. You can get the one with the best suction power in the world, but if you leave it in the cupboard it's going to be worthless. Your dust (problems) will continue to pile up. You need to actually use it to reap the rewards.

To use healing energy tools effectively, you need an intention.

One last thing to remember: instead of thinking about what you lack, live from the feeling of the person you want to become. The act of feeling grateful for what you want to receive (but haven't yet) is not just pseudoscience. It's been proven on the quantum level that atoms are made up of 99.99999% energy, and that energy is infinite possibility – it actually changes based on what the observer expects to see.

If you follow the logic, our entire reality is built by our conceptions. The way to change your reality then, is to harmonize your mind (thoughts and beliefs) with your body (emotions and actions). To make this clearer: if you create a vision of the person you want to become, you must think and feel as if you are already that person. You cannot possibly change who you are without first changing your thoughts and emotions.

So, wait a second. Where do healing stones come into this?

Glad you asked. Healing crystals are unique in that their atomic structure is formed in a consistent pattern. Their energy is coherent and they are fantastic absorbers. This means if you send your intention to a crystal, it will absorb it and send out the same coherent waves of energy towards your intention. Know that feeling you have when you're with somebody you've known for a long time and you just bounce energy off each other? Crystals work like that with your intentions.

Healing crystals have energy of their own, and depending on the type of stone, the color and various other factors, they will resonate more strongly with certain energies than others. That's why no two stones are the same. Each one offers something unique!

4 Popular Intentions For Healing Energy Tools

Regardless of the type of spiritual tools you're using, there are several common intentions that you can use to get you started.


Your health is vital. Literally.

Without your health, everything else falls apart. This applies to health in all three of the planes of existence: mind, body and spirit. If you find yourself lacking in one of these areas – even a little bit – an energy-boosting intention can set you down the right path.

Whether you want to enhance your physical body through exercise and healthy eating; improve your mental body with calm thoughts, focus and stress-relief; or empower your spiritual body through meditation, you can start with intentions. You can start with energy healing tools.

3 best healing crystals

Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz is known as the All-Healer or the Master Healer. With such powerful names, it's no wonder that it's considered one of the greatest crystals for healing of any kind. The clear crystal holds phenomenal transformational powers that can bring balance to your energy and support what you want to achieve in your life.

The Healing Lamp is a fascinating Quartz light that's known to enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being, as well as shining a light on your spiritual side. It's perfect to light up your meditation before bed, a practice that's sure to bring a wide array of health benefits all on its own.




Another member of the Quartz family, this purple-hued gemstone is a sight to behold. It retains most of the healing powers of Clear Quartz, but with the additional influence over the third eye chakra. It supports the immune system and helps to dissolve negative energy.

The Emotional Healing Anklet is a great way to keep the Amethyst crystal against your skin all day. After a while, you won't even notice it's there, but you'll still absorb its positive and uplifting energy.




Garnet is an intense crystal. It's one of the most passionate healing stones you can find, increasing ambition, vigor and sexual energy in whoever is lucky enough to wear it. Garnet is also a powerful healer, both emotionally and physically. It's a fascinating stone for creativity, including creating a new wellness regime for keeping fit, healthy and full of joy.

If you're looking to integrate the healing power of Garnet into your life, the Natural Garnet Healing Bracelet is the best place to start.




A protection stone's main objective is to banish low vibrations. These healing crystals are best used to defend your energy, particularly if you spend a lot of time around energy vampires. They're great for introverts who feel drained in social situations. Not only do they shield your aura, but they help you recharge and recover more quickly.

You should also think about protection in other areas of your life. For example, crystals for car protection can support your energy while driving or reduce fears of long-distance travel. You can also get spiritual items for home protection that keep your living space safe from invasive energy.

3 best stones for shielding against negative energy

Black Obsidian


Black Obsidian is a no-brainer when it comes to energy defence. Not only does it liberate the mind, helping you explore its deepest depths and release withheld tension, it brings out joy and helps you get into the flow a lot more easily. Balancing the lowest of the chakras, Black Obsidian prevents negative influences from affecting you. It absorbs low vibes and shelters you from dark forces.

Get yourself a protection pendant like the Premium Black Obsidian Talisman to keep your energy shielded day and night. By wearing necklaces for protection, you can clutch your crystal when you need a little extra support.

Black Tourmaline


Another black stone, the black variety of Tourmaline is a protective powerhouse that absorbs negative energy like a sponge. It cleanses the spirit and brings balance to the heart, mind and soul. Those who use Black Tourmaline on a regular basis claim it brings them great wisdom. It's also known as a harbinger of peace, bringing a calm state to the mind by clearing stress and creating a feeling of personal power.

The Spiritual Protection Bracelet is a fascinating piece of healing crystal jewelry that combines Black Tourmaline with Golden Obsidian, another protection marvel. Use it to center your energy and deflect bad vibes.


Tiger's Eye


Tiger's Eye has long been associated with protection from evil. It's one of the energy tools used by ancient mystics to protect against the evil eye. It's said to prevent malicious psychic attacks in the form of curses or negative intentions. With Tiger's Eye nearby, your energy is safe and sound.

Combining it with two other protection stones, Black Obsidian and Hematite, The Triple Protection Bracelet is one of the best ways to shield energy and maintain a positive balance in your life. Not only is it one of our best-selling items, but it's also a gorgeous looking piece for enhancing and elevating your style.




In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's important that we keep our anxiety in check. It can be easy to get swept into the vortex of stress and forget that we can be the cause of our reality, rather than the effects of external forces. With an anti-anxiety gemstone, you will never forget.

Soothing stones for emotional balance can be a great asset to our lives. They give hope, optimism and enthusiasm, and banish worries at the first hint that they may arise. They're often called healing crystals for stability because they make you feel secure. We have an amazing set of five Anti-Anxiety stones that includes all three of the ones listed below. It's ideal for crystal beginners and experts alike.


3 best crystals for positive energy, thoughts and mindset



Malachite is the ultimate anti-anxiety stone. It's not the easiest healing crystal to work with if you aren't prepared to take your issues seriously. This is because Malachite is known as the stone of transformation – it prepares you to change on a fundamental level. Malachite works well with strong individuals who know what they want to become. When it comes to the chakras, Malachite works on the heart, promoting universal love above all else.

The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet is the best Malachite bracelet for reducing worries, fears and doubts in your life. Malachite lives to serve and it provides a daily dose of self-care. It unlocks the knowledge needed to make lasting change.


Rose Quartz


The pretty pink crystal is best known for being the stone of love, but it also helps you shift from a mindset of fear to a mindset of faith. A stone of passionate creativity, Rose Quartz enables you to find true inner peace by accepting and forgiving yourself for all past mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, but by learning from them we turn them into lessons. This stone's light-hearted energy guides you along that path.

You can put Rose Quartz to practice in your bedroom with the Self-Care Lamp. This beautiful energy tool helps balance the vibrations in your room so that you can live and sleep in harmony. When combined with essential oils, this lamp can truly transform a worrier into a warrior.


Smoky Quartz


Smoky Quartz is an energy-amplifier. It brings balance to the base chakra, stabilizing your emotions and dramatically reducing any lingering tension in your environment. It's a fantastic crystal for EMF protection, sheltering you from the dangerous properties of electromagnetic fields, but it's also a gemstone that helps you mentally. Like singing bowls for the soul, Smoky Quartz ensures you're on the right frequency.

Necklaces made from Smoky Quartz tend to have a calm and soothing effect. The Grounding Talisman is a great example. It helps you focus when your mind seems to be absorbed, and it gently gives guidance on how to make important decisions under pressure.



Healing crystals might be fantastic energy tools for health in mind, body and spirit; they might provide peace, protection and inner purity; they might even grant knowledge and wisdom, but the true life-altering effects of gemstones are present only when it comes to manifestation and intention-setting. That's because it encompasses everything!

While several of the healing crystals already mentioned are excellent for manifestation, namely Clear Quartz, Tiger's Eye and Amethyst; there are a few others. This is especially true of bright healing stones that work with the solar plexus chakra.

3 top gemstones for intentions



A crystal of high energy, Pyrite is a money attractor. It's a stone for wealth, abundance and prosperity, and it's one of the best for all three. It gives a sense of personal power to the wearer. Little nuggets of Fool's Gold are rays of hope for better days ahead. They help you find your flow and give guidance for how to best achieve your goals.

Earrings, such as the Pyrite Earrings of Wealth, are great for this crystal as they make you feel as abundant as you are. They help to develop self-confidence by revealing aspects of your character that are usually hidden from view.




Bouncing with positive energy, Citrine is one of the finest healing energy tools you can get. It enhances your life in more ways than one. It too is a money-attracting gemstone. It activates the solar plexus chakra, tuning you in to your deepest desires and giving you the confidence and determination to pursue them. Holding or wearing Citrine will lift your spirits and fill you with love, joy and a positive mental attitude.

The Abundance Anklet is a fine choice for anybody wanting to make use of Citrine's prosperity-enhancing properties. It's one of the best energy healing tools to keep on your person. That way, its power can become second nature.



Apatite is a fantastic stone for amplifying intentions that make the world a better place. It's a crystal that really rallies behind a selfless motive. A great stone for turning over a new leaf, Apatite is able to lift your spirits and keep them high while you venture down a new path. Time spent with this crystal can be exciting and adventurous.

The Brighter Future Bracelet is a gorgeous healing tool that helps direct your energy towards making the world a better place. It's the top energy piece for those with big selfless visions.



Choose Healing Properties To Match Your Energy

Now that you know the key to choosing the right healing tools for you, you can begin to integrate them in your life. Focus on the area that you want to improve – the intention – and then choose your energy tools based around what can help most.

You can never go wrong with healing crystals. Take a look at some of our best sellers to find more inspiration for your spiritual journey.

What’s the best crystal for me?

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