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What is Merkaba? Merkaba Meaning and Exploration Of The Sacred Symbol

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You might have seen this mysterious and fascinating symbol on crystal jewelry or on spiritual accessories, but where does it come from and what does it mean?

The History Of The Merkaba Symbol

The word Merkaba (sometimes spelled Merkabah) refers to the notion of chariot mysticism or the path of ascension towards higher dimensions of the Universe, Cosmos, or Heavens, depending on your personal belief system. It speaks about achieving a higher level of understanding of life, earth, and the world as we know it. In simpler terms, it's the path of personal and spiritual development that allows you to raise your vibration and be your best self.

The Hebrew word Merkaba is actually composed of three words: Mer-Ka-Ba (or Bah). Mer means light, Ka refers to spirit, and Ba refers to the body. When you put these three words together, you get the notion of your body as the chariot or vehicle for your spirit to ascend into the higher dimension or divine light. In other words, it's the ascension process towards your light body. It goes way beyond simply being a better person and touches on the idea of becoming your true light self.

The Merkaba notion originates from ancient Hebrew texts. But similar notions also show up in the Bible, when prophets ascend towards the heavens in chariots of fire and bask in the revelations and glory of connecting with their higher power, God. Once returned from there, they have unprecedented insights and prophetic visions. In other words, once they ascend, they have a much more nuanced understanding of life and see how things will unfold in the future.

One of the more fascinating ancient symbols, the Merkaba symbol has now become more present in popular culture, growing from an ancient Jewish mystic symbol and turning into more of a global approach to spirituality and enlightenment.

What Does The Merkaba Symbol Mean?

When considering the Merkaba meaning as a symbol ever since ancient times, we have to start from the notion of the body as the vehicle of the spirit, ascending towards a higher dimension. So the Merkaba symbol becomes the representation of the ascension process. It's a multi-layered approach to reuniting different directions and bringing together polar opposites.

The Merkaba symbol speaks about reuniting the opposing energies of the higher and lower dimensions, the flesh and the divine, the sacred and the profane. In essence, the Merkaba speaks about fulfilling your full potential and achieving higher consciousness through raising the frequency of your own energies to connect to the higher dimensions.

The two-star tetrahedron shapes can be viewed as spinning triangles that follow a clockwise direction and create an ascending energetic field, which can be considered a spiritual representation of our DNA as a divine vehicle moving towards helping us achieve our full potential and thereby achieving ascension.

If you simplify the Merkaba symbol by reducing it to lines, you get two triangles that overlap while facing opposite directions. If that sounds familiar, it's because that's the Star of David which you've seen as the symbol of Judaism and the protection granted by God to His people. Going by that reasoning, the 3D representation of the two tetrahedron shapes spinning in opposite directions is a sacred symbol of protection and divinely healing energies.

In sacred geometry, the Merkaba symbol talks about the perfect balance between body and spirit, between the Above and the Below, between the higher realms and higher consciousness of light and 3D reality of our human experience. Learn more about Sacred Geometry in our blog post.

The Merkaba symbol also refers to the healing energy effect of the Divine Union between Male and Female Energy, meaning the Union of Self, the spirit and body, and of the Self with the Divine.

Merkaba And Crystals

When you combine the sacred meaning of the Merkaba symbol with different crystals, the potential power boost can be amazing.

Wearing Merkaba jewelry and having a crystal in the Merkaba shape or gemstones with the Merkaba symbol on them is a great way to find inner peace and vibe with the energy of ascension. You'll experience the same healing energy of a super-charged crystal since in sacred geometry the Merkaba is a symbol of harmonizing and connecting opposite energies, forces, or realms.

To enhance the effect of the sacred symbol, combine it with the right stone for your intentions. Check out the complete list of crystals and their meanings, and choose the one that resonates with your intentions

Clear Quartz Merkaba

Clear Quartz is a Master Crystal because of its amazing properties. It amplifies positive energies, cleanses negative energies, and transmutes frequencies from the lower end of the spectrum towards the higher one.

By using The Seven Sacred Shapes of Balance which includes the amazing Clear Quartz Merkaba, you'll invite into your life the blessings and wonderfully healing energies that will support you on your path towards ascension.

Combining the Merkaba symbol with Clear Quartz’s high vibes supports you in healing your karma from previous lifetimes on Earth as well. You can work on that with some guided meditation that focuses on transmuting lower frequencies from your previous lives into higher vibes.

Rose Quartz Merkaba

Whether you're going through an emotionally intense season of your life or you're simply trying to get your emotions to a higher frequency level, a Rose Quartz in the shape of a Merkaba or bearing it as a symbol can be of great help.

If you're on a journey of rediscovering yourself and embracing who you truly are, this combo can offer great support and guidance. Whatever inner conflicts or tensions you might be suffering from, the Merkaba will reconcile those differences and support you in finding the point of equilibrium while the Rose Quartz will encourage self-acceptance and self-love.

This is a particularly effective combo if you're trying to raise the frequency of Divine Feminine Energy and put a positive spin on any emotional interaction.

This combo is very helpful if you're trying to manifest a Divine Union with a soul contract counterpart, like a soulmate or a twin flame in particular. When it comes to these unions, it's particularly important to find balance between the counterparts and within each energy field.

Amethyst Merkaba

When it comes to spirituality and third eye perception of the world around us, Amethyst takes things to a whole other level.

Intuition is an essential element of the journey towards ascension. Amethyst can support you when it comes to trusting your intuition and following the insight that the Divine sends your way. It can sharpen your psychic insight and fuel your journeys through other realms.

When you add the amazing properties of the Merkaba to the qualities of Amethyst, you get an amazing tool for personal growth and development. You can use the Merkaba Power Chakra Tassels to consolidate your progress and take your journey even further.

By combining the properties of the Merkaba with the qualities of Amethyst, you can awaken your Divine Feminine Energy and activate your Divine Union frequency. In fact, the Amethyst and Merkaba combo can be particularly helpful if you're on the path towards a Divine Union since it invites harmony and high vibes into your energetic field and that of your counterpart.

Labradorite Merkaba

Labradorite takes curiosity and spiritual exploration to the level of an art form. The beautiful metallic sheen of this blue-green gemstone brings to mind the merging of colors under the playful rays of light. In that sense, it's a wonderful representation of reconciling differences, building bridges, and encouraging connections of a dazzling nature.

When the Merkaba symbol and Labradorite join forces, you'll achieve an amazing level of higher understanding, consciousness, and transformation. Since Labradorite supports reinvention through a deep exploration of self and the world around, it becomes a natural counterpart of the Merkaba symbol.

Through insightful introspection and powerful self-actualization, the Labradorite and Merkaba combo can become your guiding light during times of doubting your life purpose and divine mission.

Is Merkaba Protection Powerful?

Merkaba is a form of divine protection in and of itself. It's a symbol of the connection between the divine and 3D world, nature, and all of us who inhabit it. Creating that connection and creating harmony within it is part of what the Merkaba does. And if you combine that power with other spiritual items, you'll enjoy even more high vibe benefits.

Super-charge your Merkaba items with the help of an Orgone Merkaba combination. Orgone devices can cleanse any negative energies and attract positive vibes into the items it contains. Merkaba works by drawing energy from the higher dimensions, and its power will be boosted by the help of the Orgone device.

By adding a Merkaba crystal to a dream catcher, you can amplify its protective properties over your dream-time energy and astral travels.

With the help of meditation focused on the Merkaba symbol, you can reach an even deeper level of understanding and growth. Merkaba meditation can go very deep and become a powerful tool for personal development and growth. Aided by breathing techniques, it can help you achieve a state of beautiful inner balance.

Achieve Serenity And Inner Peace!

There is so much you can learn about yourself and the world around you with the help of the Merkaba symbol.

Combine the divine blessings of the Merkaba symbol with the high frequency of crystals for serenity and peace and you'll be one step closer to ascension and fulfilling your life purpose.

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