Learn to Relax with These Calming Crystals

It can be easy to forget to relax. Sometimes, we might even forget what relaxation feels like! With plenty of talk about ‘self-care’ we often disregard that the art of relaxation is about centering ourselves and releasing tension.
Learn to Relax with These Calming Crystals

2020 has been a year that has kept a lot of us on our toes, with changes and shifts around every corner -  it can be easy to forget to relax. Sometimes, we might even forget what relaxation feels like! With plenty of talk about ‘self-care’ we often forget that the art of relaxation is about centering ourselves and releasing tension.

Relaxation is the ultimate form of self-love and using relaxation crystals in our practice can help to enhance the feeling exponentially.

Honestly, relaxation takes practice. Most of us actually need to learn how to relax - I personally find it quite difficult - so employ several tools to help release the tension in my body. These include simple exercises to bring you back into yourself - such as releasing your tongue from the top of your mouth, dropping your shoulders down, closing your eyes, and taking slow, deep breaths. When you slowly open your eyes your muscles will immediately feel more relaxed.

amethyst pendant in the hand

For more intentional relaxation exercises I like to hold peaceful or relaxing stones in my hands while I do the above and picture my energy matching the energy of the stone as I inhale and exhale.

Below is a list of the crystals that we can use in our various relaxation rituals. They are also extremely effective if you wear them on your body, carry them with you or place them in certain areas of your home where you might get stressed, as visual cues to remind you to relax! At the end of this article, I will also take you through some ways to create a sacred space dedicated to relaxation in your home or anywhere you need some calming space.  

Blue Lace Agate

The light blue color of this delicate relaxing stone is an indication of its soothing and balancing energy. Blue Lace Agate is all about harmony. If you find yourself at a loss with how to handle your emotions around a specific issue, this peaceful stone can help you process and release them in order to prevent them from leaching into other areas of your life.

Blue Lace Agate is full of calming energy. Wearing a bracelet or carrying a cabochon (polished stone) with you can help to relieve the anxiety and stress that comes from an overactive or busy mind. Keeping a geode in your space or next to your bedside creates tranquility.



This beautiful green stone brings soothing and optimistic feelings into your life. It is especially effective at calming anxious feelings and attracting warmth and confidence in their place. Green Aventurine has almost playful energy helping us to look on the bright side of life and move forward with confidence. 

Use Aventurine as a relaxing crystal in your meditation practices to dispel any stress that may be affecting you and welcome abundance. Placing an Aventurine tassel or string near a window in your home can also help to magnify its joyful energy into your home, releasing any negativity that you are feeling.


Rainbow Fluorite

If there was ever a crystal that could be likened to a “chill pill” - Fluorite is it. The Rainbow Keeper of the crystal world, Rainbow Fluorite brings peace, bliss, and calm into your life. This multi-colored stone contains Quartz and Calcite - both stones with strong purifying effects and is one of the best crystals for healing and rejuvenation. 

Rainbow fluorite is my favorite peaceful stone to use in my relaxing breathing practice as I find it helps to put me at ease and provides clarity in otherwise chaotic situations. Its stability helps to assess situations that may seem otherwise overwhelming a bit more deeply. 



Lepidolite is known as the Peace Stone. Connecting with the gentle energy of this relaxing stone brings balance during times of stress and constant change (already sounds relaxing, no?) It naturally contains Lithium - which has been used throughout history in anti-anxiety medication and has natural antidepressant qualities.

It is a wonderful crystal for relaxation meditation, removing energy blockages, and restoring balance. Use Lepidolite to invite change into your life and dispel any fear that may be surrounding it. Wearing or carrying Lepidolite actively reduces social anxiety and stress and helps you to seek a deeper understanding of situations that may otherwise seem insurmountable. 



Rhodonite is a stone of compassion and love. It is an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past and activates the heart. This pink stone aids relaxation and peace by encouraging unselfish self-love and forgiveness of self. 

Use this stone for grounding your energy and balancing your emotions - especially when you are engaged in acts of self-sabotage. This relaxing crystal will remind you that you are the most important thing in your life.


Black Jasper

Black Jasper, or “Blackstone” is an extremely powerful crystal that when used in a relaxing ritual helps you to ground your energy, brings you back into yourself, and dispels some of that “spaciness” that often creeps in. It is a conduit to help you to connect your higher vibrations back into the Earth. Blackstone encircles you with protection, preparing you for the next round.


No round-up of relaxing crystals would be complete without Amethyst. This crown stone of the calming kingdom is a powerhouse when it comes to relaxation and soothing vibes.

Amethyst works on so many levels - it soothes and stimulates simultaneously; turning edgy nerves into calm, bringing hope into places of anxiety, and transforming overwhelm into focus. Amethyst helps bring flexibility when you are in crisis mode. 

If you can get your hands on an Amethyst geode - even better. Placing one of these beautiful and raw natural formations next to your bed helps with insomnia and nightmares, assisting you with a calm and relaxing sleep. 

You may have noticed that all the stones that I have listed above for our relaxation practice are different colors. This is because each color energizes different parts of our bodies (some practices refer to these different color centers as Chakras) and in order to complete our energetic work we need to touch on the full spectrum.

You should generally exclude yellow and orange from any relaxation rituals as most crystals in that color spectrum are about activation and forward movement of energy; which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. That said, crystals choose you - so if you feel drawn to yellow or orange stones such as Citrine or Sunstone for use in your practice then you should absolutely include them.


How to practice relaxation with crystals

In the beginning, I mentioned a simple breathing and tension-release exercise that can be slotted into your daily life. But sometimes we want to be more mindful about our relaxation and that is where reserving a space for your practice comes in. There are many different ways to create a sacred space - a space dedicated to your higher self, some permanent, and others more transitory. When creating any space for your practice the key steps to take are: 

smudging smoke, meditation with crystals

  • Cleanse: Smoke cleansing is the best way to banish unwanted energies from the space around you. Open all the doors and windows and use your favorite smudge stick or a lightly scented incense stick to achieve this.
  • Protect: You want to hold the relaxing energy that you are creating in, and keep unwanted energy out. Use salt or crystals on the border of the space. Black Jasper is a good one to use here. 
  • Once you have taken the time to do this then you may gather your peaceful stones and begin your relaxation meditation. 

    We all have different strategies that we employ in order to relax. Some of us might relax in nature, some by dancing, some with meditation and massage; but at its core relaxation is about releasing the tension and stress from our body and coming back to our center refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes next. 


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