Why You Need To Add Epidote to Your Gemstone Collection

Why You Need To Add Epidote to Your Gemstone Collection

Some of the most potent gemstones you can add to your collection are some of the most unassuming. While you can always turn to the more dazzling crystals, be sure you're not passing over a humble-looking stone without learning a bit about how you can use it for yourself. 

Epidote is tied to the heart chakra — its green color is a natural match for this energy center. It's also associated with the astrological sign of Gemini in the zodiac. Both the color and astrological season hint at the renewal that epidote can offer if you're open to using the stone correctly.   

In this article, you'll learn about epidote's geology, explore the metaphysical properties of this gemstone, and discover a caveat about using it for crystal healing.

What Is Epidote?

Epidote is a common mineral. Its name is derived from Greek. Named by French mineralogist Rene Hauy, "epi" and "didonai" translate roughly "to give" or "increase." He was inspired by his observation that some of epidote's prismatic faces are longer than others. While there's been speculation that epidote's name derives from "pistacite" (alluding to its pistachio-green coloring), this has been disproven.

According to Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian's "The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach," epidote is part of the monoclinic crystal system. Epidote is also part of the epidote group of minerals. Charles Sorrell's "Rock and Minerals" describes the epidote group of minerals as having complex structures that are visually difficult to distinguish from one another. This family includes epidote, zoisite, clinozoisite, and piedmontite.

As for its physical properties, this stone ranks between six and seven on the Mohs hardness scale. Epidote's specific gravity, or density, is 3.4 to 3.5. It has a vitreous and resinous luster, meaning epidote's sheen is typically glassy looking. 

Epidote comes in a variety of colors. Specimens are often pale green, yellowish-green, yellow, or brownish-black. It also exhibits strong pleochroism (displaying different colors depending on the angle). Epidote is nearly indistinguishable from clinozoisite. They are similar in appearance and color, though clinozoisite is missing the iron found in epidote. Since they are part of the same mineral group, they share similar healing properties, though each stone offers a unique energetic vibration. 

Epidote minerals form through hydrothermal metamorphism (essentially hot water reacting to surrounding rock) that takes place in igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks. It's also related to several other rock-forming minerals: actinolite, albite, quartz, chlorite, garnet, vesuvianite, diopside, calcite, amphiboles, plagioclase feldspar, and pyroxenes.

The highest quality epidote gemstones are typically found in Knappenwand, Austria. There are also sources of this stone in Mexico, Mozambique, Norway, Pakistan, and the United States, as well as France, Italy, and Namibia.

Epidote and Its Healing Properties

Lighting sage to cleanse a room

When you're ready to expand your gemstone collection, epidote makes a beautiful addition. And while each gemstone has a particular set of healing properties, there's something unique about epidote worth mentioning. 

Simmons and Ahsian share how epidote is one of those gemstones that works best when you already embody some aspect of what you're looking for. It's a "like attracts like" type of energy. Epidote won't help you manifest something out of thin air, but it can help you welcome more of what you already have into your life. 

Conversely, if you're currently focused on negativity and complaining, epidote may bring you more reasons for both until you're motivated enough to change what isn't working. 

If you're ready to begin using epidote, here are a few ways you can put its metaphysical properties to work in your life.

Overcome Self-Sabotage

Most of us have self-sabotaged at some point in our lives — whether we've realized it or not. Maybe it looks like putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own, which leaves you feeling drained and lacking the energy for your personal goals and aspirations. Or it could be setting such lofty goals for yourself that you're unable to actually meet them. The end result is the same. Instead of feeling a sense of personal power and confidence, you feel deflated and wonder when or how you can start living in a way that lights you up.

In her book "The Encyclopedia of Crystals," Judy Hall discusses how epidote can help you look more objectively at your strengths and weaknesses and take action accordingly. Green epidote is one of those healing crystals that can help you drop habits that hold you back and keep these patterns from rearing their head over and over. When you're ready to roll up your sleeves and shift things for the better, epidote helps put an end to procrastination or other behaviors that cause more harm than good. 

Harnessing the healing properties of this pistachio-green stone can be as simple as finding some polished epidote to hold while you meditate or including them in a crystal grid. You might want to think about working with other gemstones that can help break bad habits, such as unakite or labradorite, to help you embrace change.

Create More Love and Abundance

Epidote can help create more love and happiness: two happy women at sunset

Epidote’s green color connects you to your heart center and opens this chakra, enabling you to feel love for yourself and those around you. You can also experience feelings of deeper compassion for others, and an overall greater sense of happiness and peacefulness. 

It's from this space that epidote's healing properties can help you find more enriching and loving circumstances. Whether you're hoping to find a loving partnership or strengthen the bonds and friendships you already have, you can trust epidote will bring more goodness into your world.

Additionally, epidote can be a helpful stone for creating more prosperity and abundance. Whether it's finding cash for investments or drawing fateful situations into your orbit, as long as you're taking action, epidote crystals can magnify your efforts. Your action step can be as simple as setting up a new savings account for a side business. Remember, this stone can only work if you do.     

For more assistance with your heart chakra, turn to rhodochrosite to feel love within and pyrite or green apatite to attract money and improve your finances. 

Reignite Your Motivation and Raise Your Vibration

Have you ever enthusiastically started a project, like learning a new skill or even reorganizing your closet, and suddenly you're out of steam? Once that motivation is gone, it can feel tricky to get it back. 

We can lose our inspiration for many reasons, whether we don't have the energy to keep up with a new habit or we’re not quite ready for change. When you find yourself in a similar situation, make a point to add epidote to your healing crystal collection. You'll have it handy when you need it. 

One of epidote's most exceptional healing qualities is its ability to help you transmute lower energies into more positive ones. Simons and Ahsian discuss how epidote enables you to elevate your thoughts, speech, and actions. When you're in alignment, you'll notice you have more energy. Following through on projects will come much more naturally. It can feel exhausting to be in a spiral of negativity and self-defeating thoughts. Work with epidote to perform some alchemy and get things moving in a positive direction for yourself.

Try keeping an epidote crystal cluster on an altar or desk, allowing it's uplifting properties to surround you. Amethyst is another crystal you may want to keep nearby as it can offer protection from negativity. Tiger's eye will keep your motivation going when you need it.

Use Epidote To Elevate Your Energy 

Use epidote to elevate your energy: Woman overlooking scenic vista

Seek out epidote gemstones when you're ready to change your energy and find a new, more fulfilling way of being. From finding the encouragement to drop unhealthy habits to rekindling the drive to go after your dreams and aspirations, epidote crystals can help you get the job done. 

It's ok to put yourself first in your life when you need to. When you strike a balance between nurturing your soul and tending to life's needs, you can transform into a happier, and healthier version of who you've always wanted to be.

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