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The Best 5 Crystals for Leos

It might seem strange for a natural-born leader to need the support of crystals, but Leos could use a helping hand just as much as the next person. Their fiery attitude comes to the surface when chasing what they truly desire, and crystals will help them gain more control over the direction of their energy. 

Natural stones are the best aid for setting intentions. Sometimes, that's what a lion needs! Leo birthstones tend to reflect their vibrant energy, so those born between July 23rd and August 22nd can expect some sprightly crystals to appear on this list. Leos acquire unique power from stones that resonate with fire in some way.

Leo Birthstone Colors

As Leo gemstones tend to be of the fire element, it's no surprise that the Leo birthstone colors are yellow, orange, or gold. Sometimes a fiery red stone can benefit a Leo too, but generally speaking, brighter flames synchronize more with Leo's energy.

Leos channel the sun's power -- being bright, positive, and full of energy is in their blood. That doesn't mean it can't be enhanced further! Some crystals can amplify and maximize this ability, ensuring that the owner can get a tangible result from working with their birthstone. These specific crystals for Leos are usually of a similarly sunny disposition. They tend to revitalize, de-stress, and increase loving energy.  


Leos' Best Attributes

The longest days of summer belong to the courageous Leos. They're often admired for their almost electric energy, not to mention their quick wit and effective decision-making. People naturally flock to a Leo in times of disorder and chaos. It's common for people born under this zodiac to have an innate calling to guide and lead. Sometimes the individual will straight up thrive on power. Some people work well under pressure; Leos work well when they're in charge and only have to answer to.

This skill makes them strive for managerial roles. Their generous attitude and warm aura make them great bosses to their co-workers too. Smart, resourceful, and innovative, Leos can wriggle their way out of any situation. They're also great at flipping a seemingly disadvantageous scenario and turning it into a way to progress.

Strong-willed and full of gritty determination, there isn't much a Leo can't do when she sets her mind to it. Although they love to be the center of attention, Leos aren't selfish. They're renowned for being loyal, honorable, and always willing to help if they can.

What Makes the Best Leo Gemstone?

Lucky stone for Leos would be one that helps them cool down if they feel overwhelmed by fire energy, especially during the summer. Like any human on Earth, Leos can be prone to anxiety, harbor negative thoughts, and repeatedly do something that they know is bad for them. 

Crystals can help with all these issues and many more. The stones that follow are not only for Leos, though. They can and should be utilized by anybody that feels they resonate with them. Due to the cosmic make-up of these summer souls, Leos are more inclined to attain the maximum benefit from these crystals. That's what makes them ideal birthstones for Leos!


The Best 5 Crystals for Leos


This gemstone has a strong connection to the sun. The word "pyr" actually means "fire" in Greek -- think "pyromancy." Its golden color reveals that it activates the solar plexus chakra, enhancing determination, confidence, and prosperity. 

Commonly mistaken as gold by miners, it earned itself the nickname, "fool's gold." However, the only real fool is the one who dismisses this marvelous crystal. Its is in the list of wealth-inducing crystals and its properties are up there with the best of them! It empowers those who work with it to recognize their hidden talents, dismantling the fear of failure bit by bit. 

Leos are generally confident anyway, but that doesn't mean they're safe from self-doubt. Pyrite helps them make the most of their confidence, encouraging them to manifest their dreams and be successful and fulfilled, whatever that means to them. Find out more about how to use pyrite to protect your energy here.



Not the general Leo birthstone color, garnet is a dark and luscious red. However, its fiery passion cannot be overstated. Garnet lights something deep inside of Leos that brings out the best in them. Consider it an internal flame that simultaneously balances the energy centers, linking the root with the crown. 

A powerful grounding stone, Garnet is excellent for keeping a lion's feet where they belong. When in a committed relationship, this crystal reaffirms that commitment, strengthening the bond between partners to no end. It inspires loyalty, faith, and fidelity.

Garnet has been used for centuries as a protective talisman. It prevents toxic thoughts from taking root and festering in the mind. In its place come the seeds of creativity. Leos are often gifted in the arts and garnet is an excellent stone for helping to showcase such talents. To make the most of its power, wear Garnet Bracelets, or get one as a gift for your favorite Leo. It’s their birthday season!



Carnelian stimulates both the root and the sacral chakra. Its flaming orange color is perfect for Leos and their fiery energy. As the sun provides life for everything in nature, carnelian provides extra life within you. It revitalizes you in a way that most stones simply can't replicate. The energy boost leaves you pulsing with passion, ready to chase your goals down to the bitter end.

Giving a noticeable increase in confidence and boldness, carnelian helps lion cubs become fully-fledged big cats! It helps Leos focus on traits they're naturally good at so they can become masters. Carnelian is also known to help ease the fears related to public speaking. It enhances self-expression and promotes courage so that Leos can face their concerns with a roar rather than a whimper.

While this vibrant crystal elevates self-esteem, it has the opposite effect on the ego. It doesn't let the newfound confidence get to your head; rather it expands the wearer's awareness so that they become more empathetic. It certainly blurs the line between modesty and pride.  Read here for how to use a carnelian to attract joy and vitality.



Another sun-like gemstone that matches the Leo birthstone color code, citrine, is a super stone for success. Its golden yellow color is indicative of its work on the solar plexus chakra. It radiates warm and loving energy, pulling an anxious Leo out of a dark place and filling them with joy. It raises the vibrations of those that come into contact with it, ensuring that positivity is spread far and wide. 

A self-cleanser, citrine is magical in its ability to recycle old energy. This is a habit that it passes onto those who work with it. If there are negative thoughts or feelings within someone, then citrine transforms them into something useful. This good can often come in the form of wealth -- citrine is the best money-making crystal after all. It's arguably even better than pyrite in its abundance-attracting skills. It's hands down one of the best stones for success and prosperity.

With the power to take your career to the next level, this could be just what Leos are looking for in their climb to the manager's office! Take something made of citrine to job interviews for extra luck, or place a tumbled stone on your desk to accelerate the possible promotions. Citrine never lets you forget to give back, either. It enhances the sense of generosity within Leos, helping them be harbingers of love and positive vibrations. If you want to make wiser financial decisions, or know a Leo that does, then you might want to check out the Ultimate Wealth Bracelet

Tiger’s Eye


Another solar plexus chakra activator, the tiger's eye is the ultimate stone for confidence, willpower, and self-drive. It enhances qualities that Leos naturally have in abundance. This crystal gives them a headstart in life. Often referred to as a manifestation stone, the tiger's eye paves the way to success through powerful intention-setting. If a Leo becomes complacent, then the tiger's eye is the stone to turn to. Confidence is great, but overconfidence can be detrimental. Wear the tiger's eye to avoid both self-doubt and overconfidence, and make sure your self-judgment is accurate. Make most of the healing properties of Tigers eye!

A stone for crystal clear thoughts, the tiger's eye clears the mental smog of daily life. It reduces stress and enables those who work with a clouded mind to see their goals. Not just goals that have been imposed upon us by society, but the goals that we truly and genuinely care about -- the dreams we've had since we were little. Tiger's eye can help the ambitious lion transform dreams into reality.

Tiger's eye is the ultimate Leo birthstone due to its maximization of Leo's innate talents. Already driven by nature, this stone just gives them the extra nudge. It can be the difference between thinking and acting. No other stone inspires the same go-getter attitude as the tiger's eye. There just isn't another crystal that can motivate somebody into action quite like it. Leos, in particular, feel at ease with the tiger's eye. There's something about it that lets them trust in themselves more. It doesn't necessarily add anything, instead activate everything that was already there, lying deep within. For anyone out there looking to finally pursue their own dreams, take a look at the The Protection Tassel.

We hope that these Leo gemstones help you along your path. Keep them in mind for your friends, family, and loved ones for the perfect birthday surprise.

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