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High Vibration Crystals: 14 Healing Crystals For Spiritual Growth

High vibration crystals can help you improve your life. They help you get rid of negative energy so you can attract more positive energy into your journey. High vibration crystals have great healing properties that support and guide you towards finding true happiness. With the help of crystal energy, you’ll raise your vibration and improve your human experience.

We’ll cover just how high vibration crystals can help you and how you should use them. Choose your favorite stones for better energy from this list of high vibe healing crystals.

How Can High Vibe Crystals Help You?

High vibration crystals have a few key traits: they cleanse and/or repel negative energy, promote positive energy, and help you heal. The higher the vibration of your crystal, the more powerful an effect it has.

Higher vibration crystals bring into your life the crystal energy of unconditional love, emotional healing, fulfillment, wealth, success, good luck, and spiritual development. They support and guide you as you make progress on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

We each have our own unique experiences with high vibration crystals. Some healing high vibration crystals for you might not work exactly the same way for others. Your intuition is always key when choosing your high vibration crystal. That stone is a direct result of your personal level of growth and development, your energetic body signature, and the set of circumstances present in your life at that particular point in time.

But there are also high-frequency crystals that work well for everyone, even if in different measures. For instance, Quartz crystals are higher vibration stones that promote crystal healing and spiritual growth. With the help of Quartz crystals, you’ll heal faster, grow quicker, and experience greater access to ancient wisdom. There are several great Quartz crystal options if you’re looking for a high vibration crystal. One of them is the Blue Quartz with it's healing and metaphysical properties. We’ll talk about a few of them below so you can choose the best stone for you.

14 High Vibe Healing Crystals For You

You can choose to go with one healing crystal that has a high frequency. But you can also experiment with using sets of such higher vibration crystals. You can use high vibration crystals for each chakra. Such sets of seven crystals to promote high vibrations and spiritual guidance will also act as chakra cleansers and optimizers. The Feng Shui Crystal Ball Set is such a powerful crystal set. The seven crystals optimize the energetic flow in your home and body.

Be open about the process of using high vibration crystals. If you don’t sense you’re making much progress with a particular crystal, choose one that better suits you at that point in time. We’ve got a few powerful suggestions for you to consider if you’re looking for one or more high-frequency crystals.

Find out which of the crystals below best suits you and your energy. Choose the crystal that your intuition guides you towards. And, as always, don’t be afraid to mix and match options. Your intuition will never guide you astray when it comes to crystal energy.

The high vibe crystals we suggest are:

  1. Selenite - filters out low vibes, cleanses your energy
  2. Clear Quartz - amplifies your high vibes, boosts healing and ascension
  3. Moonstone  - connects you to higher levels of consciousness
  4. Rose Quartz - encourages emotional stability and healing
  5. Smoky Quartz - heals and grounds you in high vibes
  6. Aura Quartz - activates divine connections, raises your frequency
  7. Amethyst  - encourages inner wisdom and psychic powers
  8. Rutilated Quartz - repels low energies, transmutes them into high vibes
  9. Lapis Lazuli - builds and maintains healthy boundaries
  10. Blue Kyanite - connects to your spiritual guides
  11. Blue Apatite - plants optimism and positivity into your soul
  12. Malachite - improves and heals your heart
  13. Citrine  - fuels you with positive energy
  14. Black Obsidian - grounds and protects you from low vibes

1. Selenite

Selenite is a powerful high vibration crystal. It filters out the lower vibes of negative energy, cleansing it from your own energetic field, your space, and the rest of your crystals.

Selenite jewelry is an excellent option for everyday use. It will work to continuously raise the frequency of your energetic field. It keeps you safe from negative energy and low vibes. This high vibration stone is an amazing ally for other higher vibration crystals as well.

The cleansing powers of Selenite set the stage for powerful high-frequency amplifiers, such as Quartz crystal family members.

2. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a master healer. It gives you access to ancient wisdom and helps you connect to your spirit guides. Clear Quartz brings into your energetic body a powerful flow of higher frequencies. You’ll experience growth and development in many areas of your life.

Clear Quartz amplifies your high vibes. It offers you better energy the more spiritual progress you make. Clear Quartz boosts the healing properties of your other crystals as well.

It’s one of the best crystals to use together with powerful cleansers such as Selenite. The great crystal energy of pieces such as the Energy Protection Lamp will bring the highest frequencies into your environment as well as into your personal energetic body.

3. Moonstone

Moonstone helps you get in touch with the higher levels of your consciousness. It puts life experiences into perspective so you can grasp and fulfill your true purpose. Moonstone activates and cleanses your Divine Feminine energy, helping you make progress on your spiritual path. It activates and balances your third eye.

If you struggle with lower frequency feelings such as doubts, uncertainties, and fears, Moonstone bracelets raise those vibes. It frees you from negative mindsets and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you. Moonstone encourages you to overcome self-imposed limitations. You’ll embrace your journey of growth and development so you can bask in raised frequencies.

This beautiful crystal vibrates at a very high frequency. If you embrace its crystal energy, you’ll elevate your own energy. Try wearing Moonstone rings and experience the beautiful high frequencies it will bring into your life.

4. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz works with your heart chakra, encouraging emotional stability.

Rose Quartz connects to the different energies present in your emotional field. It transforms those energies into high vibes of unconditional love towards yourself (self-love) and others (romantic love, familial love, soul tribe love).

With the help of Rose Quartz, you can raise the frequency of emotional connections in all areas of your life. It will raise the frequency of your family ties, romantic connections, and overall caring interactions with the rest of the world.

Keep the Rose Quartz Lamp of Compassion in your environment to promote the highest frequencies of compassion. Every aspect of your life will improve as you float on the highest vibes of unconditional love.

5. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is one of the higher frequency stones with powerful metaphysical properties.

What makes it so powerful is its blend of healing properties of the Clear Quartzes with the grounding and cleansing powers of its inclusions. With the help of the higher frequency of Smoky Quartz energy, you can release worries and negative energy from your field and experience.

Smoky Quartz grounds higher vibes into your soul. It helps you focus on the now and live in the moment, raising your frequency and helping you make spiritual progress. Wear the Grounding Talisman and enjoy its liberating higher vibes.

6. Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz is a rare stone example of man-altered crystals that are embraced by energy healers and crystal lovers alike. 

They’re created by electrostatic bonding of Quartz with minerals and metals such as Gold or Platinum. That’s what generates the rainbow effect of these beautiful crystals.

The etheric effect of Aura Quartz activates your divine imagination. It brings powerful angelic energy into life, raising your frequency.

7. Amethyst

Amethyst connects to your third eye chakra. It’s one of the most powerful high vibration crystals. It opens the door to your pineal gland and raises the frequency of your spiritual energy. That encourages inner wisdom and psychic visions and helps you make progress on your spiritual path.

Using Amethyst helps you achieve a higher level of meditation. It cleanses your spirit of low vibes and guides your steps towards tranquility and inner balance. That’s going to raise the vibration of everything you do, feel, and think.

Use the Tree of Life Tranquility Set to feel the full high-frequency power of this great stone.

8. Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is a type of Quartz that has acicular or needle-like inclusions of Rutile. These inclusions encourage spiritual connection with higher dimensions. That brings into your reality the higher vibrational energies of the divine.

With the help of this high vibration crystal, you can get rid of bad energy in no time. The connection it makes with the higher dimensions dissolves low vibes and transmutes those energies into higher vibrations.

Rutilated Quartz makes a powerful crystal ally for other members of the Quartz family, such as Smoky, Rose, and Clear Quartz. You can read more about it in our Rutilated Quartz crystal guide.

9. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli connects to your throat chakra. It’s one of the most powerful crystals for communication and social ties and interactions. Lapis Lazuli is also an excellent crystal for negotiations and diplomatic endeavors due to its high vibrations.

When it comes to human interactions, Lapis Lazuli bracelets help you build and maintain healthy boundaries. It encourages high-frequency self-expression, which is a building block of spiritual growth.

Due to its high vibes, you can find Lapis Lazuli as part of powerful crystal sets such as the Elemental Protection Spheres. They raise the frequency of your energy and of every aspect of your life by protecting you from toxic low vibes.

10. Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a powerful celestial stone. It’s one of the high vibration crystals that help you connect to your spiritual guides and guardian angels.

When you wear Kyanite, you find it easier to release energies that no longer serve you. That’s because Kyanite initiates connections with higher frequencies and opens you up spiritually. It helps you raise your frequency by resolving the low vibes you’re dealing with. Those low vibes can be karmic as well.

The Cosmic Balance Earrings make the most of Kyanite’s activating power by combining it with the energy-amplifying power of Tourmaline. That makes these gorgeous earrings veritable spiritual portals towards higher frequencies.

11. Blue Apatite

Low vibes can become a thing of the past with the help of Blue Apatite.

This gorgeous high-frequency crystal plants the seeds of optimism and positivity into your soul and energetic signature. The world will become a brighter place. Your heart will become lighter. Your thoughts will turn towards manifesting happiness and fulfillment. You’ll find it easier to focus on the pleasant, satisfying, and uplifting side of life.

Wearing the Brighter Future Bracelet is going to anchor those higher vibrations into your energetic body. You’ll find it easier to navigate the many twists and turns of life with the help of this powerful higher vibration stone.

12. Malachite

It’s hard to maintain your high vibe if you’re dealing with a heavy heart. The Malachite stone connects to your heart chakra.

Its high vibration energy helps you improve many aspects of your life. Malachite is a powerful healing crystal. It raises the frequency of your feelings. Wearing these gorgeous Malachite rings can help you regain your generosity and open-hearted nature after you’ve healed from emotional trauma.

But Malachite can do so much more for you. The high vibrations it attracts into your life fuel your willpower and clear your vision. That’s going to give you a serious boost to your manifestation process as well. Wear Malachite Bracelets and see how quickly your life transforms for the better with the help of its high vibes.

13. Citrine

Citrine connects to your solar plexus chakra, the storage center of your solar high-frequency energy.

One of the many stones that are part of the Quartz family, Citrine encourages your confidence and boosts your personal power. Citrine fuels your body with positive energy. Your soul will vibrate with the happiest melody; stone boosters for your mood such as Citrine raise the frequency of your everyday life.

Citrine encourages seeing things from various perspectives and finding the optimistic and productive angle in all of them. That helps you achieve success and wealth with more ease. Wear the Ultimate Wealth Bracelet and experience the abundant high frequency of Citrine for yourself.

14. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian connects to your root chakra. This stone has a powerful grounding effect on your energy. It's a sacred stone that protects you from negative energy and psychic attacks. Black Obsidian rings are going to maintain your high vibe energy and help you achieve even higher levels of personal and spiritual growth.

Black Obsidian is a powerful worry stone. It clears your energetic field of the low vibes of negative emotions, whether they come from you or from others around. Due to their high vibrations, Obsidian bracelets keep their owners safe and spiritually protected.

The Premium Black Obsidian Talisman opens up the gateways towards stability and clarity. With such solid grounded base energy, you’ll connect to higher vibration energies in no time.

How To Use Crystals To Raise Vibration

There are several ways you can use a high vibe stone to raise vibrations and improve your life. The key aspect of using any of these powerful crystals is to set an intention for your high vibration crystals to raise your vibration. Once that’s done, you can choose to use your crystal in any of the following ways.

Keep your high vibration crystals on/with you

The simplest step you can take is to always carry high vibration crystals with or on you at all times. It can be a piece of jewelry or a tumbled stone you keep in your wallet, bag, or pocket. You might also consider adding a crystal tassel to your phone, for instance, or something like the Spiritual Protection Mobile Chain.

This is a great way to start experimenting with high vibe crystals. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crystal user, the mere presence of your crystals is going to raise your vibration.

Meditation and other spiritual practices

You can incorporate your high vibration stones into your meditation or any other spiritual practice. Whether you use an altar, pray, or take regular cleansing baths, adding high vibration crystals is always a good idea.

The positive energy that your high vibe crystal encourages will help along and amplify all of your spiritual practices. You’ll achieve enlightening and deep meditation. It will be easier to make contact and communicate with your spiritual guides, guardian angels, and other higher dimensional entities.

Your prayers, spells, or manifestation processes will be more powerful and yield better results sooner. You’ll be able to accelerate your spiritual growth process by using these powerful healing high vibration crystals.

Maintaining the high vibration crystals: cleansing and charging

Make sure you cleanse your high vibration crystals regularly. Though they have such a high vibe energy, they're still sensitive to the presence of negative energy. The more often you cleanse them, the more you help them vibrate at their highest positive energy level. We’ve got a few suggestions about how to cleanse your crystals.

After cleansing your crystals, be sure to charge them as well. You can use many ways to do that, depending on the particular crystal energy signature. You can use salt and crystal lamps, like the Selenite Cleansing Lamp.

Get Your Highest Vibration Crystals Today!

There’s so much healing high vibration crystals can do for you! If this is your first purchase of a high vibration crystal, you’re on the right path. Use these high vibration crystals together with your other stones to boost their properties.

Whether you choose to keep your high vibe crystal on you with the help of a piece of jewelry or you keep it in your wallet or bag, it’s going to cleanse and heal your energy on a daily basis.

If you’d like to improve the effects of your high vibration crystals, use them together with crystals for protection and support. You’ll experience a deeper connection with your crystal and make the most of its powerful energy.

Don’t miss out on your chance to improve your life. Get your crystals for happiness right now. You’ll overcome worries, fears, and negative emotions with more ease. You’ll find your way to the brighter side of life. Make the most of every second of your human experience with the help of high vibration crystals!

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