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Dragon's Blood Incense Meaning And Benefits

Dragon’s Blood incense may sound a bit scary. But Dragon's Blood is a powerful spiritual tool that you should consider adding to your spiritual practice.

There are several Dragon Blood incense benefits to be gained. We’ll talk about what Dragon’s Blood is, the Dragon's Blood meaning, and its benefits.

If you need some suggestions on how to get the Dragon's Blood benefits for yourself, we’ve got you covered.

What Is Dragon's Blood?

The incense Dragon’s Blood comes from the naturally occurring resin obtained from various dragon tree species of Calamus.

Calamus was previously known as the Daemonorops Draco species. Daemonorops Draco includes various Dracaena tree types, such as the Dracaena Cinnabari, Draconis Palm, and Dracaena Draco. These dragon trees can be found in various parts of the Middle East, India, China, Africa, Australia, and Central America.

The Dracaena Draco name comes from the version used by the ancient Romans of the word the ancient Greeks used for a female dragon, drakaina. Historically, Dragon’s Blood incense and Dragon’s Blood oil used to be extracted from the resin of Dracaena Draco and Dracaena Cinnabari or the Cinnabar tree. Nowadays, it’s more likely to come from the Draconis Palm.

The resin extracted from these trees has been used for Dragon’s Blood oil and incense sticks ever since ancient times. Due to its powerful scent and spiritual properties, Dragon’s Blood was an element included in various folk magic rituals across the world. It has an impressive color, which resulted in the Dragon’s Blood resin being used also as varnish.

Dragon's Blood Incense Meaning

Dragon’s Blood resin was seen as having considerable healing power ever since ancient times. Dragon's Blood is used in medicine, as a health supplement along with other ingredients. Due to its many benefits for your physical health, Dragon’s Blood assists with overall good health and stamina.

It improves your vitality and ability to maintain the fire of your passion. As a result, Dragon’s Blood is a symbol of Divine Masculine energy and power. Dragon's Blood talks about fertility, creativity, passion, and the ability to manifest your hopes and dreams.

In spiritual terms, Dragon’s Blood also talks about protection. It’s believed that the Dragon’s Blood resin helps along the process of astral travel. Its sacred meaning is connected to the use of Dragon's Blood to mark graves and sacred sites in various African cultures.

Since Dragon's Blood is used in modern times as a dye, Dragon's Blood is also a synonym for class and beauty. The blood-red dye makes a powerful statement, especially when worn together with bold jewelry pieces with contrasting colors such as black gemstones: Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, or Hematite.

Dragon's Blood Incense Benefits

Dragon’s Blood has been used in one form or another as part of traditional medicine throughout history. The Dragon's Blood healing powers cover a wide range of issues.

Dragon’s Blood can alleviate ulcers; Dragon’s Blood promotes digestive health by fighting off the nasty gut bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori that causes ulcers.

It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and also antimicrobial properties. When used in the supplement form, the anti-inflammatory properties of Dragon's Blood are coupled with blood-thinning effects.

But the incense and oils from the Dragon Tree resin have sacred properties as well. Dragon's Blood is included in various spiritual practices around the world. The Dragon’s Blood resin is used to anoint candles as essential oils and burned for its sacred smoke to banish negative energy.

The Dragon's Blood incense sticks connect to the element of fire due to the pigment of the natural resin. By adding actual fire to the mix through burning incense, you amplify that Dragon's Blood connection. That creates a link between the Dragon’s Blood and the Divine Masculine or Yang energy principle.

In astrological terms, Dragon's Blood is amazing for fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, due to their connection to the fire element. If you have significant placements of the planet Mars, a representative of the Divine Masculine energy and Yang principle, then Dragon’s Blood will be all that much more powerful for you.

If you’d like to amplify the spiritual powers of Dragon's Blood, consider using it particularly during times when Mars is involved in powerful astrological aspects, and on Tuesdays, which is the Mars-day of the week.

But even if you don’t have a direct fire sign or significant Mars connection, using the Dragon's Blood powerful incense sticks will have a big impact on your life. Dragon's Blood will lighten up your creativity, fuel your passion, improve your fertility, and give a growing sense of personal power and strength.

You can amplify the fiery effect of Dragon's Blood by wearing Garnet jewelry when burning the incense, for instance the Loving Energy Bracelet.

If your soul doesn’t really vibe with Garnet at this point in time, you can choose another red powerful gemstone to use along with Dragon's Blood. You have several options to choose from in our red crystals list.

How To Get The Dragon's Blood Incense Benefits

There are several ways you can benefit from adding Dragon's Blood to your spiritual practices and rituals. If you don’t have such practices, it’s a great time to start. And using Dragon's Blood is a great way to start.

Keep in mind your spiritual journey is a journey of exploration of the self and the world around you. It’s all about curiosity and flexibility. And there are no two journeys alike. So don’t hesitate to experiment with Dragon's Blood or any other incense.

Follow your gut feeling and explore whatever options your intuition guides you towards. If something doesn’t feel like your thing, then try some other solution. Or come up with your own, based on our suggestions.

Spiritual contemplation, relaxation, recovery, and growth

You can include the powerful Dragon’s Blood into any of the spiritual practices you have going on right now. Whether it’s prayer, a magic altar or ritual, yoga, or meditation, adding Dragon's Blood is going to amplify the spiritual power.

If you’re not much of a spiritual practitioner yet, this is a great time to start exploring your options. Maybe you’re not into trying yoga. Meditation might sound like an interesting thing to do, but it could seem intimidating to a beginner.

Stillness can be tough to achieve in our very active and dynamic lifestyle. Start by taking a few minutes out of your day to practice contemplation. Don’t put pressure on yourself to achieve the goal of meditating.

Simply take a few minutes to yourself. Light your Dragon's Blood or any other incense you decided to try out. If you have healing crystals or crystal jewelry, get one of them close or wear one. Turn on your crystal lamp to help you get into that contemplative and serene state of mind, such as the Serenity Lamp. Take in that beautiful light.

Now close your eyes. Allow your mind to wander wherever it may. Focus on the sound of your breath. Pay attention to the Dragons' Blood scent enveloping you. Allow your body to recover from the stress of everyday life. Unwind and embrace your authentic self. Your soul will connect to your higher self and your higher power. Whenever you’re ready, open your eyes.

Congrats! You’ve just taken the first step towards establishing the spiritual practice that will best fit your needs at a particular point in time. Your body will heal due to the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of Dragon's Blood while your spirit will grow.

Manifestation of your goals

If you’re more of an experienced spiritual practitioner, you can add Dragon's Blood to your manifestation process.

Due to its connection to the fiery Divine Masculine energy or Yang principle and the planet Mars, Dragon’s Blood is a powerful booster of any manifestation process. Dragon's Blood lights up your creativity, sharpens your ability to focus, and fuels your drive and motivation to keep going until you’ve made your dreams come true.

You can amp up that manifesting power by using the Law of Attraction Bracelet to achieve any type of goal. And if you’re looking to manifest material abundance or wealth, consider adding the Money Attractor Lamp to your process as well.

Prosperity and wealth will be flowing your way in no time.

Get Your Dragon's Blood Today!

Embrace the power of Dragon's Blood. Start burning a fragrant incense stick today and enjoy the many benefits of the Dragon’s Blood resin.

Consider adding Dragon's Blood incense to your spiritual practices to enhance your experience. Or, if you don’t have a regular spiritual practice, create one with the help of Dragon’s Blood and its beautiful scent. If you’d like to amplify the power of your Dragon's Blood, use it together with crystals for serenity and peace.

Alternatively, you can check out the spiritual crystals and their meanings, to pick the right one for your intentions.

Improve the health of your body and uplift your soul with the help of the Dragon's Blood. You’ll feel a deeper connection to the fire element and spice up your life. Manifesting will come easier with the help of your improved sense of personal power.

Activate your passion and ignite your Divine Masculine energy with the help of the sacred incense of Dragon's Blood. You’ll find it easier to stay on track with your manifestation. Your focus will improve and you’ll achieve your goals faster with the help of Dragon's Blood. Dare to dream bigger and start making those dreams come true.

Claim the many blessings meant for you right now with the help of Dragon's Blood. Embrace the power of incense sticks and allow them to transform your spiritual experience and understanding of the world around you.

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