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10 Calming Crystals to Help Ease Your Anxiety

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10 Calming Crystals to Help Ease Your Anxiety

10 Calming Crystals to Help Ease Your Anxiety


It’s normal to feel anxious during uncertain times. It’s a feeling of fear or uneasiness around the future—either near, such as an interview or giving a presentation, or far, like worrying about your life’s trajectory or losing a loved one. In the short term, anxiety can be a good thing. While it may feel unpleasant, anxiety helps push concentration and adrenaline levels, better preparing you for an intense situation. Long-term, however, can have lasting negative effects on the mind, body, and spirit. Think memory loss, irritability, sleeplessness, and more.

Crystal healing, when done with intention, can help reduce those symptoms. Use crystals to bring alignment back into your chakras, boost emotional balance, and replenish your lost confidence. Historically, crystals have been used as ancient forms of medicine to heal the body and soul. To this day, modern medicine has embraced mindfulness and eco-therapy (spending more time in nature) as a way to reduce anxiety and stress. People are extremely drawn to nature as a natural healer of chaotic emotions, and crystals are no exception. 

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"Crystals are from the Earth, so it only makes sense that when we're feeling anxious or nervous, attuning to their energy can ground us," explains Narayana Montúfar, crystal reiki practitioner at Astrology.com and Horoscope.com. "They can also be really helpful in taking us back to our center and connecting us to our essential selves." So grab your own healing stones, we’re naming the ten best crystals to help alleviate those unsettling feelings stemming from your anxiety.


10 Crystals to Combat Anxiety

“One very common wellness belief is that stress and anxiety are very big side-effects of being ungrounded,” Amiee Carlton, Master NLP Practitioner, development coach and energy worker told Netdoctor. “So, to combat stress and anxiety, you need to come back into the self. First, we look at the root chakra, which is to do with existence – I am; I exist; I’m safe.” She notes that these meditations and crystal work are all about bringing that root back into balance. 

Rhodonite: Known as a powerful love stone, the pink Rhodonite crystal is an excellent remedy for calming frayed nerves. It replaces anxiety and fear with life’s warm and fuzzy feelings like self-confidence, kindness, and love. If your love life is causing you pain and worry, Rhodonite reminds you that painful emotions are temporary, helping you release emotional wounds and enjoy the pink side of life again. 

Malachite: Known as a transformational stone, green malachite can help you live in the present moment. As much of anxiety stems from uncertainty in the future, malachite can help you let go of what you can’t control and focus on your current blessings.

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Amethyst: Known as life’s natural tranquilizer, it’s one of the best crystals to carry with you to release life’s stress and anxiety. Connecting to the crown chakra, it raises spiritual awareness and inner peace. Wear it as a necklace or bracelet to bring balance to your nervous system, reducing the effects of stress on the body. 

Tiger's Eye: If you’re suffering from feelings of low self-worth and little confidence, try Tiger’s Eye. Known to turn fear into courage, it will help keep that self-doubt talk in check and give you the boost of assertiveness you need for work, romance, or fitness. Think of it as your own personal cheerleader. 

Angelite: Associated with the sign of Aquarius in the zodiac, this ethereal gemstone is a dehydrated mineral. If you have planets in Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer, this glacier-blue stone can help pull feelings of anger and fear from these water signs. For everyone else, the calming colors and healing properties help lessen the heaviness of stress in everyday life. Known as a stone of guardian angels, let it be a reminder that you are never alone. Support and guidance from your personal crystal guide can reassure you that anxious feelings are temporary and you are deserving of peace and calm.

Lepidolite: One of the most effective crystals for anxiety, Lepidolite contains lithium, an element used in anti-depressant medication. Connect with this stone for anxiety and depression during times of chaos and feel it bring you comfort and the strength to endure. 

Sodalite: The stone of peace, sodalite is one of the best crystals for anxiety and panic attacks. This blue beauty helps prevent wound up energy from spiraling out of control, invoking a deep sense of peace and tension release. Let sodalite calm your mind and ease panic attacks. To do so, bring this stone with you on days or moments you’re feeling nervous and need a tool to regain emotional balance. 

Mother of Pearl: Known to produce a calming effect to the wearer, Mother of pearl soothes and nurtures emotions. If you’re feeling a steady stream of anxiety throughout the day, let Mother of Pearl drown out the worries. Due to its protective properties, it’s also an ideal gemstone for pets that are anxious, fearful, or mildly aggressive.

Howlite: Feeling anxious can lead to loss of sleep, and sleepless nights can make you anxious and irritable. It’s a vicious cycle. To ensure restful sleep that recharges your mind and body, try the soothing Howlite stone. Howlite is known to help cure insomnia when used under your pillow as a sleep aid and to shield you against negative energy when worn. 

Rose Quartz: This pink stone of unconditional love promotes healing, self-love, and emotional harmony. Many times anxiety is rooted in a lack of self-care and self-confidence. Without recharging your own emotional batteries, you can be left feeling drained and irritable. Keep a piece of rose quartz around the house or as a bracelet as a visual reminder to indulge in much-needed “me” time every day. 


Experience Less Stress, More Peace with Healing Crystals 

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Whether you experience bouts of anxiety and need a loving crystal guide, or feelings of worry follow you around and take up the peaceful space that was once in your mind, healing crystals can help soothe those anxious feelings. To navigate those trying times, have your favorite crystal in your hand during stressful situations, wear an emotional protective jewelry piece, or place positive vibration crystals near your bed to help you heal in your sleep. Find the right stones and places that align with your intentions and know that you have the power to overcome all obstacles. 

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