Gifts For Crystal Lovers: Check Out The Top 20 Crystal Gifts For 2023

Gifts For Crystal Lovers: Check Out The Top 20 Crystal Gifts For 2023

It doesn't matter if it's Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas or a birthday, if your crystal lover friend has been dropping you hints, this is the gift guide to turn to. With 20 crystal gifts to choose from, you won't be short of unique gift ideas.

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The Best Crystal Gifts Of 2023

20. The Golden Obsidian Energy Bracelet

One of the best crystal gift ideas for those with low energy

Golden Obsidian

Golden Obsidian is an excellent thank you crystal. Its energy-boosting properties make it one of the best crystals for birthday treats too. People who love crystals will find its effect on their energy more than just revitalizing—it breathes new life into those who have hit a dead end. Golden Obsidian helps free people from the burden of their dreams, pushing them to chase their desires rather than shy away from them.


19. The Positive Energy Coasters (2pcs)

A romantic crystal gift set for love

Rose Quartz

One of the best crystal gifts for her, The Positive Energy Coasters raise the romantic energy on home date nights. It's a cute gift idea for a new home, or perhaps a Valentine's Day treat. After all, gifting Rose Quartz is usually associated with deep feelings of love and compassion.

While Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for a happy marriage or relationship, these gorgeous coasters also make great crystal gifts for mom. If your mom is a crystal lover, then she'll adore these beauties. Surprise her with something that she can integrate into her home decor, and use to reduce negative energy at the same time. It could be a quality Mother's Day gift.


18. The Stabilization Bracelet

The perfect crystal birthday gift for providing balance

Persian Agate

If you're looking for unique crystal gifts, then this is it. Persian Agate is not the most popular crystal for jewelry, so surprise your loved one with a rare bracelet that balances and harmonizes energy. If you're trying to appease crystal lovers, the more exotic the crystal, the better. Persian Agate hints at a different country, a different environment, a different energy.


17. The Pi Yao Wealth Bracelet

One of the best crystal birthday gifts for abundance

Tiger's Eye

If your crystal lover friend could use a boost in wealth, money or abundance (couldn't we all?), then the Pi Yao Wealth Bracelet has all they need. Tiger's Eye is one of the top crystals for manifesting. It's great for providing inspiration and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better stone for intention-setting. The Pi Yao symbol is also a spiritual symbol of wealth and financial protection. This beauty makes a great Christmas gift.


16. The Green World Earrings

One of the best healing crystal gifts


Malachite is one of those magnificent gems that can reshape your entire life. It's thought to connect you to the earth and purify the surrounding space. A powerful stone of transformation, Malachite's soothing properties are best utilized during times of intense change or stress. For this reason, the Green World Earrings are excellent for crystal lovers who have recently moved house. The earrings are also a good gift idea to celebrate a promotion at work, or a new job.


15. The Tiger's Eye Passion Bracelet

Red Tiger's Eye

A romantic piece, the Tiger's Eye Passion Bracelet is a Valentine's Day gift in the making. It stimulates the senses and its potent energy is easily felt by anyone who loves crystals. Its alluring red color oozes style, while the mystical pattern intrigues the soul. One of the best crystal gifts for her, this bracelet is a magical way to say "I love you."


14. The Purity Pendant

Three Obsidian stones for ultimate purity

Black Obsidian, Ice Obsidian, Golden Obsidian

Gifting the Purity Pendant is like booking a spa treatment for the soul. Crystal lovers will appreciate the depths at which the three different types of Obsidian plunge. Even though Obsidian is not technically a crystal, it has no trouble clearing negative energy from your aura. This is one of those cool crystal gifts that your loved ones are always going to remember. Sometimes a special occasion isn't even necessary.


13. The Natural Garnet Healing Bracelet

The staple of healing crystal gifts for her


Symbolic of life and vitality, this pomegranate-esque bracelet is the ultimate gift for your girlfriend or wife. It's one of the best healing crystal gifts you can get because of Garnet's unmistakable vigor. It's bursting at the seams with creative energy, stimulating passion on all levels. The Natural Garnet Healing Bracelet is a great gift idea for crystal lovers who adore the luscious red color and the vitality-boosting effects of Garnet.


12. The Golden Bracelet of Intent

The staple of healing crystal gifts for him

Tiger's Eye

One of the best crystal gifts for men, the Golden Bracelet of Intent supercharges your intentions and transforms your dreams into reality. It does this by opening up the solar plexus chakra and filling you with warm, positive vibrations. It promotes willpower, self-belief and confidence, stirring your inner passion so that you chase your dreams with relentless fervor.

This is an excellent gift idea for business enthusiasts, artists and dreamers.



11. The Blue Focus Bracelet

The ideal Christmas gift idea for enhanced productivity

Lapis Lazuli

One of the best gifts for people who like crystals that increase their concentration, the Blue Focus Bracelet is an awesome addition to anybody's collection. If you're browsing for birthday crystals, Lapis Lazuli is an excellent choice. It's said to bring the inspiration and the creative energy to shape your reality into what you wish.


10. The Obsidian Wolf Pendant

One of the best gift ideas for protection

Black Obsidian or Ice Obsidian

Crystal lovers will melt in the presence of the Obsidian Wolf Pendant. It instills confidence in the wearer, making them feel comfortable and secure on their own two feet, but it also inspires loyalty. This makes it a great friendship gift or anniversary gift for him or her. Welcome your friends and family members who love crystals into your 'wolf pack.'


9. The Innovation Bracelet

The perfect gift for creative souls


Stimulating the well of creativity within us all, Amethyst unlocks inspiration and motivates us to access the true depths of our imagination and come up with something truly unique. Therefore, this bracelet is the perfect gift for artistic crystal lovers. It helps free people from the constraints of daily life and lets them think outside the box. Get the innovation bracelet for entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, painters and anybody else that displays creativity.


8. Soul Cleansing Black Obsidian Bracelet

The must-have if you want cool crystal gifts with a deeper meaning

Black Obsidian or Rainbow Obsidian

Obsidian has amazing properties that purify your subconscious mind. It can extract negative thoughts, feelings and vibrations, and replace them with positive ones. When worn for a while, this bracelet's energy can become highly personalized. It forms a bond with its owner, links to them in a way which is unique. It's the best gift idea for a crystal lover that's going through a rough patch. This is especially true if shame, guilt or doubt are involved.


7. Rose Salt Night Light

The perfect thank you crystal

Rose Quartz

If you have friends on a spiritual journey, and you know they love crystals, this night light makes for a cute birthday gift or a fantastic thank you crystal gift. It re-energizes the home and purifies negative energy.


6. The Loving Energy Bracelet

One of the cutest crystal anniversary gifts


Anniversary gifts are hard to come up with, but the Loving Energy Bracelet should solve any trouble in that department. Garnet is typically the 2nd year anniversary crystal. Some people use Rose Quartz, but they're missing out on the beauty of Garnet. Not only does it enhance vitality and passion, it anchors you in the sensual and stimulates the sexual organs.


5. The Pyramid of Devotion

A dreamy 'happy birthday' crystal pyramid


If your crystal lover spouse has a birthday coming up, the Pyramid of Devotion could be all you need to show them your feelings on a deeper, more personal level. Combine their cute crystal hobby with your love and adoration. The Amethyst pyramid is ideal for crystal grids, meditation, or to leave on a desk or nightstand for clarity. The pyramidal shape is also thought to cleanse your space of bad energy, fostering a broader sense of peace and love in your surroundings too.


4. The 'Return to Nature' Jewelry Set

An amazing crystal gift set for green-fingered spirits


One of the ultimate crystal gift ideas, the 'Return to Nature' Jewelry Set combines a pair of Malachite earrings with a beautiful Malachite ring. These green crystals activate the heart chakra, making them excellent crystal gifts for her. They're also great for gifting to a friend who loves to get down and dirty with nature. If you know a gardener who loves crystals, Malachite is the stone for them.


3. Lucky Protection Bracelet

Two protection gemstones infused into one lucky bracelet

Rainbow Obsidian & Tiger's Eye

Crystal lovers value a piece that protects them from negative energy. That's exactly what Rainbow Obsidian and Tiger's Eye team up to do. At the same time, they provide a mega boost to luck, increasing positive fortune in the life of the wearer. People who especially love crystals will feel more in tune with this kind of energy.


2. The Agate Night Light

The queen of 'happy birthday' healing crystals


One of the most unusual crystal gifts, the Agate Night Light is a cozy little piece of home decor that would light up any room with its positive energy, regardless of whether it's switched on or not. One of the best crystal gift ideas for those who have trouble relaxing, the Agate Night Light's soft glow will help them release worrisome thoughts before bed. Crystal healing lamps are a great idea for Christmas gifts.


1. The Stress-Relief Diffuser Necklace

A unique crystal gift for crystal lovers who deserve a little something extra


As if gifts for crystal lovers couldn't get any better, the Stress-Relief Diffuser Necklace doubles as a little perfume bottle, infused with essential oils. Crystal lovers can carry it around their necks all day long.

For an extra treat, add an essential oil like lavender (or their personal favorite!) into the purple piece before giving it to your friend or family member. Their response will be even stronger if there is a beautiful aroma attached to the surprise.



Remember to bookmark this page if you're going to be looking for crystals this Black Friday. You'll be able to find all sorts of gifts for someone who likes crystals here. You can also check out our most popular bracelet to find other quality items!

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