8 Pieces of Crystal Jewelry that will Help Transform Your Life in 2021

8 Pieces of Crystal Jewelry that will Help Transform Your Life in 2023

Most of us are familiar with crystals such as Amethyst, Emerald, Pink, and Quartz. But there's so much more than meets the eye when it comes to these beautiful precious gemstones that have taken millions and billions of years to form. Read along to find out how crystals are created, get to know their "magical" healing qualities, and learn how to incorporate them into your everyday life to enhance and achieve different goals.

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What are crystals anyway? 

Crystals are fascinating natural formations that have mesmerized humans for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks believed that clear quartz was frozen water that would remain in a perpetual solid-state; hence the word 'crystal' comes from the ancient Greek word 'Krystallos'' meaning both ice and rock crystal; Kryos in Greek means cold.

It takes millions (even billions) of years of intricate processing and the five elements (earth, fire, water, wood, and metal) for a crystal to form, which gives it ultimate universal and planetary wisdom. That is why they have been used for thousands of years to the better human experience on this Earth.

healing crystals

Different crystals possess different vibrations and healing powers, with their metaphysical abilities making them unique and versatile. Since ancient times, many civilizations have utilized them in the form of jewelry due to their rare beauty as well as their unique healing powers.

Before we head down to my recommendations of eight jewelry pieces that will help you achieve your goals in 2023, let's take a quick look at how crystals form.

How are crystals formed?

Crystals form when atoms come together and become a uniform cluster. Most crystals form naturally within the Earth, kind of like an embryo developing in a woman's womb; instead of 280 days of human gestation, it's about a million to a billion years of Earth gestation (perfection doesn't happen overnight). Different elements undergo extreme temperature variations that harden and transform in shape, color, and density. As they do so, they create repeating patterns that form the crystal. In Laymen's terms, crystals form under the Earth's surface when a perfect combination of the five elements and different temperature conditions occurs; the crystal forming process is called crystallization.

Why did Cleopatra wear crystal jewelry?

The first historical references to crystals’ use come from the Ancient Sumerians who included crystals in magic formulas. When Cleopatra became queen of Egypt, she reconnected with the centuries-old traditions, creating many worship objects, especially in jewel sets with precious stones such as Agate, Amethyst, and Quartz Topaz. These sacred pieces of jewelry often took the form of amulets, rings, pendants, and necklaces which helped protect, heal, and attract the Egyptian deities' favors.

Queen Cleopatra herself wore various crystal necklaces in different combinations to help her with her quests.

Crystals in ancient Greece

Other civilizations like the Ancient Greeks attributed many properties to crystals; that's why many of the names we use today have Greek origin. Amethyst means "not intoxicated" and was worn as a pendant to prevent drunkenness and hangovers and enhance mental clarity. Citrine which means "yellow" in ancient Greek was used as a decorative gem on jewelry and household items to bring the joyful and positive energy from the God of Sun into the home. Greek warriors and sailors also wore various crystals in the form of amulets to keep them safe at war and sea. 

Seven reasons you should switch to crystal jewelry

I have acquired several Conscious Items crystal pieces over the years to help me with different goals during different periods of my life, and by now, I have a beautiful collection of crystal jewelry that I can combine and wear depending on my intent.

Here are some benefits of choosing crystal jewelry over regular jewelry:

  1. Timeless and beautiful designs created by the best craftsman in the world, our very own Mother Earth. Factory jewelry takes twelve days to build with toxic material. Crystals take millions of years to form organically. Conscious Items designers and craftsmen take these magical stones and create timeless designs for jewelry that will remain in fashion and style forever.
  1. Crystal jewelry never tarnishes. The vibrant colors complement any outfit from casual to evening-wear while giving you a sense of well-being. 
  1. Crystals can support your day depending on what you have planned; for example, if you have a job interview, you can choose to wear Garnet for career luck, and if you have a special date in the evening Rose Quartz for luck in love. 

How to incorporate crystal jewelry in your everyday life this year

Whatever your taste or intentions are, one thing is certain… Nature has created a magical gemstone to assist you in any situation you may encounter. And Conscious Items have integrated these powerful gems into gorgeous, fashionable jewelry so that you can pick and combine from an array of bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and ankle bracelets depending on your intent. I like to use a holistic approach and combine various crystals to enhance any given goal.

Every morning when you wake up, depending on the way you are feeling and what you have planned, you can pick a combination of crystal jewelry to wear and switch throughout the day to be supported in your goals, intentions, and endeavors. It’s sort of like having guardian angels embracing your neck or wrist at all times.

Here is a list of eight Conscious Items essential jewelry pieces for 2023:

Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet

Crystal: Tiger’s Eye

Properties: Doubts are one of the worst forms of fear. They paralyze us and split our mind, thus keeping us from attracting and manifesting our true potential. They basically keep us in a constant state of imprisonment. The Tiger’s Eye crystal dramatically reduces these thoughts of doubt and protects your energy from negativity, judgment, and jealousy. 

blue tigers eye bracelet

A powerful stone of protection, Tiger’s Eye cleanses unwanted energy from your aura while increasing calm and relaxing vibrations in the body. If you’re a dreamer but find yourself held back by a lack of confidence, then Tiger’s Eye is the right stone for you! It eradicates self-doubt and supports you in making the best possible decisions.

Affirmations: I can achieve anything I want, I am perfect exactly the way I am, I am expanding and becoming in every present moment.

The Quartz Healing Bracelet

Crystal: Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Red Agate, Opal, peacock Agate and Garnet

Properties: This bracelet that can also be worn as a necklace accelerates healing and empowers your spiritual and physical health by unblocking and stabilizing your internal energy flow.

quartz healing bracelet

The Rutilated Quartz empowers your aura, boosting your immune system and speeding up the healing process, providing vitality and stabilizing your energy. It also helps unlock your Crown chakra, empowering you to access higher levels of consciousness.

Citrine works as an emotional stabilizer, inviting in the energy of light, helping you to let go of negative energy.

Amethyst is a protective stone, dissolving fear and helping the mind get rid of negative thoughts

Red Agate summons positive energy empowering your confidence and repelling negativity.

Opal is a stone for inner healing through self-exploration, bringing you closer to universal consciousness and alignment.

Garnet has remarkable loving energies promoting peace, passion, and purity.

Peacock Agate is a powerful healing stone that enhances joy and happiness, eradicating negative energy.

Affirmation: I am a powerful healer, I give myself permission to heal, My body and mind are pure and healthy.

The Good Health Anklet

Crystals: Garnet and Turmaline

Properties: The combination of these two stones ensures excellent vitality and health protection of the body and mind.

good health anklet

Garnet is a powerful gem for health and vigor. By using a high frequency of love it can purify the mind and energize the body, bringing balance to the spirit and healing individual cells. Imagine resonating in such a high vibration of love… it is practically impossible to attract illness into your life.

Tourmaline is the perfect partner for the Garnet because it offers incredible protection for the spirit against negative energy of all forms. It helps obliterate fear in the face of adversity, prevents overthinking and worrying, reduces stress, and empowers self-confidence. It also eliminates procrastination.

Affirmations: I am fit and healthy and I love my life, My body and mind are always balanced and powerful, I can heal and prosper.

The Purification Bracelet

Crystal: Amethyst

Properties: Acting like your own personal crystal bodyguard this bracelet will protect you from negative energy present and in the future, while it helps you return and maintain a state of calm, peace, and serenity. It helps in removing negative thoughts purifying the aura around you and connecting you to higher consciousness by activating the Crown Chakra.

Purification Bracelet


Affirmations: I am safe and protected, I am glowing in perfect joy and peace, I am powerful and happy.

The Spiritual Growth Bracelet 

Crystal: White Agate

Properties: A powerful crystal of balance and harmony, the White Agate will help you increase your concentration powers so you can focus for longer periods and stay analytical and sharp for as long as you want.


Spiritual Growth Bracelet


However, its true magical power is the ability to unlock spiritual transformation by releasing worries and fears that lurk in the shadows, or memories of the past that hold you back. Empowering real change and transformation in the present moment, this bracelet will caress you with soothing energy of certainty. Its pure color is associated with angels and spirit guides and the butterfly charm symbolizes an otherworldly messenger that gives you access to higher consciousness. It acts as a source of constant encouragement that helps you follow your desires and reach your true potential.

Affirmations: I am in control of my life, I am a powerful creator, everything is possible for me.

The Spiritual Evolution Anklet

Crystal: Amethyst

Properties: One of the most popular crystals of all time, the Amethyst has incredible cleansing properties. It stimulates the third eye chakra, expanding the wearer’s awareness and elevating their level of consciousness. As a result, illusions are broken down and eliminated, cleansing the mind of any blocking energy and elevating the wearer to heightened perception levels.


Spiritual Evolution Anklet


The pretty butterfly charm represents the outcome of this spiritual evolution and the beauty that awaits after the transformation.

Affirmations: I am capable of achieving anything I desire, I deserve everything I desire, I am limitless.

The Worry-Free Ring

Crystal: Tourmaline

Properties: Tourmaline is a powerful crystal that breaks down fears and worries and energetically dissolves inhibitions that hold you back. Clearing up the fog of illusions reveals the clarity and beauty of reality so that nothing holds you back anymore. Let your intuition shine brighter than your self-doubt.


Worry-Free Ring

Affirmations: I am a powerful being, I am divine, Nothing can hold me back, I am free

The Intuition Bracelet

Crystal: Rose Pyroxene

Properties: This beautiful rose crystal can bring you in touch with your intuitive powers unlocking the connection with your Higher Self and making you more conscious of the ‘signs’ you are searching for. You may call it luck, you may call it 6th sense, either way, this bracelet will help you tune yourself with the energy of the universe, and confidently listen to your instincts. If you would like to rain your mind and enhance your intuition, this is the right bracelet for you.


Rose Pyroxene

Affirmations: I am connected to Source, I am connected to my inner vision, I have clarity and focus in my life.


Ten other facts I love about Conscious Items:

  1. The quality of the stones. They use the best quality stones that never lose their color or quality; you can keep them forever by passing them on to the next generation.
  2. Beautiful and timeless designs that will always be in style, enhancing any outfit and occasion.
  3. Affordable. High-quality stones with incredibly low prices that are accessible to anyone who wants magic in their lives.
  4. Ethical and Eco-friendly packaging.
  5. They pledge to plant a tree for every purchase you make.
  6. Their website is an excellent source of information, featuring items for sale and sharing knowledge and energy healing techniques from different specialists worldwide. Check out their blog section here.
  7. Beautiful selection of healing items for the home and meditation practices. I especially love the chakra stones and healing lamps.
  8. Worldwide shipping.
  9. Sustainability. All Conscious Items products are packaged and made with sustainable ingredients.
  10. Aesthetically pleasing packaging. Each item comes beautifully packed in its colored box with velvet lining, making it a perfect gift.

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