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The Capricorn Birthstone And 10 Awesome Capricorn Crystals

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The astrological sign of Capricorn is one of the three awesome earth zodiac signs, and its fellow earth element signs are Taurus and Virgo. Being an earth element zodiac sign, Capricorns are all about realism, abundance, and putting in the hard work to achieve prosperity and status.

Capricorns are ambitious, very hard-working, and focused on always making progress. Because these earthy element traits can get a bit out of balance sometimes, Capricorns tend to be the overachievers of the zodiac. That means they're also prone to getting stressed out due to doing too many things at the same time and trying to be the best at each and every one of those things.

The ruling planet of this astrological sign is Saturn. Saturn is also the ruling planet of the 10th house, which is the house of action and profession or career so it involves reputation, status, livelihood, authority and authority figures, and your life path. Because of the strong influence that Saturn, the Capricorn planet, has over them, they might tend to get a bit too set in their ways and come across as stern or even drastic at times.

Capricorns are all about doing the right thing and doing everything the right way so they can enjoy the due rewards and recognition.

What Is The Birthstone For Capricorn?

Garnet: The Capricorn Birthstone

 Capricorn Birthstone

The Capricorn birthstone is Garnet. The Garnet stone brings to the table a multitude of benefits to whomever wears it in jewelry or keeps it at home.

Garnet bracelets have wonderful energy-balancing properties, which help to regulate the energy flow through the chakras. The deep and lush reds of these birthstones speak directly to the root chakra, which helps with grounding energy. Garnet also enhances interest in and appreciation for intimacy on an emotional and physical level and can improve fertility. It ignites or rekindles romantic passion too.

A Capricorn might tend to focus a lot on their duties and career-related goals, dedicating so much of their energy to that area of their life that their love and family life might end up suffering. There's only so much energy and focus someone has, after all, and they might tend to direct a lot of that towards their professional life and fulfilling their official responsibilities. Capricorns can wear their birthstones as Garnet rings in order to help them refocus on the importance of the love and happiness that their family and dear ones bring into their life.

Because it attracts good luck and prosperity, the Garnet birthstone for Capricorn is a wonderful choice if they're trying to get a promotion, land a better job, improve their profit or enhance their level of popularity and the public's appreciation when it comes to their business and talent.

Are there two Capricorn birthstones?

 Capricorn Birthstone

Though the main Capricorn birthstone is Garnet, the truth of the matter is that for every astrological sign there are two zodiac birthstones. A zodiac sign spans over two months, and there's a zodiac birthstone for each one of those two months.

If a Capricorn is born between January 1 and January 20, then their January birthstone is Garnet, and we already talked about the properties of that beautiful gemstone. If they're a December Capricorn though, their birthstone is Blue Sapphire. So Capricorns have two zodiac birthstones: Garnet and Blue Sapphire.

It gets even better when we consider December birthstones, because there are more gemstones associated with this month, including Turquoise, Blue Topaz, and Lapis Lazuli. The reason why we feel that the right December Capricorn birthstone is Blue Sapphire is because Sapphire is also believed to be the gemstone of Saturn, which is the ruling planet for Capricorns. In our mind, that makes Blue Sapphire the right Capricorn stone for the month of December.

Blue Sapphire is an amazing gemstone if you're looking to make spiritual progress and fulfill your destiny. Its incredible strength is a direct reflection of Capricorn's traits. It's an amazing gemstone when it comes to authentic communication for Capricorn, meaning it supports speaking the truth from a place of enlightenment and strength. It works wonders with your throat chakra, and Capricorns can always use some help when it comes to communication. The typical earth element sign issue is that they work hard, feel and think deeply, but don't communicate that well.

Which color is the best for Capricorn crystals?

Someone who was born a Capricorn is going to resonate a lot with earthy tones since Capricorn is an earth sign. Gemstones that come in colors like dark reds and browns will help with grounding positive energy and work with the root chakra. Darker red is the January birthstone color for Capricorns after all, just like their January birthstone, Garnet.

Capricorn is a powerful astrological sign when it comes to manifesting their dreams into reality, so they can also work very well with yellow crystals that encourage energetic balance, address their solar plexus chakra, and help them channel their intent and energy into achieving their goals.

December Capricorns are going to resonate very well with blue crystals, which encourage emotional balance, improve communication through your throat chakra, and support your connection to your higher power and the spiritual aspects of life.

This astrological sign is also likely to resonate with green crystals, especially those that encourage heartfelt action and manifesting abundance, because that's part of what they're all about as Capricorns.

Which Are The Best Crystals For Capricorn?

Now that we've talked about the Capricorn birthstones, let's go through some of the best crystals for Capricorn that you can add to the birthstones set or use on their own.

1. Lapis Lazuli

Capricorn birthstones

Lapis Lazuli is an amazing addition to a Capricorn birthstone, whether they were born in December or in January.

Its vibrant blue color makes it a very harmonious companion to a Blue Sapphire, amplifying each others' effects. Lapis Lazuli bracelets with Garnet also acts as a great energetic complement, introducing higher frequencies and more air element aspects into the mix.

Because of its power to support self-awareness and self-expression, Lapis Lazuli is a great crystal team player because the Lapis Lazuli protection wards off low vibes.

2. Blue Topaz

Capricorn birthstones

If you're stressed out because you've taken on too many work-related responsibilities and you're starting to feel anxious about the work volume you have to deal with, Blue Topaz is a wonderful crystal to go to. That makes is a great addition to the Capricorn birthstones set. It has a very soothing and gentle effect on their energy. Topaz also supports their nervous system and promotes vibrant but calm positive energy.

This gorgeous gemstone grants protection from negative energies. Blue Topaz can enhance your awareness process on an emotional level, bringing feelings and thoughts to the surface so you can deal with them. Topaz can help you process the deeper meanings of events going on in your life too.

Wearing Blue Topaz jewelry around your neck area, like earrings or necklaces, is a great booster to your throat chakra and it can activate the energy of the Capricorn astrological sign when it comes to the frequency of the spiritual world.

Adding Blue Topaz to Blue Sapphire is going to add a gentle and healing vibe to all truth-centered and spiritual communications for Capricorns. It can also enhance their intuition and their ability to understand the hidden meanings of things and convey them.

3. Ruby

Capricorn birthstones

Ruby has very similar properties to the Capricorn birthstone for January, Garnet. Its rich red color is a symbol of vitality, boosted dynamism, and zest for life. Ruby gives Capricorns a boost of strength and charisma, helping them make progress with any goal they set out to achieve.

Ruby has a great effect on your levels of energy and it can enhance your ability to manifest, but it can be more on the expensive end. Though it's not an exact replacement, you can also attain some of the powerful benefits that Ruby brings to a Capricorn birthstone by getting some Red Jasper.

4. Agate

Capricorn birthstones

Agate is one of those wonderful gemstones that come in a variety of colors like blues, violets, pinks, whites, and browns. Agate serves a variety of purposes, which makes it a very versatile stone to add to the Capricorn birthstone set.

You can use Sardonyx Brown Agate to balance your energy and overall state of equilibrium. White Agate has wonderful healing properties and can help mellow out the effects of a Capricorn birthstone, while Red Agate can help enhance them.

It does wonders when it comes to lowering your stress levels. Blue Lace Agate bracelets, when worn for longer time spans, work to support your healing process and grant you protection from emotional overwhelm.

5. Onyx

Capricorn birthstones

Black Onyx is a very interesting addition to the Capricorn birthstone set, because it's a big confidence booster. In fact, if you have Onyx jewelry, wearing it often can boost your confidence too much. You should consider wearing it particularly when you're going through some tough times regarding your confidence, but necessarily on a daily basis.

Onyx gemstones have the power to dissipate negative energy, so it's an even better protection stone than Smoky Quartz, for instance. It does not transform the energy, but rather redirects it without absorbing it during the process. This particular trait makes Onyx an auto-cleanser sort of protection jewelry.

6. Peridot

Capricorn birthstones

Peridot is a stone you might know under the name of Olivine. If you add Peridot to a Capricorn birthstone set, it will invite abundance and prosperity. That makes Peridot a great manifestation crystal for Capricorns.

Because it's long been considered a symbol of success and prosperity, Peridot works very well with Garnet to enrich your personal and professional life. Due to its healing powers, Peridot brings some grounding energy to all of the blue stones associated with December, like Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli, which work well for the Capricorns and with their Sapphire birthstone.

Peridot rings encourage a positive and optimistic personality, which makes them work very well with other crystals for balancing your energy and bringing in peace and stress relief.

7. Malachite

Capricorn birthstones

Malachite is a symbol of new life and rebirth, and it can give Capricorns the power to start over when needed or simply to refresh their lives.

Malachite is one of the stones that have been appreciated ever since ancient times, going back as far as the Ancient Egyptians. It has been seen as one of the most powerful protection stones. Malachite can help Capricorns with transformation because Malachite promotes harmony by attracting peace and joy into an otherwise stressful process.

Though Capricorns are very dynamic by nature, they also tend to get attached to their own way of doing things so it can be tough for them to be flexible. Adding Malachite to a Capricorn birthstone collection will improve their ability to ride the wave of change.

8. Fluorite

Capricorn birthstones

Fluorite is another one of those crystals that come in a variety of colors. You can find it in greens, purples, blues, and all of them combined. All of them can work very well for Capricorns, since Fluorite brings in positive and cleansing vibes and encourages healing when combined with their Capricorn birthstone collection.

Purple Fluorite is a great anti-stress stone for Capricorns, who tend to take on a lot of work and might end up in burnout if left to their own devices for too long. Green Fluorite is a symbol of focus and improves your memory. The color-combined Fluorite cleansing gemstones are great cleansing stones to add to the Capricorn birthstone set.

9. Tourmaline

Capricorn birthstones

You probably know about the protection that Black Tourmaline can offer. It also has a grounding effect on the energy of Capricorns and it promotes balance. It works particularly well with Capricorns as earthy signs because Black Tourmaline works on the root chakra.

Tourmaline also comes in other colors, like blues (great for communication, altruism and charity work, and meditating), browns (great for encouraging your social life, community integration, and shadow work), greens (boosts your stamina, works with your heart chakra, helps manifestation, and attracts good luck), and other color combos.

Combinations of Tourmaline stones can be very beneficial to Capricorns who are trying to achieve harmony and love because they can always rely on the Tourmaline mental clarity vibe.

10. Quartz

Capricorn birthstones

Capricorns can use Clear Quartz for amplifying positive energies via the Quartz healing. Rose Quartz and Strawberry Quartz work to promote self love and help you find true love, while Rose Quartz stones also work as anti-stress through emotional balancing.

When combined with the birthstones of Capricorns, these pink Quartz gemstones help relieve the sense of overwhelm or even burnout.

Capricorns can also benefit from using Smoky Quartz for protection from negative energy. It works particularly well with the Sapphire birthstones for Capricorns who are trying to protect the tranquility they've achieved.

How Can You Best Harmonize With the Capricorn birthstones and Capricorn Crystals?

Since Capricorns are part of the earthy section of the zodiac, one way to harmonize with their birthstones that might seem a bit unconventional is to keep something like sand in a glass or bottle close to their stones.

This symbol of the earth element is going to establish a powerful connection between their stone and the vibe of their zodiac sign. Since the birthstones for this sign tend to come in a variety of colors, the best way to harmonize with them is to do a cleansing and then charge them using some form of light (sunlight, moonlight, cleansing lamp).

After that, focus on your intentions for working with each stone and allow these birthstones to do their magic for you. One of the main traits of the birthstones for Capricorns is that they are naturally in harmony with their astrological sign.

You don't have to jump through hoops to get in harmony with your birthstones, you're in harmony with them naturally. That's going to work on each stone in the collection and attune them to the energy of Capricorns.

Use The Best Crystals For Capricorn To Improve Your Life!

There are so many benefits to be gained from putting together a Capricorn crystals set. Turn the page and ride the wave of abundance and happiness that these wonderful birthstones can bring into your life.

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