Libra Birthstone: What Are the 8 Best Libra Crystals?

Libra Birthstone: What Are the 8 Best Libra Crystals?

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A symbol often used to represent Libra, the scales of justice talk about Libra's fair and thoughtful nature. Libra is the zodiac sign of strategy, diplomacy, and justice, in fact. Librans thrive in an environment based on fairness, justice, and strategic thinking. The diplomatic skills of Librans make them excellent mediators and fair negotiators.

Due to their ruling planet of Venus, they resonate very well with crystals due to their ethereal crystalline nature, but Librans also greatly enjoy the earthy beauty and balance of crystals. Because of its love for balance, this sign resonates very well with healing crystals and also with those that encourage emotional, spiritual, and physical balance as well as abundance and growth.

Wherever Librans go, positive energies follow them.

What Is A Libra Birthstone?

A Libra birthstone is a gemstone with which Libra resonates the most and harmonizes the easiest. It's going to be the gemstone that speaks the most to a Libra and makes them feel like they're meant to work as a team together.

Opal, the October birthstone for Libra

Opal stone

The Libra birthstone is Opal if you were born between the 1st and the 22nd of October. Opal is a gemstone that favors positive energies and energetic balance, aspects which are also core traits of the zodiac sign of Libra.

Opal comes in different colors, but it usually has a rainbow-like shimmer which makes it pretty magical to see when it reflects light. On a metaphysical level, that property makes Opal a very powerful protector of your energy field and a promoter of positive energy flow through your chakras.

Depending on its color, Opal can work on all the chakras.

Sapphire, the September birthstone for Libra

Sapphire stone

Any Libra will resonate well with the Opal crystal, but Librans born in September are also very likely to resonate well with Sapphire. Opal and Sapphire are the main Libra birthstones and cover the full September-October interval. You can't go wrong when getting any jewelry or home decor with these gemstones for yourself or for a Libra.

Sapphire is often seen as a wisdom stone because it stimulates concentration, fuels creativity, encourages depth of thought and perception, and promotes clarity and purity. The effect of this birthstone for Libra is that of amplifying Libra's native traits. It interacts most with the higher chakras.

When combined with Opal, the other Libra birthstone, Sapphire sharpens the mental acuity and depth of perception and understanding while Opal keeps the energy flow positive and protected.

When you combine these Libra birthstones, you get a very powerful basis for a crystal collection that can work wonders for your life. We'll go through what other gemstones you can add to this powerful core set of crystals for the sign of Libra.

What gemstone colors does Libra resonate with?

Libra is an air sign, so it's very likely for Librans to resonate best with crystals that have a green or blue hue.

These blue and green gemstones address primarily your throat and heart chakra, which are some of the ruling chakras for Libra. Clarity of mind, the ability to understand things deeply, and the power to communicate in a well-balanced and soothing way are superpowers that Librans tend to have ever since birth. But you can always use more of a good thing, right?

Because of its Venusian nature, Libra is very in tune with the energies of abundance and growth of the earth element as well, so it will also resonate well with solar and earthy colors like yellow, orange, and brown. That means that as a Libra, you're going to have even more success with manifesting your goals and desires, if you choose to use the Law of Attraction.

The Best 8 Libra Crystals

1. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli stone

Lapis Lazuli is a crystal that has been used and appreciated ever since ancient times. It's been long believed that Lapis Lazuli has spiritual-enhancing effects and mystical powers.

Lapis Lazuli is an excellent gemstone for Libra because it inspires sharp focus, self-awareness, wisdom, and good judgement.

Because of the effect that Lapis Lazuli has, amplifying prosperity and enhancing mental strength, it's a wonderful Libra birthstone to manifest with. Due to its power to promote higher understanding and spiritual progress, Lapis Lazuli is also great to use in your meditation practice.

2. Peridot

Peridot stone

Peridot is a wonderful Libra birthstone because of its protective effect and the power it has to encourage positive energies and balance.

It's a great Libra birthstone ally when it comes to crystal healing and working with groups of gemstones, because Peridot invites prosperity and success into your life and whatever manifestation process, healing ritual or protection practice you want to use it for.

You can combine Peridot with other healing gemstones to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual equilibrium in your life.

Does Peridot sound like a new stone? You might actually know it by other names, such as Olivine or Chrysolite.

3. Bloodstone

Bloodstone stone

Despite the potentially scary-sounding name, this stone is all about energetic balance and positive energy. It's a great ally for your Libra birthstone set because it works by creating balance and equalizing the flow of your chakra system.

Another aspect that makes the Bloodstone (sometimes called Heliotrope) a great Libra birthstone addition is the fact that it's composed of Jasper and Hematite, making it a balanced mix in and of itself.

Due to its healing power, Bloodstone is a great addition to your healing crystals collection regardless of our zodiac sign. But it will work even better for Librans because of its nurturing and gentle vibes.

4. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz stone

Smoky Quartz is a great addition to your Libra birthstone set because of its grounding and balancing effect due to its earthy vibe. Because of that vibe, it's associated more with Capricorn, an earth zodiac sign, which is all about prosperity and keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Smoky Quartz brings a protective energy that is great to add to your Libra birthstones set to keep them, yourself, and your home safe from negative energy and unwanted influences. It works to transmute whatever negative influences might touch you and your home, turning them into positive energy and high vibes.

5. Citrine

Citrine stone

Citrine is a wonderful crystal when it comes to harmonizing with the frequency of abundance and prosperity, so of course it would work well for a Libra birthstone addition to your set for manifesting abundance.

But what makes this such a great birthstone for Libra is the fact that Citrine has a powerful effect of balancing your emotions and heart chakra energy. Adding Citrine to your birthstone Libra set is going to add a gentle and emotionally balancing energy to the mix, which a Libra is always going to vibe with.

The calming effect of Citrine makes it a great ally for either birthstone for Libra. You can make the most of its benefits when you're trying to promote mindfulness and a calm approach to anything you have to deal with.

6. Aquamarine

Aquamarine stone

Aquamarine does wonders for soothing your anxiety and lowering your stress levels, which makes it a great Libra birthstone set addition. If you combine the gentle emotional healing properties of Aquamarine with the generally balancing properties of the birthstone for Libra, you get even more of a positive effect.

Aquamarine can also enhance your power of self-expression in a gentle and soothing way, which makes Librans vibe with its diplomatic energy.

While Aquamarine works to calm down the hot temper of fire signs, it serves to enhance the diplomatic and mediating qualities of Libra. It's a particularly efficient add-on for your Libra birthstone set when you're trying to manifest careers that involve public speaking, public relations, or any form of negotiation or counseling.

7. Pink Tourmaline

 Pink Tourmaline stone

Tourmaline has wonderful protective and healing properties, which makes it a powerful stone when it comes to maintaining peace and light in your life.

What makes Pink Tourmaline all the more magical is the fact that it has a deep effect on your self-awareness and acceptance as a result of yourself clearly and understanding yourself. You can see why Libra would resonate with this stone so well.

Due to its positive and clear vibe, Pink Tourmaline can also work to improve relationships and promote working on known issues within love connections, which makes it a powerful Libra birthstone.

8. Agate

Agate stone

When we talk about encouraging harmony and protecting the already existing state of energetic balance in your home or in your personal energy field, we can't overlook the power that Agate has when connecting with the sign of Libra.

Wearing Agate jewelry or keeping a protective star of Agate in your home will make a world of difference. Adding Agate to your Libra birthstone set will help you achieve and maintain a beautiful state of high vibe happiness.

Agate is also great for achieving harmony and a state of tranquility, especially when combined with other Libra birthstones and crystals like Opal and Peridot.

Which Are The Best Libra Crystals To Start With?

Which Are The Best Libra Crystals To Start With?

When it comes to choosing your first Libra crystals, the obvious place to start is your Libra birthstones, of course. Having Opal and Sapphire set in jewelry or as home decor is going to promote a good vibe for you and keep your energy positive and protected from negative influences.

Once you have that strong foundation to build on, you can add Lapis Lazuli and Aquamarine to your Libra crystals collection, which will amplify the effect of each birthstone.

Next up, you might want to add more grounding to your collection, so Agate, Bloodstone, and Smoky Quartz are great options. But you can also go with Citrine and Pink Quartz, which speak more to the upper and middle chakras but still have that grounding effect.

The key thing to keep in mind when you're starting to get your crystal collection together is that you should always follow your intuition. If a stone calls to you, then you should add it to your collection, whether it's a specific Libra crystal or not.

It's also important to keep in mind that while your Sun sign is important, your astrological chart involves many more significant elements like signs, planets, and aspects. Based on that, you might find that the crystals speaking to you are those you'd normally associate with other signs. And that's perfectly fine.

How Do You Activate Libra Birthstones?

When you get started with your Libra birthstone set, after you've gotten your pieces of jewelry or home decor pieces, you should start by cleansing your gemstones. That's the energetic equivalent of a handshake upon meeting.

Depending on their structure and how brittle the stones are, the cleansing process might need to be very light. You can't really go wrong with options like smudging with White Sage or burning incense. In other cases, you can cleanse them using water, but be sure to check for each stone in particular so you don't risk damaging it.

Using a purification lamp can also be a very good way to activate your Libra stones. Particularly since you're an air sign, you and your birthstones respond best to air and light elements where other signs might respond more to water or earthy elements. Using purification lamps, sunlight or moonlight can help you harmonize with your crystals on an energetic level so you'll do your best work together.

Opal truly comes alive under the rays of light, and it's a beautiful thing to see and feel. You'll start to feel its energy interact with yours all the more when light is hitting your Opal directly.

By making sure that your crystals are cleansed, you will activate your connection to them in the best circumstances possible. Also cleanse them regularly to keep things going in the best way possible.

If you're into the practice of meditation, that's another great way to fully activate your collaboration with the birthstone set for your zodiac sign. Meditating on working together with your birthstone set and achieving whatever results you're trying to manifest.

Now that you know more about the Libra birthstones and which gemstones a Libra is going to resonate with the most, start shopping for your Libra conscious items and enjoy the positive energies they will bring into your life.

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