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Crystals For Work: The Best 12 Work From Home Gifts

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When it comes to gift ideas for home office workers, a lot of the time the focus falls more on the desk they're spending so much of their time at in their home office, and less on the "desk gifts for him and her" side of things.

Home office desks are pretty neutral, after all, so you can't go wrong with a crystal gift whether it's "for him" or "for her". So we're focusing on who is receiving the home office gifts in terms of just how much time they spend at their desk and for what purpose, and not on the details of their gender, age, and so on.

Crystals are universally great gift ideas for a home office because they're beautiful, useful, and they also have health benefits. You can convey your support for your remote worker's efforts, beautify their working space, and truly help them with achieving their goals through a crystal gift.

What Do You Get Someone Working From Home?

When it comes to home gift ideas, the bottom line is not the particular reason why someone is working from home.

Whether it's for an entrepreneur, working diligently at launching their own business and trying to make their dream come true, or for a talented painter, you can use the same great ideas for gifts for people who work from home.

Whether you’re working in finance, you’re an artist, a barber, a masseuse, or an office admin, it’s all about reaching a state of balance in your life and enjoying the blessings of abundance and protection.

The vibe for each of our particular cases is different, but it's also true that you can't go wrong with crystals for wealth and abundance.

Crystals For Desk Decor

The most obvious part of this equation is the desk decor. Remote workers are working from some sort of a desk, so the work-from-home gift that can't go amiss is one for the desk.

Your work from home gift idea should keep in mind the specifics of your remote worker's situation. That way, your crystal gift idea will be thoughtful, inspiring, and it will feel deeply personal instead of coming across as just another desk gift. While it's the thought behind the gift that counts, it's much more satisfying to see someone really enjoy the gift you got them, right?

The home office desk of a remote worker tends to be a much more personal space than that from a company's headquarters office. So in that sense, it's a mix between a home gift idea and an office gift idea.

Depending on just how formal your remote worker is, you can go with a very bold and funny type of gift, or one that's more subdued but equally as exciting through the meaning behind it.

The Best 12 Work From Home Gifts

Enrich the life of remote workers with these twelve perfect gift ideas for their home office.

  1. The Pyramid Of Focus: Subtle Desk Decor Gifts

    If the remote workers in question will go back into the office at some point, they could take the more subdued desk gift with them into the office.

    That's why we recommend going with something that's meaningful, feels personal, but is versatile enough that it might accompany the remote workers back into the office where the case may be.

    Something that's more subtle but that sends a powerful message across is The Pyramid Of Focus, for instance. The Pyramid is made of Tiger's Eye, a crystal that invites abundance and grounds the energy of your remote worker.

    Such subtle but powerful crystal decor items for desks are wonderful options for a work-from-home gift.

  2. The Positive Energy Coasters

    Another great work from home gift for remote workers is that of the Positive Energy Coasters.

    Make sure that the home office of any remote worker is full of the high vibes of self-love, self-care, and self-confidence with the help of these beautiful coasters.

  3. The Curative Crystal Desk Lamp 

    For those who are at home, working, gifts for their desk can be a thoughtful way to spark the light of hope and joy in their hearts and show your support for their dreams.

    After all, they spend long periods at their desk, and they sure need some boosting energy, a pick me up, or a bit of relaxation. Crystal lamps are the best gifts for working from home because you're giving them the gift of light, which is the most spiritual way of sending blessings and positive energy their way.

    The Curative Lamp made of Clear Quartz amps up your concentration and improves your productivity. It also protects you from electromagnetic field radiation coming from your devices, so it's the perfect desk gift since working from home tends to involve the computer, phones, tablets, and possibly other devices.

    This is a safe bet for all remote workers since anyone can benefit from the help of Clear Quartz coupled with the positive effect of light. The cleansing and protective effect of the crystal lamps make them great work from home gifts.

  4. Scented Candle & Zen Decor: The Buddhist Meditation Set

    Working from home can be equally as stressful if not even more so than working from the office. When our home-life universe and our work-life universe collide, things can get very hectic very quickly.

    That's why home office gifts like The Buddhist Meditation Set are an amazing idea. Playing around in the white sand can help you destress, especially if you do some breathing exercises at the same time.

    The set includes a beautiful candle holder that you can put a scented candle in to get some aromatherapy going even if you can't light the incense for some reason. These types of work from home gifts that help you unwind are a wonderful idea and the zen decor improves your energy flow.

  5. The Visualization Ring

    Gain some clarity and inspiration for the new year with the help of The Visualization Ring made of Amethyst.

    This gorgeous ring helps you release tension from your mind and body. It boosts your awareness and sharpens your intuition, helping you to picture clearly the goals you want to achieve as part of the next chapter of your life. You'll be able to access your true personal power and tap into your full potential in order to come up with an image of what you want your future to look like. Once you visualize your future, you're one step closer to actually living it.

    Visualizing is very important for remote workers, regardless of the reason why they're working from home right now. Whether their home office is a step along the way towards owning an empire or that's their end goal, this work from home gift supports them in clarifying their goals and then finding their way towards achieving them.

  6. The Intention Stone

    The Clear Quartz Intention Stone supports you when it comes to crystalizing your thoughts and empowers you so you can truly focus on your desires. This is an essential step towards directing your energy and efforts towards making your wishes come true. You receive consistent support for setting your intentions in order to manifest them.

    This is the perfect work from home gift since it supports remote workers in clarifying their end goals and therefore elaborating the best strategies for fulfilling their goals. Since the stone works with a list of intentions, it wouldn't be as easy to use for people working in an office. But as remote workers, people can place their stone right by their workstation and fuel their list of goals with intention throughout the day.

    The best work from home gifts combo would be the ring for visualizing and the stone for intention since they work together perfectly in order to manifest your goals.

  7. The Determination Bracelet

    Fuel your determination with The Determination Bracelet. This bracelet is the perfect gift for people who need a bit of help to spark their self-motivation in order to truly achieve their goals.

    The Tiger's Eye stones are wonderful for stimulating your drive, determination, and motivation. They increase your confidence in your own devices and abilities and clarify your thoughts and needs. The boosted objectivity in your perspective on things helps you to finally set things in motion and fulfill your desires.

    This bracelet is an excellent work from home gift but it works just as well for people working in an office or in any other setting since it's a discreet piece of jewelry that can be easily worn anywhere.

    If you combine this bracelet with the ring for visualizing and the stone for intentions, you get a very powerful combo for coming up with your list of resolutions for the New Year and the game plan for manifesting abundance, harmony, and happiness in the next phase of your journey.

  8. The Self-Control Pendant

    The Self-Control Pendant has the power to keep you centered and supports you in your attempts to keep yourself in check during stressful and hectic times.

    It's easy to get carried away with the dramatic events you can run into while you're working from your home office. During trying times like that, you'll benefit a lot from the grounding and enlightening help of this pendant that helps you to focus more on self-care and how to stay healthy during those long hours of work.

    The key element is the Purple Fluorite, which radiates calm and relaxing vibes. It encourages you to make thoughtful and considerate decisions. When the going gets tough, you can trust this crystal to help you stay centered within your authentic self while also practicing healing self-love under divine guidance.

    Combined with the other crystals from the pendant, it supports you in focusing on what's truly important: your well-being and leading a harmonious and well-rounded life.

    This is one of the best work from home gifts for someone who tends to overdo it and ends up becoming very affected by the workday's events. When the day is over, the pendant will gently nudge you to step away from the frenzy of the office, home office as it may be, and step into a personal space of peace, balance, and healing vibes.

  9. The Stress-Relief Lamp

    Let's face it, as a workaholic working remotely from home, you're going to need all the stress relief and anti-anxiety you can get. That's where The Stress-Relief Lamp comes in.

    This is one of the best gifts for people who work from home and have a tough time deciding just when their workday should actually end. It's easy to get carried away when you're working from your home office.

    Before you know it, it's evening, you might have skipped meals, you might be stiff and sore, and all you might be thinking about is how soon you can resume work tomorrow. That's why every workaholic needs this lamp, the work from home gift that keeps on giving.

    This lamp, combining the power of crystals with the brilliant qualities of the light, radiates soothing and calming high vibes that help you release the stress and tension you've accumulated during the day. It's one of the best home comfort gifts.

    It supports you when you're meditating as well through improving your awareness of self and of the world around you, sharpening your intuition, and enriching your knowledge and understanding. In fact, it also awakens and enhances your psychic gifts, which will help give you an edge over your competitors while also keeping firmly grounded.

    This is one of the greatest work from home gifts you can give someone who tends to forget the time and dives deeply into the task at hand, losing themselves in the process. In order for growth and development to be sustainable and yield the desired results, they need to be based on solid grounding. This lamp supports that so you get the outcomes you're hoping for.

  10. The Success Stones Set

    If you're looking for the best work from home gifts for the holiday season, the Success Stones Set for the home office is perfect.

    The holiday season is all about considering what we've accomplished so far during the year and coming up with plans for a fresh start for the new year. It's a time of adding things up, revising our strategies, adjusting our goals, and coming up with fresh new forces to succeed in making our dreams come true.

    In other words, it's the perfect time to visualize our goals for the new year, set intentions to achieve them, and find the determination to be successful in all your endeavors.

  11. The Healing Lamp

    The Healing Lamp is the perfect work-from-home gift for anyone who needs to overcome some issues. It works to help you on multiple levels and cleanses your energetic field.

    Remote workers that work from home may spend long periods in front of their computer which can cause eye strain and headaches, not to mention fatigue. This lamp works to counteract the effects of staring at screens all day, repelling any sleep disorders or anxiety.

    This lamp also has emotional healing properties and works to cleanse your energetic field of any negative energies or interferences from electromagnetic field radiation. Working with all the devices that a home office involves can affect your energy and in time, your health. If you won't slow down when it comes to the pace of working, at least use this lamp to counteract some of the effects of always going full speed ahead.

    Working hard doesn't always mean working efficiently, though. With the help of the clear Quartz and light, your mind will work more efficiently. You'll retain and process information with much more ease. You'll make connections much quicker. You'll be more inspired when making decisions and will notice more details that can have a major impact on your successful outcome.

    The high-frequency light will soothe and heal your body and your soul, helping you to grow and make progress not only with your career but also with your path of personal development and spiritual growth.

  12. The Home Guardian Stars

    If you're looking for the best gift for a home worker, the Home Guardian Stars are the perfect gift idea.

    These beautiful Agate stars eradicate negative energies and defend the positive high vibes in your home office. Keep your home office desk a positive-only area with these stars, and you'll see how your ideas flow more freely, your stamina grows, your creativity improves, and your success manifests.

Get The Best Gifts For People Who Work From Home!

Now that we've talked about some of the best work from home gift ideas, whether you're dealing with a remote worker on any regular day, around Christmas or the holiday season, or a workaholic working remotely, you've got a few amazing work from home gift ideas to start you off.

There are plenty more great ideas for a great work from home gift, and you'll find them by looking through our shop. You just need to decide what sort of crystal gift you want to give to whom and you'll come up with the perfect gift, no doubt.

And if you feel our suggestions didn't quite hit the mark, get the remote workers in your life the best work from home gift: crystal home decor!

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