Feng Shui Hanging Crystals for Your Home’s Forgotten Spaces

Feng Shui Hanging Crystals for Your Home’s Forgotten Spaces


Do you ever walk into a room or turn a corner and know the energy is off? Perhaps it feels chaotic, angry, or stuck? What about walking into a basement? Sure, it could be the horror films giving the house’s storage unit a bad rap, but we can all agree they’re dark, stuffy, and forgotten. And you feel that buried energy as soon as you walk in.

We know turning to healing crystals is a lovely, holistic way to attract the most cleansed and positive energy possible. You can choose crystals to align with your intentions and life goals. However, we cannot always guarantee a chic way to place a healing crystal—for example, Amethyst or Rose Quartz—in that exact area. That’s when Feng Shui hanging crystals come in handy. 

They’re seen everywhere in Feng Shui shops, gift shops, and home decor stores. Known for being well-rounded energy cures, they’re the perfect solution to amplifying positive energy in those dark or chaotic spaces. And while they are quite easy to find, they never seem to come with instructions. So today we’ll tackle everything to do with hanging these healing crystals—where to hang them and why. 

What Are Feng Shui Hanging Crystals?

These hanging crystals can bring some of the most potent Feng Shui to your home. They are faceted lead crystal spheres made of crystal glass. With the appearance of a crystal ball, the faceted shape is what refracts light. So they are quite different from the naturally occurring crystals that you keep on shelves and in your meditation altar

When purchasing the crystal, you’ll want to look for the following: A crystal made of cut crystal like Swarovski for example, complete with a maximum lead content of 30 percent, and a diameter of approximately 1.5 inches. 

feng shui hanging crystal

They come in octagons, spheres, heart-shapes, and teardrop shapes. You’ll see white crystals for energy, red crystals for attracting love, and green crystals for attracting money. You’ll find other colors as well but those three choices tend to be the most popular (we can see why!).

Now that we understand how they look, you can learn about their metaphysical properties. They are good at modulating the flow of chi, or Life Force energy. So, if the room has too much energy, it can control it. If the room has too little energy, it can illuminate it. If the room has negative or stagnant energy, it can repel the bad and attract the good chi. Anything that attracts light and that attracts color, attracts energy. 

Hanging Feng Shui Crystals in the Windows

Hanging the faceted crystal near a window is a popular choice. It makes for a beautiful piece of decor and adds positive energy to the space. A sunlit window ignites a wonderful display of rainbow color from the crystal to your home. Choose the window that provides the most light and let it work its magic. It will amplify positivity, clarity, and an array of great vibes, ensuring those great feelings are always in motion and surrounding the area.

Feng Shui Crystals in a Chaotic Space

When energy moves too quickly, it can feel chaotic or even angry. This happens most often around staircases, especially those that face a doorway. Hanging a crystal near a staircase can harness energy currents. 

Another good place is near a front door that is aligned with a back door or window. When you have this set up in a house, energy can enter through the front and immediately exit through the back. We don’t want that rapid energy flow! Hang a crystal between those two entries (or exit) points to disperse the energy and stop the fast-moving chi. 

You may also find this energy in a long hallway. Anytime there is an extensive passage, or on the other hand, it is narrow, you may want to consider adding Feng Shui hanging crystals to ensure the energy flows in the right direction. 

In the Kitchen

Another popular choice for crystal placement is in the kitchen between a stove and a sink. This helps promote harmony between the fire elements emitted from the stove and the water elements coming from the sink. This clash of energy is said to be the cause of arguments between man and woman of the household. Adding a hanging crystal harmonizes debates. 

In a Missing Corner

A missing corner can throw off the energy of a home pretty quickly. And although it depends on where the missing corner is facing, you can usually cure it with hanging crystals. It will help complete the missing chi and bring balance back to the room.

feng shui hanging crystals

A Space with Too Many Doors

 Corridors and hallways lead to rooms, but sometimes those rooms are piled next to each other. This can cause “arguing doors” or a space that has three or more doors in a small area. If they oppose each other, they can “bicker” back and forth. It is said that this causes friction between family members and/or siblings. If you have a small space with multiple doors opposing each other, place a hanging crystal nearby to stop the arguing, and let the energy supply flow freely. 

Near “Poison Arrows”

A smaller area but important nonetheless is what’s known as “poison arrows.” These are walls or corners that are aimed at your bed or another area where you spend a lot of time such as your desk. Cure them by hanging a faceted crystal between the corner and your bed/desk to stop the negative energy from being aimed at you and to disperse chi. 

How to Hang Them

First, as with natural crystals, it’s important to cleanse the Feng Shui hanging crystal before placing them in the house. Let them sit in sunlight for four hours or longer to be perfectly cleansed of any sticky energy. Then, you’re ready to hang them on their string! When measuring the string, keep the length in measurements of nine. 

It’s totally fine to have multiple hanging crystals in one area. To keep it visually appealing and not so crowded, you can level them at different heights. To keep the chi, take the number nine and use that to measure the different heights. For example, you’ll have a string height hanging at nine inches, and another at eighteen or twenty-seven inches. This can also be done in centimeters. 

Illuminate the Way with Glorious Rainbow Light

These hanging crystals offer Feng Shui that does its job as you move freely through the house, as you sleep and as you communicate with your family. Hanging such light-refracting beauties adds wonderful decor to the house and works with the home’s energy to offer peaceful vibes where your house needs it most. Light up dark areas, break up chaotic spaces, and invite clarity into the most important of places. Soon you’ll see how you never feel “bad” when turning the corner and entering a new room!


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Michaela Chadwick
Michaela Chadwick

Thankyou for this. It is very helpful. I use feng shui in my home.

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