Sex Crystals: 11 Best Crystals For Sexual Energy

Sex Crystals: 11 Best Crystals For Sexual Energy

Ever considered using sex crystals? With the help of crystals for sexuality, you can improve your sex life by augmenting your sexual desire and promoting sexual health. With the help of crystals for libido, you’ll improve your confidence, heal insecurities, and intensify the connection between you and your partner.

A crystal for sexual energy can do so much more than just improve your sex life. We’ve got a list of the 11 best crystals for sex, in case you’re considering trying them out. We’ll discuss how they can help you. And if you need some suggestions on how to use them, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll talk about:

How Can Crystals For Sex Help You?

Your sexuality has a unique vibration that pertains to your own energetic field, that of your partner, and the energy of your intimate relationships. Crystals have powerful healing properties that address each of these elements separately and together as a whole.

Your sexual experience is one of the most complex things to happen in your energetic body. Sexual experiences connect directly to your root chakra, also called the base chakra. Crystals for seduction will amp up the power of your base chakra and improve your sexual energy flow.

Sexual experiences involve reproduction and creative energies, which connect to your sacral chakra. Sexual connections involve your self-worth and sense of self-esteem as authentic expressions of your true self, targeting your solar plexus chakra. A crystal for sexual energy will work with your solar plexus to allow a confident and harmonious free flow of energy between partners without barriers.

Sexuality is also an expression of your feelings of love and tenderness, related to your heart chakra. Some of the best stones for sexual energy heal emotional wounds and emotional trauma. They remove emotional blockages that hinder successful intimate relationships. A great crystal for self-love is also a powerful crystal for sexual love and romantic love as well.

Sensual pleasures require intense communication and exchanges of information and energy, connecting to your throat chakra. Negative energies can hinder those exchanges. Crystals for sex will repel negative thoughts and negative patterns from affecting the exchanges involved.

There’s a spiritual side to your sex life. Called sacred sexuality, it connects with your third eye and crown chakra. Crystals that remove sexual energy blocks help you connect more with one another on the spiritual level. They support you both in connecting with source or your higher selves with more ease so your energies flow freely from source all the way down your bodies, from one to the other, and into the core of Mother Gaia.

Your sex life means so much more than the sexual act itself. That’s why we have a few suggestions when it comes to the best crystals for healing, revitalizing, and empowering your sexuality as an expression of your authentic self.

11 Best Crystals For Sexuality

We are all sexual beings. The physical nature of our connections is part of what defines us as human beings. As sexual beings, our sexual life is a natural expression of masculine and feminine energies.

Intimate relationships are an expression of the sacred sexuality that happens between divine counterparts leading to nirvana, as tantric yoga helps you understand.

It’s been long believed that there’s a powerful connection between gemstones and sexual life. Yoni eggs are clear proof of that. These egg-shaped sex crystals that you’re supposed to insert into the vagina were supposed to improve the level of excitement for women who experienced a low libido. Health specialists advise against inserting yoni eggs into your vagina

We recommend using a crystal for sexual energy as jewelry and/or home decor only. It’ll make all the difference in your sex life and in your overall wellbeing. You can heal your reproductive organs and stimulate your sexual appetite with the help of a crystal for sexual energy.

We’ll talk a bit later about how you can use these powerful crystals for your sex life to boost sexual energy, stimulate your creative force, and promote sexual health. For right now, let’s focus on our favorite crystals which we hope will also become your favorites.

The 11 crystals for sexual healing and improving the free flow of your life force are:

  1. Rose Quartz – removes emotional blockages and improves your self-worth
  2. Red Garnet – boosts physical energy and improves your sex drive
  3. Red Tiger’s Eye – grounds sexual energy and intensifies the strength of connections
  4. Pink Tourmaline – heals your heart space and spurs higher self-esteem
  5. Carnelian – intensifies sexual connections and supports high-vibe sexual energies
  6. Orange Calcite – supports feminine energies and cleanses creative emotional blocks
  7. Fire Opal – revitalizes your sexual organs and calls healing light into your connections
  8. Moonstone – supports divine feminine energies, improves fertility, and increases sexual drive
  9. Black Obsidian – grounds you in self-confidence, cleanses energetic sexual blocks
  10. Red Jasper – heals your sexual relationship and any intimacy issues at your root chakra level
  11. Smoky Quartz – filters our negative energies, promotes overall healing of your chakras

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of our favorite crystals for healing and self-love.

Rose Quartz has the power to remove emotional blockages, which affect your entire energy field, your intimate relationships, and your sex life in particular.

These great crystals heal your heart chakra. But Rose Quartz also heals your solar plexus and sacral chakra, making you feel so much better in your own skin. Rose Quartz restores and boosts your self-esteem. You’ll have a bolder and more self-assured approach to your sex life.

Rose Quartz is a great crystal for activating your sacred sexuality journey. Use the Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Set to call in your divine counterpart and/or raise the vibration of your romantic connections.

Rose Quartz will boost your stamina, support your emotional connections, and improve your sexual connections.

2. Red Garnet

Red Garnet is a crystal for passion. Garnet connects to your root chakra and fans the flames of passion in your life. When it comes to intimate relationships, Red Garnet improves your sex drive and prolongs sexual excitement.

Red Garnet bracelets encourage the honest expression of your true desires and those of your partner. As a result, Red Garnet leads to experiencing more and deeper satisfaction. It strengthens the bond between partners and helps them step into a deeper bond.

With the help of the Loving Energy Bracelet, you and your partner will achieve a much deeper level of emotional and sexual connection.

3. Red Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone for sexual passion. Red Tiger’s Eye grounds sexual energy. It intensifies the strength of connections, which makes Tiger’s Eye a powerful passion crystal for sex.

Wear the Tiger's Eye Passion Bracelet to gain clarity over what it is you truly desire. It will also help you express those desires freely and boldly, so they can be fulfilled.

4. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline heals your heart space and improves your self-esteem. It helps you connect to your real emotions. Pink Tourmaline encourages deeper and more honest interactions with your partner, which improve the sex drive for both of you.

One of the powerful ways you can use Pink Tourmaline to improve your intimate relationships is to wear the Small Victory Necklace. This gorgeous necklace combines the power of Pink Tourmaline with the passion of Garnet in order to manifest success in your love life.

5. Carnelian

Raw Carnelian intensifies sexual connections and supports high-vibe sexual energies. When you display Raw Carnelian, you attract the power of the element of fire. You can find out more about the power and meaning of Carnelian in our crystal guide.

That’s one reason why Carnelian is a natural fit for fire signs. Use the Leo Bracelet and Crystals Set or the Aries Bracelet and Crystals Set to summon the fiery passion from deep within into your root and sacral chakra.

6. Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite supports feminine energies and cleanses creative emotional blockages. That’s because Orange Calcite interacts in a powerful way with the sacral chakra, the seat of fertile, creative, and ingenious energy.

Feminine and masculine energies alike benefit from the help of Orange Calcite. The Chakra-Healing Hearts Set harnesses the power of Orange Calcite and combines it with other 6 powerful crystals with healing properties.

7. Fire Opal

Fire Opal revitalizes your sexual organs and calls healing light into your connections. It’s formed when water seeps into Silica-rich lava and fills the seams and hollows. As a gemstone, it blends the elements of fire and water.

Fire Opal balances masculine and feminine energies in your sacral chakra in order to boost your libido and improve your sex drive. It has powerful healing effects on your sacral and root chakras. Wear the 108 Quartz Healing Bracelet to benefit from the powerful healing effects of Opal combined with Agate, Quartz crystals, and Garnet.

8. Moonstone

Moonstone supports divine feminine energies, improves fertility, and increases sexual drive.

Wear the Fertility Bracelet to stimulate your sacral and root chakras and the Lunar Ring of Power to freely and boldly express your desires so they can be satisfied.

9. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian grounds you in self-confidence and cleanses energetic sexual blocks. It protects your sexual energy and promotes sexual health. The Golden Obsidian Energy Bracelet boosts your courage and cleanses your chakras.

10. Red Jasper

Red Jasper heals your sexual relationship and any intimacy issues at your root chakra level. This crystal for sexual energy has a powerful effect on your root chakra. As a result, Red Jasper is often included in sets like the Power Chakra Tassels. Red Jasper has the ability to improve your stamina and sexual prowess.

11. Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz filters our negative energies. Due to the clear and black blend, Smoky Quartz connects the energies of your higher power to the earthy energy of the earth. That’s why Smoky Quartz promotes the overall healing of your chakras.

Wear the Energy Shield Anklet so no lower vibe energies will perturb your sexual experiences.

Want to maximize the effects of these powerful crystals for sex and a better life? You can combine them in a crystal grid for healing sexual energies.

If a crystal grid sounds a bit too complicated, you can combine them into powerful healing crystal sets. Use the 7 Chakra Bracelet and Stones Set or the Chakra-Balancing Bracelets Set to heal your entire energy field and optimize your seven chakras. 

These powerful combinations will support you in expressing your authentic self in all areas of your life, including any sexual connection.

How Should You Use Crystals For Sex?

The easiest and also the most powerful way to use crystals for sexual desire is to make them a part of your everyday life. Crystal home decor introduces crystal healing, soothing, revitalizing, and optimizing high vibrations into all aspects of your life.

Place your sex crystals in your bedroom for optimal results. Turn on the light of the Love Lamp and you’ll deepen your connection with your partner or call in the romance of a lifetime.

Place crystals for sexual energy on your bedside table to boost your libido and spice up your sex life. These manifestations of physical love foster emotional intimacy and connection. They will deepen the level of bonding between partners. That will strengthen marriages or lead connections towards a deeper level of commitment.

You can further your connection with the help of the Happiness Bracelet, which will bring harmony to your love life and sex life. The prosperity and abundance called in by the Garnet and White Jade are going to transform your emotional experiences. It will lift emotional blocks and chase away negative thinking.

You can use special yoga poses to boost your sex drive and deepen the sensual pleasures in your life. Adding a crystal for sexual energy and sexual health to your yoga practice will further accentuate those positive effects. Include a crystal for sexual energy into your regular meditation practice or design specific meditations for addressing your emotional and sexual blockages.

You can choose to include your crystal for sexual energy into your tiny rituals for more pleasure. Or you can make them a part of complex rituals for improving your erotic, romantic, and creative lives. These powerful crystals will bring more passion into every facet of your daily life.

Get Your Crystals For Sex Today!

There’s so much to be gained from using crystals for sex. Use them together with other crystals for love and happiness to transform your love life. Improving your romantic and erotic connections will also boost your sense of personal power.

Whether you’re a crystal expert or a beginner, these powerful crystals for sex can improve your life greatly. Working on your lower chakras will improve your confidence, creativity, and power of manifestation. It will ground you at the same time.

You’ll feel a rush of passion and motivation. That passion is going to liven up your sex life, but it will also improve your professional life, accentuate your personal charm, and have positive effects on your social life and networking skills. You’ll glow and attract the attention of potential partners, romantic and otherwise.

Use your crystal for sexual energy together with crystals for change and new beginnings or with crystals for passion and creativity. You’ll reap the benefits of crystals for sex in all areas of your life.

Start your journey of healing right now. Ignite the spark that will transform your life. Allow the power of your crystal for sexual energy and sexual desire to rekindle the flames of your passion, in the bedroom and outside of it.

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