Petrified Wood: Meaning, Healing Properties, And Benefits

Petrified Wood: Meaning, Healing Properties, And Benefits

Petrified Wood is an amazing gemstone, though technically it's a fossil. You might know it as the Fossilized Tree.

We'll discuss the properties and healing energies of Petrified Wood Forests. Do you need some suggestions when it comes to other crystals that work well together with or instead of Petrified Woods? We've got a few suggestions for you.

In this post, we'll cover:


Petrified Wood Properties

Petrified Wood is also called Fossilized Wood, Petrified Forests, Petrified Wood Forests, or Fossilized Tree. Technically, it’s a fossil of ancient wood and organic matter. The name comes from the ancient Green word that means rock or stone. Petrified Woods can be found worldwide.

Petrified Wood is formed through a natural formation process that is called petrifaction. That means that the organic cells of the tree were replaced at a microscopic level with minerals in its body. The process happens in such a way that the resulting gemstone is a representation of the original organic material.

Petrified Woods mostly include Silicon Dioxide, Agate, or Quartz. When the main inclusion is Agate, you can also find it as Agatized Wood.

Sometimes, Petrified Woods can be found as an inclusion in Moss Agate. You can read more about the Moss Agate meaning in our crystal guide.


Petrified Wood Meaning

The Petrified Wood crystal meaning is closely entwined with the element of earth. The name, Fossilized Tree or Petrified Woods, and the minerals it's made of are a direct reference to nature and our planet.

Ancient civilizations such as the Ancestral Puebloans used it as construction material in the Petrified Forest National Park. It became a symbol of stability and durability.

These crystals symbolize a healthy body, mind, and soul. Connecting minerals with the energy of a fossilized tree, these stones speak about connecting the world of the physical with the spiritual life.

Petrified Wood stones are powerful symbols of connections that endure the test of time. As a result, the Petrified Wood stones are a symbol of connecting the past to the future and building bridges through time and space.

Petrified Wood spiritual meaning, Petrified Wood connects to your past lives and ancestors.

With the help of your Petrified Woods crystal you can do enhanced past-life work. As a result, Petrified Wood Forest gemstones symbolize always moving forward.


Petrified Wood Benefits: Metaphysical And Healing Properties

Petrified Woods have significant spiritual and crystal healing powers. We’ll go through the benefits this beautiful gemstone has to offer.

Petrified Wood Metaphysical Properties

Petrified Woods connect to the spirit and ancient energies of Mother Gaia. These nurturing earth energies promote balance in your energy field.

Wearing a Petrified Wood stone will make you feel safe from a spiritual point of view. It’s a great protection stone, keeping you safe from any negative energy in the physical realm.

It’s the perfect stone for past-lives-work. That’s part of the reason for the Petrified Wood meaning of making you feel ageless.

You can boost your manifestation process with its help. Encouraging your true self will empower you to fulfill your life purpose and manifest your best life. For that purpose, it can be replaced with other stones that connect to the energy of the earth.

Petrified Woods harmonize with your crown and third eye chakras. You can activate your inner light with the help of a Quartz and Petrified Woods combination. Light the Purification Lamp and place your Petrified Wood gemstone close to cleanse and charge it to optimal energy levels.

This earthy gemstone also connects to your root chakra. It’s an excellent grounding stone because of its powerful grounding energies. Use it together with other stones for grounding like Tiger's Eye, Black Tourmaline, or Obsidian to boost its grounding energy.

Petrified Wood Healing Properties

Petrified Wood healing crystals are wonderful supportive helpers during any recovery process. Your Petrified Wood Forest stone is going to connect you to Gaia's healing and nurturing energy.

You should use your Petrified Wood Forest stone for crystal healing due to its high-vibrational energy. It resonates with the healing powers of Quartz on a deep level. As a result, it’s a great idea to use your Petrified Wood together with the 108 Quartz Healing Bracelet.

Petrified Woods support skeletal system recovery and strengthening. It promotes healthy bones, health of joints, and combats the wear and tear of our everyday lives.

Petrified Wood crystals are also powerful emotional healers and fortifiers. These crystals can help you overcome survival-based fears and achieve emotional balance.


Petrified Wood Allies And Alternatives

The energy of your fossilized wood stone can't be replaced because of its unique powers. But if you can't get a fossilized wood stone, we can suggest a few stones you might find useful as well.

Some powerful allies and alternatives for crystal healing are:

  • Sardonyx: The banded or layered structure of Sardonyx brings to mind the layers of Petrified Woods. It’s a powerful representation of the layers of energy that make up our inner and outside world.

  • Tiger's Eye: Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone for grounding, much like Petrified Wood. Due to its cat’s eye effect, it repels malevolent energies and acts as a spiritual shield. Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone for manifesting abundance in all areas of your experience and wealth in particular.

  • Obsidian: Obsidian grants you spiritual protection, like Petrified Wood. It empowers you to focus on your authentic path. You’ll be able to achieve your purposes and fulfill your goals with the help of Obsidian.

  • Hematite: With the help of Hematite, you can raise the levels of your vitality and improve your stamina. It’s a very supportive gemstone during any healing and recovering process, similar to Petrified Woods. Hematite helps you connect to your ancestors and your spiritual roots.

  • Amber: As fossil-tree-resin, Amber is naturally in tune with Petrified Wood. Amber harmonizes with your solar plexus chakra. It supports you in living an authentic life. It’s also a powerful manifestation stone, connecting you directly to the energy of the earth and Mother Gaia.


Shop For Your Petrified Wood Forest Today!

Are you looking to live simply and connect with nature? Allow Petrified Wood to support and guide you. You can bring the spirit of nature into your everyday life and into your environment with the help of Petrified Wood crystals.

Ground your energy and access the unlimited knowledge of the ancient world. Resolve past life karma and embrace the power of now with the help of these amazing gems.

Achieve a higher level of patience. Use Petrified Wood together with crystals for serenity and peace. If you’d like to focus on grounding, use it together with crystals for protection and support.

Our final thoughts? Live life to the fullest with the help of your Petrified Wood gemstones.

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