Kunzite Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties And Everyday Uses

Kunzite Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties And Everyday Uses

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 It was first found in San Diego County, California, in 1902. The crystal is now available in other parts of the world like Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan, and the United States of America.

Kunzite Stone Meaning

Kunzite Stone Meaning

Kunzite is a beautiful rare gem that is pure in energy and beautiful in spirit. It is a stone of Emotion. It opens communication between the heart and the mind. It is pleochroic, shifting from pale pink to light violet and colorless depending on the angle of observation.

What Is Kunzite Stone Good For?

Kunzite is a valuable crystal with several uses ranging from emotional healing to self-acceptance and divine love. As a calming stone, it helps to reduce anxiety and stress. When you use the gem, you will experience love. This spiritual gem helps to heal and spread a vibration of love to every corner of your life. Keep Kunzite in your pocket to be able to regularly tap into this loving energy and pass it on to your friends, family or partner.

Properties Of Kunzite Stones

Kunzite gemstone has physical, metaphysical, and healing properties.

Physical properties of Kunzite

Kunzite crystal belongs to a class called Inosilicates and a group called Pyroxenes. 

  1. Shape

    The crystal is primarily flat shaped and with deep vertical striation. It may also be circular or in the form of cleavable(splittable)masses.

  2. Color

    Kunzite ranges from colorless to gray, violet color to light pink, then to light yellow, yellowish-green to medium deep green, and a light blue color which fades on exposure to light. The beautiful and delicate color is due to impurities that are present in the Spodumene crystal. 

    Iron impurities give rise to the yellow to green-colored Kunzites. Chromium impurities are responsible for the medium-deep green colored ones, also called Hiddenite. The light pink to violet colors of Kunzites is due to manganese impurities. The pink gems are the most commonly occurring ones. 

    The natural colors of Kunzites fade in direct sunlight. The brighter the shade of its color, the more valuable the stone is. It has a silvery gloss that may shine on its facet, forming a beautiful contrast to the gemstone.

  3. Chemical Composition
    Kunzite Stone Meaning

    This precious stone is chemically composed of Lithium, Aluminum, Silicon, and oxides (LiASiO6). The refractive index is between 1.660 and 1.676. This refractive index is low which makes the Kunzite stone less brilliant. Its specific gravity ranges between 3.0 and 3.2, approximately 3.18. A specific gravity that is greater than one means that Kunzite sinks in water. Read more about refractive index affect here

    On the Mohs hardness scale, Kunzite rates between 6.5 and 7.0. The gem has a perfect cleavage which makes it extremely difficult to cut. The carat weight of the gem is 124 carats.

What are the metaphysical properties of kunzite?

Kunzite crystal is a strong, powerful spiritual stone. This stone represents the yin and yang aspect of your heart. It is used against negative energy, and it empowers positive energy. The negative energy represents yin, while positive power represents yang. 

Kunzite connects most with the heart chakra. This is the space for your trust, love, ability to give, and be open to receiving. Using the gem opens both your emotional (yin) and spiritual hearts (yang).

The pink crystal stands for unconditional love (yin), and Hiddenite (medium-deep green crystal) represents a healing, gentle heart.

Using Kunzite stone breaks the walls around your heart and enhances total cleansing of mistrust and bad memories. It ensures that you are left in a space that makes you feel safe and healthy to nurture your own emotional and spiritual growth.

It helps people with trauma, losses, and addictions to find an emotional balance between their reasoning and how they feel. It helps them recognize their self-worth and increase self-love.

Kunzite Stone Meaning

Another reason to love Kunzite gemstones is that they are good for romantic love. These stones help in communicating love to your partner when you are nervous.

It can help those focused on the outside world to become more introspective. It enhances self-expression and creativity. Your tolerance level, emotions, and ability to deal with anxiety improve when you use the heart soothing crystal.

In the Northern part of the world, Kunzite gemstones are used for personal growth and journeys. In the North-Eastern parts, Kunzite stones are important for self-care and obstacle removal. 

Healing Properties Of Kunzite Crystal

Kunzite are important healing crystals. The stones have a calming effect on people. They are at times regarded as stones of peace. The gem has loads of benefits including curing both physical and emotional disorders.

If you have been a victim of trauma, the healing effect of the calming stone will help you accept yourself without anxiety. It also gives you the opportunity to compromise without losing yourself.

Kunzite stone is a good to alleviate rheumatism and arthritis problems. All you should do is apply the stone as an elixir to the joint area where you feel pain. Kunzite stone helps to relax tense muscles, open arteries and thus allows better blood flow.

Kunzite reinforces and strengthens the heart muscles. The gem can be used in the treatment of the lungs, circulatory system dysfunction, and other diseases.

In addition to that, the gemstone helps with symptoms of premenstrual Syndromes (PMS) like mood swings, breast tenderness, irritability, and depression. It eases migraines and helps to recover from signs of physical stress.

Origins of Kunzite

Kunzite Stone Meaning

Kunzite is one of the most recently discovered stones in the history of colored stones. It was found in the Pala District of San Diego County, California, in 1902. George Frederick Kunz, a mineralogist from Tiffany & Co., ascertained that the crystals were Spodumene.

In 1903, Charles Bakerville, a chemistry professor at the University of North Carolina and later College of New York, named the precious stone Kunzite in honor of George Frederick Kunz.

Over the years, Kunzite has proved to be a highly desirable jewel. People see its importance in different directions. Some people love Kunzite because of its physical healing properties, for others, because of how it can adorn the body.

Is Kunzite a birthstone?

Kunzite is a birthstone for Scorpios and Capricorns. If you are born in mid-autumn, (between October 22nd and November 20th), the Pink Kunzite is one of your natural birthstones.

Kunzite Stone Meaning

In Scorpio's personality characteristics lots of positive qualities like being fierce, loyal, independent, etc. They are also known to exhibit intense feelings. 

The light Pink Tourmaline stands for protection and creativity. It helps Scorpios to regulate these intense negative emotions without feeling like they are drowning. The pink gem neutralizes forces of darkness and brings out a sense of serenity.

Pale violet Kunzite is a natural birthstone for people born between the 21st of December and the 19th of January. Kunzite is said to increase generosity in Capricorns as well as attract prosperity along their way.

How Do I Use Kunzite Crystals?

The gemstone Kunzite can be used in several ways, as there is no wrong way to use the stone.

Kunzite Stone Meaning

One of the ways to use these beautiful stones is to wear them as beads. Pink Kunzite makes an outstanding stone when processed into Kunzite jewelry. When Kunzite is pressed directly on the body, it opens you to high vibrations. You can also put it under your pillow to help heal your heart while you sleep. You can also use the gem when you are in a meditative state.

You can get a tumbled piece of the stone to adorn an altar or a sacred place in your home. This is if you want the magical effect of the stone. You definitely need a piece of Kunzite for those spaces in your home or office that you want to infuse a sense of calmness.

The power of Kunzite is super helpful, and there are several rituals you can do based on what you need the stone for. If you are craving emotional healing from past trauma, or you want to approach life in an open-hearted way, you need the pink energy of Kunzite in your life. The crystal represents universal love.

Below are some uses of the Kunzite crystal:

Pink Kunzite calms women

The pink Kunzite, popularly called the woman’s stone, has an energy that calms young mothers, first-time mothers, and single mothers. The crystal also calms babies who barely sleep as well as hyperactive children. You simply place it beside their bed.

Even animal mothers that are getting worn out from taking care of their young ones can also use it. You can also gift a Kunzite pendant to a young girl about to enter puberty to help them fall in love with their body effortlessly.

Comforting children with pink Kunzite

Some children may find it difficult to adjust to life situations. The soft pink ray can bring comfort to them. It can also cleanse any negative energy that might have accumulated as a result of bad occurrences.

Use Kunzite to recover from grief

Kunzite Stone Meaning

The pink Kunzite helps to comfort you from grief, heartbreaks, and depression. It might be over the loss or separation from a loved one.

It makes it easy to bear the burden of your losses and overcome your heartbreaks faster.

Soothing power

The calming effect of Kunzite helps you keep your nervousness in check during an examination, interview, viva, etc. It is very useful when you cannot afford to show any sign that you are anxious. If you are having restlessness or trouble sleeping, Kunzite will help to calm you down.

Protection when traveling

It protects you during your journey by guarding against road rage and bad omens. Keep a Kunzite crystal in your pockets to protect you against harmful spirits.

Opening a connection between the heart and the mind

Kunzite stone activates the heart chakra with its pink energy. It also opens communication with the light violet energy of the mind, the crown chakra.

This permits the free expression of feelings. It frees the mind and makes you receptive to the opportunities of life.

What Energy Does Kunzite Have?

Kunzite crystal has both spiritual and color energy. The crystal's spiritual energy opens your heart to the energies of love. These include self-love, love for your fellow people on earth, plants, water, animals, and general nature.

When you embrace every form of love, you’re open to receiving divine love and identifying the importance of the love inside you.

This energy encourages you to release walls built around you for protection and makes you open to experiencing love. It permits gifts of the divine and infinite abundance to flow through your heart.

The light gem is very protective. It wades off any sign of negative energy and raises a shield that binds unwanted entities and outside influences.

Lilac Kunzite works as a celestial doorway. It breaks through the barrier of time into the infinite. It has an important crystal for people that are dying. It lets the dying soul know what they need to make it easy to transition over into the next phase.

The gem also has color energy. It gives you the energy rays of determination, care, and commitment. This soothing color calms feelings of anger or hatred. It also improves your ability to meditate and dwell on the past.

The light pink color is a sign of new love, new romance, and fresh relationships. It helps to increase your sensation and overcome heartbreaks. It also improves your ability to love and care.

Lavender talisman is a light shade of violet. It provides self-wisdom and awareness, focuses on your feelings, and understands your inner cravings. These stones are of the free, unaltered intellect of the heart.

What Chakra Is Kunzite For?

Kunzite crystal activates the Chakra of the heart. It helps to align it with the light violet energy of the Crown Chakra. Your heart Chakra is a place for your trust, love, and ability to give and receive. The Kunzite also aligns the heart Chakra with the throat and third eye Chakras.

The light violet or lilac Kunzite helps to activate the Crown Chakra. This is the energy of the mind. The healing communication between the mind and the heart brings about inner peace.

How Do You Cleanse And Charge Your Kunzite Crystal?

Just like every other gem, your Kunzite crystal must be cleansed and charged. This is very good to help it hum happily and get ready to be used.

The following are steps to take to cleanse your Kunzite:

  • Step 1: Get a bowl of warm soapy water and an extremely soft brush or piece of clothing. Make sure the water is not hot.
  • Step2: Scrub lightly and gently with your soft brush.
  • Step 3: Dry it with a soft cloth.

Try not to scrub too hard because it is a delicate stone. Cleansing Kunzite once a fortnight should do the trick, but if you're frequently using it for energy work then once a week is even better.

To charge the Kunzite gem, place the stone under a full moon. The moonlight infuses the stone with cosmic energy and gets the feminine vibe to work. You can also bury it in a pot of nutrient-rich soil if you cannot wait for the full moon's light. This way, the earthly delight washes over it.

Can you wear Kunzite every day?

It is best if you do not wear your Kunzite every day. This is because prolonged exposure to sunlight or hot light sources causes the color to fade. It even fades more if the Kunzite is treated. (Almost all Kunzite stones are treated). Kunzite can be worn as jewelry to adorn the body. You can wear gems as kunzite stone ring on the fingers or as chains on your neck. You can also attach it as a healing pendant.

What works well with Kunzite?

Kunzite Stone Meaning

You can combine Kunzite with other stones like Smithsonite and Lemurian crystals. This promotes good vibrations in your body.

To increase your love vibration, you can pair your Kunzite with Hiddenite.

For strong love desires, you can pair your Kunzite with Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, and Pink Tourmaline.

When you have emotional problems that need to be solved, use Kunzite with Lithium Quartz and Yellow Amblygonite.

If you want to be more receptive, combine Kunzite with iolite stones or Lapis Lazuli.

The Power Of Kunzite Stone

Kunzite is precisely what you need on your pathway to peace. Its default values are because of the several uses of the stone. It gives both emotional and physical healing. It allows people to have a sense of inner peace and accept themselves for who they are.

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