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The Secret & Unexpected Aventurine Meaning and Properties

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If you're down on your luck, or feel like the whole world is out to get you, an Aventurine crystal might be the remedy you're searching for. There could be an entire book written about the Aventurine healing properties, but the prominent one that makes it a world-renowned stone for crystal enthusiasts all over the globe, is that it brings good fortune.

Essentially, the Aventurine crystal is a lucky talisman – some say, the best. In this article, you can learn how to integrate the Aventurine crystal meaning into your life.

But let's back up for a second; what is Aventurine exactly? Where does it come from, and why does everybody make a big thing about Jade vs Green Aventurine?

What Is Aventurine?

Technically speaking, Aventurine is a Quartz crystal. This is why you'll sometimes see it referred to as Aventurine Quartz. It's also why – as you'll see later – Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz work so well with each other. They are both members of the Quartz family, and both activate the heart chakra.

Aventurine properties

Aventurine is commonly green, but it comes in plenty of other colors too: from blue to red, orange to yellow, grey to black; it's actually possible to find Aventurine in any color. The Aventurine crystal healing properties will differ depending on the color of the stone, but the underlying power remains. This comes from the chemical make-up of the crystal itself.

The chemical formula for Aventurine is SiO2.

Aventurine is made up of randomly spaced iridescent sparkles that make it an excellent stone for jewelry. In fact, Aventurine jewelry is growing in popularity recently, not only because of its shimmering beauty, but because the spiritual world is waking up to its immense healing powers.

Depending on the specific type of Aventurine, these bright inclusions could be:

  • Fuschite - A small amount of Fuschite is what gives Aventurine an icy green color, or sometimes a winter blue. When the amount of Fuschite is above 10%, it can start to have a detrimental effect. Any more than 20% is certain to cause cleavage or splitting in the stone.
  • Hematite - A powerful grounding stone in its own right, Hematite gives Aventurine reddish and golden-brown colors. A Hematite-flecked Aventurine is one with a crisp autumn vibe.
  • Goethite - Inclusion from Goethite can cause the Aventurine to appear greenish-brown or orange.

The Aventurine stone properties are uniquely categorized by these dazzling additions.

  • Where does the name 'Aventurine' come from?

    The name, Aventurine, comes from the Italian word, "Avventura", meaning by chance. Another word with the same roots is adventure, and that's certainly something you will have with Aventurine. It empowers you to go with the flow, to dive into the unknown: it might be risky, but what is adventure without a little risk? It's not called the Gambler's Stone for nothing.

    But the real origin of the name goes a little deeper...

  • What's the difference between Aventurine Quartz and Aventurine Glass?

    Cast your mind back to 17th century Italy, on a small island near Venice, named Murano. This is where Italian glass makers stumbled upon Aventurine Glass – by chance. The glass makers there accidentally added tiny particles of copper into their batch of molten glass. The bright inclusions glistened and gleamed and shimmered in the light. Those Italian glass makers had artificially created aventurescence.

    The sparkly glass took the name Aventurine Glass and the name was later passed onto the Quartz stone that featured a similar shimmery effect. The two are only related by name.

    Aventurine the mineral is a naturally-occurring Quartz crystal, while Aventurine the glass is a man-made accident.

How to identify Aventurine?

A translucent stone, characterized by its glistening aventurescence, authentic Aventurine is relatively easy to spot if you know what to look for. The Aventurine crystal healing properties are also easy to spot if you're in tune with your spiritual body.

Holding this gemstone facilitates the release of negative emotions. It's one of the best healing crystals for bringing emotional calm, and it's often referred to as a comforter and heart healer. If you feel none of these things upon touching such a positive stone, then it's possible you're dealing with a fake. Follow these checks to make sure:

  1. Is it translucent? Real Aventurine is neither opaque nor transparent. It's a translucent gemstone with bright inclusions of tiny flecks that help it shine and twinkle like stars. Fake Aventurine, on the other hand, looks clearly dyed and painted with glitter. The artificial kind can sometimes appear opaque, as if painted one block of color.
  2. What color is it? While Aventurine can come in a wide range of colors, it's commonly green. If the seller is advertising something unusual, like baby pink or sky blue, you might want to pay extra attention to the stone. If the colors are very bright, unnaturally saturated, or maintaining the same intensity all over, then you're likely dealing with a fake. With real Aventurine, the color distribution is not even; it's natural and organic.
  3. Does it shimmer in the light? Look out for the aventurescence effect. Light shines into the heart of the Quartz stone and reflects back off the many tiny specks of minerals. This visual phenomenon cannot be replicated artificially. Some sellers will try to replicate it by adding a glittery coating, but this should be easy to spot for anybody looking for it.
  4. Where does it come from? Most Aventurine stones come from India. Brazil is another big distributor. There are smaller deposits in Chile, Canada, Tanzania, China, Russia, Spain and Austria too. This is not an extensive list, but if the Aventurine in question comes from somewhere other than these countries, it could raise a few eyebrows.
  5. Is it Aventurescent Glass? As mentioned earlier, the glass and the crystal share similar names because of the mineral inclusions that make them sparkle. In Aventurescent Glass, the metal inclusions are far brighter and more obvious. They reflect the light more brightly too. Ensure that the stone in question is not in fact Aventurescent Glass.

These five questions should save you from buying fake Green Aventurine. The same rules apply for all different types of Aventurine too so keep them in mind when purchasing this excellent stone.

Green Aventurine vs Jade: How to tell Jade from Aventurine?

A lot of people get confused between Aventurine and Jade. "Is Aventurine Jade?" is a popular question posed to crystal experts. We can tell you with categorical certainty that Jade and Aventurine are two completely separate crystals. They are not the same, never have been, and never will be.

Let's put this Jade vs Aventurine battle to bed once and for all.

There's actually a bit of confusion from over in the Jade camp already, even without introducing Aventurine into the mix. Jade is actually a term used for two different minerals with different chemical make-ups: Jadeite and Nephrite Jade.

Jadeite is a mixture of sodium and aluminium, while Nephrite Jade is a mix of calcium and magnesium. On the other hand, Aventurine is a silicate mineral (silica and oxygen) that contains flakes of other minerals. While Jade is almost exclusively a shade of green, Aventurine is usually pale green, but can be found in other colors too.

When you shine a light upon raw Aventurine, you'll see a very consistent color upon its granular Quartz body. Inside, you'll see sparkles (from the avurescence effect) and a grainy texture. Jade's color will be more lemony, and inside there will be darker swirls and spots, but no sparkles.

While Aventurine arguably holds greater aesthetic value, Jade is in fact the most valuable stone.

They both have similarities too, so it's no wonder they're often confused.

Both Aventurine and Jade are considered lucky stones. Aventurine is known as the Stone of Opportunity or the Gambler's Stone, and is widely considered the luckiest stone of all, but Jade is a great crystal for good luck too. Jade is thought to bring wealth and prosperity to its owner.

Both Jade and Aventurine have healing powers that can purify negative emotions, helping you release any pent-up negative energy. Both crystals are about giving control and empowering their owners.

Finally, both Jade and Aventurine differ from other stones in their ability to heal the body. Aventurine has an anti-inflammatory effect that soothes skin eruptions. It calms migraines and eases pressure around the eyes. It's thought to help with physical issues surrounding the heart too. As Jade is also a heart chakra stone, it works on similar areas of the body and is also fantastic for the skin. In fact, Jade is one of the best stones to use for crystal massages and is often found in crystal face rollers.

To summarize: Jade and Aventurine are completely different crystals. Both have similar properties, but you can also tell them apart with a few simple tricks.

What Is The Aventurine Crystal Meaning?

When talking of the Aventurine stone meaning, it's important to remember that each individual stone is different and will react and blend with your energies in its own way. That's not to say the Aventurine meaning changes, rather the lucky stone can be integrated into different people's lives in a number of different ways.

For example, if you're feeling unlucky in love, a Green Aventurine crystal could play an important part in opening up your heart chakra and encouraging you to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are. It's usually when we are feeling our most confident that we naturally attract romance. The Green Aventurine benefits would come into play here, helping you transform into a love magnet.

Or let's take another example. If you're feeling unlucky at work – maybe you aren't getting the recognition you feel you deserve, or your boss is not the friendliest or most approachable – a Blue Aventurine crystal could help you be more clear, concise and elegant in your communication. It would help you convert the lucky energy of Aventurine into a lucky reality for you. Simply by promoting clarity and harmonizing the energy between you and whomever it is that you're trying to earn the respect of. Yellow Aventurine would also be a great pick for the world of work.

Here you can see how the Aventurine crystal meaning stays the same, even though the scenarios in which you use it are wildly different.

What is Aventurine good for?

The Aventurine stone healing properties are some of the greatest in all the crystal world. It's widely considered to be the luckiest stone in the world, but the deeper you go in the world of spirituality and crystal healing, the more you realize that luck is just another name for an effect in which we can't comprehend the cause. Aventurine acts on a level below the surface of what we can detect, raising our vibration and pumping out positive energy. It's a fantastic stone to be around!

To create an aura of positive energy in your home, you might want to get yourself Aventurine bracelets, or possibly an Aventurine stone as part of a chakra set. This way, you can create crystal grids or practice chakra-healing meditation.

Keep a Red Aventurine stone close by to ground your energy and enhance passion and intensity in your relationships. A Yellow Aventurine stone or crystal point on your work desk can elevate your productivity and deepen your ambition. A Green Aventurine crystal is ideal for emotional healing, while a Blue Aventurine crystal is fascinating for the calm aura it brings over you.

The Aventurine stone benefits might be plentiful, but they barely scratch the surface of the Aventurine crystal meaning.

Aventurine Crystal History

Throughout time, Aventurine has been used as a symbol of luck for gamblers. Some legends say it's a healer for everything and that it brings prosperity to all who possess it.

As well as the aforementioned tale of its glassy sister's origins in Murano, Venice, Aventurine has some wild tales of its own. In Ethiopia, in the Oma Valley, talismans, beads and tools made from Aventurine have been unearthed. They're thought to be over two million years old – quite possibly some of the oldest man-made items ever.

Aventurine was used in other ancient practices too. During ceremonial rituals, communities would gather and each person would place an Aventurine crystal against their chest. They'd stand in a circle around a wheel and it was thought that the gemstone would connect them to spirit guides.

The ancient Chinese believed Aventurine symbolized Kuan-Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, while across the globe in Europe, the Celts believed Aventurine represented their goddess of nature, Fidais. The Greeks similarly associated Aventurine with a goddess: Dione.

In Tibet, one of the main Aventurine uses was to improve eyesight. It was thought that it could cure nearsightedness and also enhance creativity. They even used Aventurine on the eyes of their statues as it was thought to promote visionary powers and/or inject creative energy into their dreams and desires.

Where does the Aventurine crystal come from?

Aventurine stones usually form in sedimentary deposits that meld together and form sandstone over time. As time passes and the elements wear down the rock, the Quartz remains, merging with other minerals like Fuschite to create what we know as Aventurine. This process is unique and so no two Aventurine stones are ever the same.

This process mostly takes place in India. They are the largest distributor of Aventurine in the world, with Brazil a close second. Smaller deposits exist in Chile, Canada, U.S.A, Tanzania, Spain, Austria, China and Russia.

Because of the amount produced in India, it's picked up the nickname Indian Jade, another reason people get confused between the two.

What Are The Aventurine Healing Properties?

The Aventurine crystal healing properties must be powerful for this stone to have remained so popular throughout history. It's one of the only healing crystals to have been used from the first ever humans all the way until today. You're about to find out why...

We've broken the Aventurine healing properties into physical, emotional and metaphysical.

How do you use Aventurine for physical healing?

The Aventurine crystal has plenty of physical healing properties that affect your body in the material world.

For starters, it greatly benefits the thymus gland, the nervous system, the adrenal glands and the muscular system. It's thought to relax muscles and ease the physical manifestation of stress all over the body. It eases tension and helps you calm down if angry or nervous. It's a good stone for peaceful sleep because of this.

An Aventurine crystal is also thought to benefit the lungs and respiratory system. By encouraging you to relax, it helps you breathe more deeply and take in more oxygen. This in turn stimulates the brain and helps boost energy and the ability to focus. It's the best stone to use if recovering from a heart attack.

It balances your blood pressure, reducing the physical symptoms of emotional burdens. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a great stone to hold when recovering from some kind of injury. It's also a wise idea to gently massage yourself with an Aventurine crystal as this can help reduce puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It effectively reverses aging. It's an excellent stone for healing issues related to the skin!

A great stone for migraines, particularly Blue Aventurine, it can unblock pain in the brain. It helps to usher in a state of clarity and tranquility. The mystical Aventurine is also said to relieve eye pain, eye strain and short sightedness. Many crystal enthusiasts use Aventurine to improve their eyesight.

Thought to be a wonder stone for fertility, Red Aventurine in particular stimulates the sexual organs. Along with Garnet, it's one of the best healing crystals for enhancing and amplifying sexual energies and promoting good luck in regards to conceiving a healthy child. Using Aventurine for pregnancy is considered good luck in crystal circles. You can also use the Fertility Bracelet, made from Moonstone and Rose Quartz.

Mentally, Aventurine helps you let go of the incessant need to analyze everything. It empowers you to recognize and understand that the root cause of physical problems lies in the realms of mind and spirit.

How do you use the Aventurine crystal for emotional healing?

As with physical ailments, Aventurine reveals that emotional issues stem from mind and spirit. This includes social dynamics such as unhealthy or toxic relationships, negative habits and all things related to sustaining the ego.

Aventurine inspires a feeling of lightness, as if it's released all your pain and suffering. It can make you laugh out loud with its powerful cleansing energy. Feelings of joy and hope will always be present when in contact with this stone. It's brilliant for maintaining optimism, even if external circumstances feel challenging or hectic. It's a great stone to hold for good luck when going through big life changes.

The Aventurine healing properties are ideal for those who want to start meditating. This stone can provide the happiness, weightlessness and clarity to let go of thoughts and be one with the present moment. It doesn't claim to enlighten the user, but it can definitely shed light on the path if you're willing to listen.

Not only does the Aventurine crystal reduce the physical effects of stress, it also reduces the emotional effects. If you hold this stone, you'll find it easier to refrain from getting worked up over something small. Little irritations don't seem to be so much of a bother as before. It's as if Aventurine lifts the veil of true reality and lets you see what's actually important.

In true stoic fashion, it encourages you to focus only on what you can change. Any energy spent on things outside your realm of control is energy wasted.

In a similar way, it helps you hone in on your goals – on what you've decided is important to you – with more clarity and focus. It cuts out distractions and helps drive you towards success.

Green Aventurine, the most common form, is all about the heart and the emotions. This crystal is an emotional stabilizer. It brings balance to the heart, helping you find peace in difficult scenarios. For example, if you've been suffering from heartbreak, Aventurine will take you by the hand and help you find forgiveness for both yourself and the other person. There need not be any blame, even if the decision was completely one-sided, even if it was selfish, hurtful or a betrayal. Green Aventurine shows you that by holding onto these negative emotions from the past, you're destroying your present. It gives you the space to forgive and accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all.

A stone of intense compassion and generosity, Aventurine connects you to your fellow humans in a way that most other stones simply don't. It encourages you to smile at your neighbor, to help the old lady crossing the street, to be selfless and give your time and energy for other people. In doing so, you spread positive energy around the globe. Aventurine embodies the phrase: a smile can travel the world.

Whatever your goal, if you feel like you're not good enough, like you're expected to do something different by the people you look up to, or that you just don't have what it takes, Aventurine encourages perseverance. It gives you a second wind of sorts, letting you know without any doubt that you are capable. It promotes self-belief, determination and willpower to see your goal through, whatever it takes. If you're ever on the verge of giving up your dream, if someone has told you to be more realistic, just remember to reach for Aventurine. Anybody who ever achieved anything outlandish was told the same thing – if they'd have listened, they'd have given up too. Listen to Aventurine instead.

A positive stone for all things inventive, Aventurine enhances creativity and encourages child-like exploration of the world around you. It helps you experience things as if for the first time. Probe into ideas and dance with your curiosity. Aventurine has your back.

If you find yourself easily worked up, if there's a colleague that grinds your gears or an authority figure that sets your blood boiling, Aventurine is a good stone to have nearby. Its soothing energy tells the emotional body to chill out, helping you release anger or rage in a healthy way. Direct that same energy towards creative pursuits to truly excel. Like other stones that heal the heart chakra, Green Aventurine promotes inner harmony.

What are the Aventurine metaphysical properties?

Aventurine isn't just a stone for physical and emotional healing, no, no, no. The Aventurine metaphysical properties are some of the greatest of any stone! We've already mentioned how it's widely considered the best stone for good luck, good fortune and prosperity in general, but that isn't Aventurine's only claim to fame.

The metaphysical healing properties of Aventurine empower the user to defuse negative situations, cutting off bad vibrations at their root. It harmonizes negative energy, refusing to let it affect you in its primitive state.

Some types of Aventurine, particularly Green Aventurine, are great for helping you accept responsibility for your actions. There's an important distinction to be made between responsibility and blame. Aventurine treads the line carefully to promote the right kind of energy within you – soothing energy of empowerment. By accepting responsibility for our actions thus far, we can fully understand that we create our own realities and we can shape our future.

Aventurine is one of the many stones that emanate joy and happiness. It gives you the ability to laugh at yourself in any situation. Imagine the heat is on, it's been a stressful day, you have deadlines up to your eyeballs, and to top it all off, somebody is being incredibly rude for no reason at all. Ordinarily you might react to them hastily, but with Aventurine, you'll be given a momentary respite from the stress and a chance to see the bigger picture. How important will this interaction be to you in five years? Five months? Five weeks? Even five days... Aventurine helps you put things in perspective and laugh at misdeeds. They're testing your inner strength, and with Aventurine, your inner strength is boundless.

In a similar way, Aventurine provides a boost to selfless love. Green Aventurine, as it activates the heart chakra, is the go-to type of Aventurine for this. It promotes self-worth, compassion and generosity.

Aventurine is also a type of crystal used to clear the emotional body and unblock the chakras. Its gentle grounding effect is its way of letting you know that your spiritual energy is being organized and ordered. It can bring inner peace through this purifying ability. It also helps in manifesting higher ideals for yourself, letting you attract abundance, success and any non-material desires too. It's thought to stimulate your very life force and promote spiritual well-being.

Aventurine is thought to connect you with spirit guides, adding new depth to your purpose. It's highly beneficial for you to bring an Aventurine crystal with you to meditation sessions or yoga practice. Not only does it absorb electromagnetic smog and clear the surrounding environmental pollution, Aventurine crystals also encourage your spirit to sing. It releases your inhibitions so that you can be wild and free. This is one of the reasons why Aventurine is so popular among young children: it's a stone of innate freedom.

Finally, Aventurine is thought to reinforce leadership qualities. There aren't many stones that have the same effect as Aventurine when it comes to your influence over other people. Blue Aventurine in particular is fantastic for making your message abundantly clear. It helps you show the way with unconditional love.

  • Aventurine spiritual meaning

    With so many powerful spiritual properties, the Aventurine spiritual meaning is clear to see. Its good luck is visible in every one of its healing properties: Aventurine's spiritual mission is to empower you to wake up from the dream of life, and manifest your desires. It will provide the good fortune needed to help them come to fruition.

  • What is the zodiac sign for Aventurine crystal?

    The Red and Green Aventurine zodiac is famously Virgo, and these crystals are ideal for inspiring luck and prosperity in those career-driven individuals. These gemstones also help them access their emotions a little more and open up to those around them.

    Yellow Aventurine is linked to the Aries constellation and helps fan the flames of passions for those born between March 21st and April 19th.

    Blue Aventurine is sometimes considered to help Virgos, but other times it's thought to be a powerhouse for Capricorns. Both are ambitious earth signs so it makes sense to be either or. Get the Crystal Zodiac Chain to partner Blue Aventurine with 11 other zodiac stones. It can be used as a necklace, bracelet, glasses chain and more!

    Sometimes Aventurine is considered a natural birthstone for those born between April 20th and May 20th, i.e a Taurus. This would make sense as its soothing energy brings great emotional calm which is something all bulls crave.

  • What is the Aventurine chakra?

    The Aventurine chakra largely depends on the color of the stone. More detail will be given under each crystal's individual section below, but briefly, here are the colors of the chakras, and thus the stones which correlate to them:

  • Root chakra: red
  • Sacral chakra: orange
  • Solar plexus chakra: yellow
  • Heart chakra: green
  • Throat chakra: blue
  • Third eye chakra: purple
  • Crown chakra: white

What Are The Different Types Of Aventurine?

As Aventurine is a family of healing crystals, there are lots of different variants. Here are the different types of Aventurine and their crystal meanings.

Red Aventurine meaning

Raw Red Aventurine is the most potent type of Aventurine for driving action. It enhances manifestation by promoting inner strength. It empowers you to follow your dreams and is particularly helpful for creative souls.

Many have argued that the Red Aventurine crystal meaning is all about creativity. People who struggle with writer's block will likely agree as the Red Aventurine healing properties prevent creative blocks and unleash the full flow of imagination. It will spark ideas in your brain that you didn't even think were possible. 

The Red Aventurine benefits don't stop there, though. This beauty activates the root chakra; if out of alignment, it may manifest in increased aggression. Using a Red Aventurine chakra-healer, you'll be able to balance your feelings and relieve any feelings of belligerence.

Combine Red Aventurine with other chakra healers to receive ultimate protection.

Orange Aventurine meaning

The Orange Aventurine healing properties are unsurprisingly similar to both the yellow and red version. However, the chakra most associated with orange is the sacral chakra.

If blocked, the sacral chakra could make you feel more selfish and arrogant than usual. Holding an orange crystal like Aventurine will help you remain true to who you are, and to stop worrying what other people think, especially if it's negative. Letting go is the key to clearing this chakra.

Yellow Aventurine meaning

The Yellow Aventurine healing properties are perfect for stimulating the solar plexus chakra. This means it supercharges your desires, filling you with self-belief and determination to persevere, even if the situation is tough and the outcome unlikely. Raw Yellow Aventurine doubles down on this philosophy.

How to use Yellow Aventurine for goal-setting

  1. Get clear on a goal that you want to achieve. Be honest with yourself. Be clear, concise and specific. Add as many details as possible.
  2. Once you've settled on your goal, take a Yellow Aventurine raw crystal or tumbled stone and hold it in your hands while you visualize the outcome.
  3. Believe in yourself and your ability. Let the energy of the stone turbocharge your confidence.
  4. Finally, write your intention down in as succinct a sentence as possible. Leave your Yellow Aventurine stone on top of it and let it go. Continue about your life. The crystal has the intention now and so long as you don't let doubt creep in, the best outcome is inevitable.

Green Aventurine meaning

The Green Aventurine stone meaning is the most popular one of all: it brings good luck, fortune and success – not only in the material realm, but also in love and the emotional world. The Green Aventurine healing properties stimulate growth and speak of freedom from the cycle of depression. It acts as a liberator.

Some have argued that the Green Aventurine crystal meaning is deeper than just good luck and success, rather it awakens deeper feelings and brings your soul to life. It helps you maintain a connection with the universal creator within.

A blocked heart chakra can cause bursts of jealousy and sadness, potentially making you feel worthless or unloved. That's why the Green Aventurine chakra is so important to cleanse. Opening, clearing and activating the heart chakra, Green Aventurine neutralizes any negative energies held there and also acts as the first push in the domino effect, causing a ripple of energy that purifies all your lower chakras.

Raw Green Aventurine is a hyper-potent natural form of Aventurine that is ideal for chakra meditation. Light Green Aventurine crystals can also be kept under the pillow to promote healthy sleep and deep restful states. Sleeping with Green Aventurine is on a par with Amethyst and other great sleep stones.

For a deep dive into this specific stone, read our guide to the Green Aventurine crystal meaning.

How to use Green Aventurine for luck?

There are many ways you can use the lucky stone, from wearing a Green Aventurine necklace, ring or earrings, to keeping a Green Aventurine tumbled stone in your pocket throughout the day. If ever you feel like you need a little extra boost, pull it out and allow yourself to connect with its energy. It will instantly bring a feeling of calm – one of the numerous benefits of Green Aventurine.

You could also use a Green Aventurine pendulum to ask questions, a Green Aventurine pen to write affirmations or things that you would like some additional luck for, or you could retrieve the lucky and healing properties of Green Aventurine by dangling the Power Chakra Tassels in your car, home or office.

Peach Aventurine meaning

Similar to Orange Aventurine, the sparkly Peach Aventurine crystal stimulates the imagination and promotes creative energies. It bestows a positive outlook on all those who work with it, increasing optimism and overall happiness.

Another lucky stone, this crystal is thought to attract abundance and wealth.

Pink Aventurine meaning

Associated with both the heart and the base chakra, the Pink Aventurine healing properties are peculiar in that they merge the best metaphysical properties of Green Aventurine with the Red Aventurine raw healing power.

If your life has taken a somber turn or if you're finding yourself drowning in melancholy, the Pink Aventurine properties will be a light in the darkness, a supporting hand to guide you out the other side. It resembles hope and lets you know that things will get better.

Blue Aventurine meaning

If your throat chakra is out of balance, you may feel hyperactive and fanatical in various aspects of your life. The Blue Aventurine healing properties are great for unblocking the throat chakra: they're crucial for communication.

A tumbled Blue Aventurine crystal should always be taken with you to important meetings or business deals. Blue Aventurine benefits those going to interviews too, helping them summon the confidence to be their most charismatic selves. The benefits of Blue Aventurine chakra-healing are almost endless

The Blue Aventurine crystal meaning resonates with our inner child. It regenerates the youthful spirit that was once prominent in all of us. It empowers us to be free without inhibitions. Who cares what people think? It heals emotional trauma and reveals unhealthy patterns in your life so that you can make the necessary adjustments.

The Blue Aventurine metaphysical properties can be compared to Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite. A similar type of crystal, in both appearance and properties, Blue Aventurine strives to heal your energy whilst embracing you with love, warmth and soothing energy.

Purple Aventurine meaning

Activating the crown chakra, this rare version of Aventurine is not to be treated lightly. It's known as the stone of inner harmony and has the power to bring inner calm to all those who seek it. It awakens the user to their authentic self, connecting them to the Divine within. A powerful spiritual stone, Purple Aventurine is one of the best healing crystals for meditation and other deeply profound spiritual practices.

Aventurine crystal meaning and uses

How to use the Aventurine crystal in your everyday life?

When thinking of ways to use Aventurine, manifestation practices are one of the first things that come to mind. Not only is this lucky stone at home when nudging you closer to your goals, it's also an incredibly potent energy magnet, which means if you set it in the right direction, it will attract abundance.

Aventurine jewelry is another simple and easy way to use the Aventurine crystal to harness its leadership qualities and enhance your well-being. One of the best stones to wear in jewelry due to its hardness, Aventurine earrings are an obvious choice.

An Aventurine bracelet is also a great way to connect with the many crystal meanings of this stone throughout your daily life. Similarly, an Aventurine anklet is a fantastic way to access the benefits of Aventurine.

Where to place Aventurine in the home?

If you're having trouble sleeping, you can keep Green Aventurine under your pillow as we already mentioned, or, if you want to try something a little more decorative, then a Pink Aventurine dreamcatcher could be perfect. It'll protect your energy all night long. It's ideal for those who suffer from nightmares, night terrors or insomnia. It also reduces the effects of sleep paralysis.

You can protect your home with a Green Aventurine pyramid that combines its energy with several other crystals to create a forcefield. These pyramids are ideal to put near the entrance to your home to absorb incoming energy. It will keep your home's energy sheltered from the external world.

With these crystal pyramids, you can even create crystal grids and place them on your sacred altar or in your private space. They can be used for a whole range of incantations, manifestations and intention-setting practices.

Leave a Green Aventurine or Red Aventurine crystal on your desk to absorb electromagnetic smog and keep you safe from your electronic devices that can occasionally emit harmful radiation. Aventurine is one of the best healing crystals for preventing this.

How to cleanse Aventurine?

As a member of the Quartz family, Aventurine healing crystals are generally strong and stable. You can cleanse them in water, sunlight (for limited periods of time to avoid fading), moonlight and in any of the other traditional methods of cleansing.

How to charge Aventurine?

Cleansing your stone isn't just about physical cleaning. You need to set your intentions for your stone before you use it. Some people might skip this step and then wonder why their crystal isn't working for them.

Before you wear or place your Aventurine somewhere, make sure that you meditate with it first. Hold it in your hands and think deeply about what you want. This will activate the Aventurine crystal healing properties and get them working on the right things.

Manifest Miracles With Lucky Aventurine

After reading this comprehensive guide, you should have all the information you need to know about Aventurine healing crystals. Choose the color best suited to you and your needs and utilize this lucky crystal to help you pursue your goals.

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