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Let's talk about the often misunderstood Goldstone, or Sandstone, as it's also called.

How Is Goldstone Made?

Are the metallic crystals of Goldstone actually man-made glass? Yes! Goldstone is a man-made glass that has glittery inclusions of copper particles, in the case of the red-brown Goldstone, or of other metals in the case of other Goldstone colors (blue, black, green, purple).

The glittery metallic crystals inside the Goldstone can have more of a golden look or a more silvery appearance (like in the case of the Blue Goldstone, for instance), depending on the treated glass and the so-called metallic shavings (metallic particles with corresponding ionic color, to be more exact) included in the resulting crystals.

One process for making Goldstone was discovered in the seventeenth century, Venice, but it was fabricated earlier than that. Goldstone, the Aventurine Glass or Gold Star Glass is also known as Monk's Stone or Monk's Gold, because the legend goes that monks discovered it accidentally while they were experimenting with alchemy.  The monks supposedly dropped copper flecks into molten glass by accident, discovering this beautiful crystal.

But there is nothing accidental about the fabrication process of Goldstone. The reddish-brown Goldstone, for instance, is made by heating up the molten glass to temperatures that dissolve the copper oxide added to the mix. Once the oxide is dissolved, the glass is cooled slowly, which offers the copper ions time to group and bond into a strongly colored matrix of tiny crystals of copper. Depending on how slowly the molten glass cools off, the copper flecks can be smaller or bigger.

The color of the Goldstone is not given by the metal mixed into the molten glass, but by the glass itself. The red-brown color is caused by the hue given by the copper flecks reflecting light, while the glass used is actually transparent.  Blue Goldstone includes cobalt, Green Goldstone includes Chromium, and Purple Goldstone includes Manganese.

In terms of healing properties, the different colors of the Goldstone make a huge difference in terms of what chakras these metallic crystals connect with. We'll chat a bit later about what sort of Goldstone jewelry connects to which chakras and their amazing healing powers.

Top 5 Amazing Gold Stone Healing Properties

If you wear Goldstone jewelry, you'll experience these amazing crystal healing properties yourself.

What Is Goldstone Good For?

Based on its fabrication process, the Goldstone crystal meaning is that of reflecting or reflected light. That makes it a powerful protection stone, but also a great aid in any creative, enlightened, or enlightening process.

Goldstone has metaphysical properties and healing properties which make Goldstone's energies amazing for your energy field, whether you're a spiritual healer or just a crystal enthusiast.

    1. Red-Brown Goldstone Metaphysical Properties
      Red-Brown Goldstone

      If you're looking to attract wealth and ground your base chakra, then the Red-Brown Goldstone is the one for you. You can make your wildest dreams come true and experience the deepest passions when guided by the light of the Reddish-Brown Goldstone since it works with your creative sacral chakra and your passionate base chakra.

      Red Goldstone harmonizes very well with your solar plexus chakra as your manifestation energy center, supporting it as an energy stone. Red-brown Goldstone helps ground your root chakra energy and connects with your sacral chakra as well, working as a powerful manifestation stone and protection stone.

      Red Goldstone promotes a positive attitude and as a result, it's an uplifting stone. It tends to go very well with the vibrant and sparkly energy of Leo but would work just as well with any fire zodiac sign (the other two fire signs, besides Leo, being Aries and Sagittarius).

      You can combine the powerful Reddish-Brown Goldstone with similar natural stones like the ones in the Power Chakra Tassels in order to optimize your energetic flow and maximize your ability to manifest from a place of personal power.

    2. Blue Goldstone Meaning and Blue Goldstone Properties
      Blue Goldstone

      Blue Goldstone harmonizes with your throat chakra. It's a stone of ambition and determination for those who work in the communication field or those who have jobs or hobbies that revolve around public speaking, public relations, and in general frequent social interactions or diplomatic work. 

      Blue Goldstone, or Blue Sandstone can stimulate your ability to be persuasive and charismatic. Be sure to wear it around your neck as a necklace or as earrings, or its ability to harmonize with your throat or blue chakra won't be optimal.

      Wearing Blue Goldstone around your neck when you're having throat issues can help cure inflammation in the area and promote healing and beneficial energies in that part of your energetic field. Wear your Blue Goldstone with some Kyanite and Tourmaline like those in the Cosmic Balance Earrings and you'll feel your energy system improve significantly as you reach a state of inner balance and tranquility and your 3D body finds its optimal vibe.

      You can also combine the beautiful Blue Goldstone with similar natural stones that work with your blue chakra since they are naturally in tune with one another.

    3. Green Goldstone BenefitGreen Goldstone Green Goldstone is your ally during times of emotional turmoil. An astute emotional master healer, this Goldstone harmonizes with your heart chakra and helps you to navigate emotionally volatile moments. You can work your way out of toxic emotions and regain your emotional balance with the help of this Goldstone.

      Green Goldstone works very well with Rose Quartz when it comes to self-love and romantic love alike. Wear your Green Goldstone jewelry together with the Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Set and experience the transformative emotional experience of a lifetime.

      There's never a dull moment when you're wearing Green Goldstone because this beautiful stone attracts compatible potential partners and opens up their hearts to you. It also opens up your heart to theirs, creating the premises for a close emotional connection.

      You'll be able to navigate soul contracts with more ease, whether it's a soulmate or a twin flame type of energy cord that you're dealing with. You'll find your way out of karmic emotional patterns and release childhood wounds with more ease with the help of this Goldstone.

    4. Purple Goldstone Healing PropertiesPurple Goldstone Purple Goldstone works with your third eye chakra, stimulating your intuition and psychic insight.

      With the help of this Goldstone, you can connect to your higher self with more ease. It supports your process of meditation, especially if you wear your Goldstone jewelry combined with the Meditation Bracelet made of Amethyst and Clear Quartz.

      Purple Goldstone can assist you on the path of spiritual progress towards ascension. It's also a stone of ambition when it comes to spiritual elevation and making psychic connections.

      If you're trying to achieve a telepathic connection with someone, particularly a twin flame, this Goldstone can prove to be very useful. It makes a direct connection with the Above and the higher dimensions so you can connect with those vibes more easily when wearing it or keeping it in your presence.

      Goldstone As Crystal Protection

      Usually, a powerful protection stone is one that works with your root chakra, like the Black Obsidian in the Rainbow Obsidian Protection Bracelet. Though you won't find Black Goldstone, you will find very-dark Blue Goldstone that looks almost black.

      You might think that because it has the glittery effect of the metallic flecks, Goldstone might not work well with the root chakra, but it does. In fact, Goldstone is very powerful when it comes to repelling negative energies due to its metallic particles, whether it's of the reddish-brown variety or not.

      Goldstone promotes an energetic gold flux, meaning a constant exchange of energy with the Universe and Mother Gaia. The so-called copper shavings or the shavings of other metals used to make the Goldstone have the supreme power to invoke the frequency of light, regardless of their actual refractive index.

      That creates powerful energy fields in all of your chakras. Regardless of your zodiac sign, Goldstone is a wonderful crystal for protection.

Where Do You Put Goldstone In Your House?

Goldstone In Your House

If you're looking to add some Goldstone to your crystal home decor, you'll be happy to know that regardless of the particular type of Goldstone you're using, you can't really go wrong.

If you're thinking about the Feng Shui of your place, consider the color of your Goldstone. Red-Brown Goldstone is a fire crystal, Blue Goldstone is a water crystal, a Green one is an earth crystal, and a Purple one is an air crystal. Based on your Feng Shui chart, consider what's the best area of your home to place these elements.

If you're not into Feng Shui but still keep the elements in mind, consider your needs related to each room when placing your Goldstone there. For instance, your bedroom needs some fire element if you're looking to spice up your love life or marriage, so go with the Red-Brown one to light up the twin flame

But if you're trying to make it big as a Chef, you can benefit from the fiery energy of the Red-Brown Goldstone in the kitchen too, if you practice your recipes there. Consider placing some Red-Brown Goldstone wherever in your home you feel like you'd like a boost of energy and abundance.

Place the Green one wherever you'd like to introduce more balance and fertility, the Blue one wherever you'd like to improve social interactions and communication, and the Purple one wherever you'd like to do your spiritual practices and rituals.

How Do You Charge Your Goldstone?

Since Goldstone is made through a heated process, so in a sense it's born from fire, its core creative element is that of fire and light.

The best way to charge your Goldstone will be through the use of sunlight or a crystal lamp like the Purification Lamp. Make sure that your Goldstone is ready to be charged by cleansing it first, and if you need to, clean it as well. Use a cotton wool ball to dust it off before placing it under the light of the sun or of the lamp, just to be sure that it's going to get the most benefit out of the process.

Always do a cleansing before you do the charging for your crystal. In some cases, the same process can be applied for both, and you'll just need to consider doing it for a longer time since it's a two-in-one process. Follow your intuition when it comes to how many days you should cleanse and charge your Goldstone for.

The element of a Blue Goldstone is that of water. The best way to charge it is to place it under flowing lukewarm water, for instance, tap water, ideally in a place where there's also sunlight coming through so you reunite light, fire, and water for this charging.

In the case of a Green one, the element is earth. The best way to charge it is to place it somewhere under the sunlight with some sand in a vial or on a plate beside it. If you have some Quartz sand, then that's even better, but you can also use regular sand too.

For your Goldstone that's Purple, the element is that of air. You already have it in spades, so just place your Goldstone in the sunlight and let the light and air combo do its magic for your stone.

Amp Up Your Positive Vibes!

As you've seen, Goldstone can do so much for you. It promotes positive energies and optimizes the energetic flow through your chakras, cleansing your energetic field and charging it with high vibes. Whether you choose the Reddish-Brown, Green, Purple, or Blue Goldstone, these glittering crystals will direct all of their power towards supporting your goals.

Get the conscious items that work best with your choice of Goldstone, whether it's the reddish-brown Goldstone variety or one of the other stone colors. Make the most of the energy of this glittery stone by adding to it some crystals for success and manifestation.

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