Desert Rose Guide and Meaning

Desert Rose is strongly associated with intuition and extra-sensory perception, so if you find references to this stone popping up more and more, it could be the crystal’s way of calling to you.
Desert Rose Guide and Meaning

The Desert Rose stone can enter your life for many reasons, but rarely is it just by random chance. It’s strongly associated with intuition and extra-sensory perception, so if you find references to this stone popping up more and more, it could be the crystal’s way of calling to you.

But why would desert rose be a good crystal for you?

Desert Rose Origins & History

Desert Rose is a form of naturally occurring selenite gypsum. More often than not, it’s a combination of Selenite and Barite and it forms through condensation. Over time, it becomes subject to the elements, and parts of it erode, giving it the appearance of petals. 

You may sometimes hear it referred to as: Rose Rock, Sand Rose, Selenite Rose or Gypsum Rose. You can find it in a variety of brownish colors, from tan to cream. As the name suggests, it’s born in desert areas and can be found all over the world in countries such as Australia, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, and Spain.

In 1968, rose rock was declared the official rock of the state of Oklahoma. The largest one ever found by the Oklahoma Geological Survey was 17 inches across and 10 inches tall. Usually, they max out at around 4 inches in diameter, and these are the ones that you’re more likely to find in spiritual shops.

Desert Rose Healing Properties

Many people use Desert Rose to help them make sense of confusing situations. It brings mental clarity and helps you focus on your current task with more vigor and intensity. For this reason, Desert Rose is widely considered a great stone to supplement meditation. It’s said to connect you to your higher self and empower you to communicate with your guardian angels. 

desert rose

As already mentioned, Desert Rose is fantastic for strengthening your intuition. It helps you access your psychic abilities and is known to open and nourish the third eye. This can be an extremely powerful stone for dabbling in the art of clairvoyance. Similarly, it’s said to bring back past life memories and enhance dream recall. With all these benefits, you’ll feel a natural boost in your creativity and be able to find new outlets to express yourself.

Each Desert Rose stone is believed to contain its guardian spirit, so they’re more than suited to the role of a protective charm. You can place one in your home to keep it energetically secure. It helps to relax timid souls and subtly boosts your confidence if you’re feeling low. Release inhibitions, and find the freedom to discover and hone new talents. It promotes perseverance above all else when it comes to success. Giving up is simply not an option.

There isn’t a better crystal for regaining confidence if it was lost through an accident, illness, or betrayal. It helps you recover from grief and is the ideal stone for support. If you regularly suffer from panic attacks, particularly relating to claustrophobia, then Desert Rose is the ultimate soothing stone. It grounds your energy and returns you to the reality of the present.

Desert Rose also takes your vibration up another notch, increasing your manifestation abilities and accelerating the speed at which you can attract what you desire. It’s a brilliant stone for positive energy. It helps drive you towards your goals, injecting you with the motivation necessary to see them through until the bitter end. 

There are also plenty of improvements to physical health available through the use of Desert Rose. It’s said to bolster your resistance to viral infections, and reduce skin growths, blemishes, and inflammations. It’s one of the best crystals for men because it helps with prostate and testicular issues. Rose Rock also reduces the effects of travel sickness and homesickness which makes it a great support stone if you decide to relocate. It keeps your physical body stable as you adjust to new life situations. 


Desert Rose for Love

As the name suggests, Rose Rock is a stone for romantics. Its delicate rose-like appearance makes a great gift for lovers and is thought to be lucky for couples in a long-term relationship. It provides support for the shifts in character as the relationship progresses, helping you find your true self while simultaneously maintaining balance with your partner. 

It’s said to deepen the connection between you and your partner, whether this is the beginning of a relationship, or during one that has started to lose its way. It eases communication and strengthens understanding. If you or your partner sometimes act in a way that neither of you can comprehend, then Desert Rose helps you come to terms with it, accept it and prepare for a positive change. 

desert rose

Desert rose increases self-confidence so that shyness in the bedroom doesn’t become an issue. It helps you let go and be spontaneous. You’ll feel the warmth, closeness, and passion of your partner more than ever before if you’ve been working with desert rose beforehand. Its reassuring presence reminds you that everything will be okay, and its sandy solidity is symbolic of your relationship standing the test of time.

Desert Rose for Decoration

Use desert rose as an ornament to harness its uplifting energy at home. It can bring a sense of protection to your family but also sparks a re-connection to mother earth. Avoid humid places like the bathroom, pool, or kitchen sink because its molecular structure doesn’t work too well with wet environments. 

Try placing one:

In your room. For enhancing sexual relations and strengthening the bond between you and your partner.

In your living room. For cleansing the home and enhancing your family relations.

On your work desk. For increased clarity and a sure-fire boost to productivity.

By your yoga mat. For deepening the state of mindfulness during yoga, meditation, or any other spiritual practice.

Near the front door. To protect the home and ward off negative energy. 

Desert rose is a unique stone that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Listen to its call. If its energy is reaching out to you, then it probably has a good reason to. Don’t resist it.

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