Green Calcite: Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

Green Calcite: Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

Let’s talk about Green Calcite. Do you want to find out about the Green Calcite meaning? We’ve got you covered.

The crystal meaning of Green Calcite makes it a powerful gemstone. To find out why, we'll talk about some of the main benefits of this beautiful gemstone. Then we’ll focus on its spiritual and healing properties.

In this crystal guide, we’ll cover:


Green Calcite Properties

Green Calcite is a Calcium Carbonate of pale green or yellow-green color. It looks similar to washed sea glass. This gem is a relatively soft stone that tends to have a massive form.

The Green Calcite crystals have a smooth finish once they’re acid-treated to clear impurities.


Green Calcite Crystal Meaning

Clear Calcite is a very powerful energetic cleanser and purifier. You can read more about Calcite in our crystal guide. 

You’ll often see Calcite as part of spiritual sets like the Feng Shui Crystal Ball Set, which has amazing purifying and cleansing powers. The green version of Calcite has similar powers. It supports positive energies. As a result, one of the main Green Calcite meanings is that of spiritual growth.

It helps with releasing energy blockages and overcoming old energy patterns. Its spiritual meaning is that of energetic healing and liberation from limitations, wounds, and self-limiting beliefs.

Green Calcite connects directly to your heart chakra. It's an emotional balm for the soul, helping you achieve genuine happiness. It symbolizes achieving a sense of emotional balance and inner peace.

But that’s not all this gemstone can do. Similar to other green gemstones, this Calcite is also a stone of manifestation. It’s a symbol of good luck and abundance in all areas of your life.


Green Calcite Benefits

Green Calcite helps you accept yourself and all your imperfections. You’ll overcome destructive behaviors and embrace positive change. Through a process of self-discovery, you’ll invite good energies into your life. Regardless of our belief systems, it helps us connect to our higher power.

It’s the perfect stone for building a stronger sense of your true personal power. You’ll achieve a sense of true happiness as you release all negative energies from your emotional body and heal.

These powerful healing crystals will get rid of negative and toxic energies. That will promote overall physical health and true happiness.

What does Green Calcite do for your manifesting process?

Manifesting good luck and abundance will come much easier with the help of this Calcite stone. It vibrates at the frequencies of good fortune and opportunities.

That’s why it’s a stone of abundance. Use it to cast prosperity spells and magnetize financial success into your life. If you haven’t yet, experiment with using rituals for abundance and prosperity.

These crystals help you step out of your comfort zone without losing your nerve. You’ll attract better opportunities that will lead you towards achieving success.


Green Calcite Metaphysical Properties

In spiritual terms, Green Calcite works with the heart chakra. Green crystals help you balance fiery emotions. Green Calcite offers you metaphysical healing. It repels negative energy from your energetic core. At the same time, it heals your emotional body. Use the Seven Sacred Shapes of Balance to achieve a state of equilibrium.

The healing energies of this Calcite gem help you overcome emotional grief and distress. Let's see what other benefits these healing crystals have to offer.


Green Calcite Healing Properties

What is Green Calcite good for in terms of crystal healing properties? A lot.

Physical healing

If you’re dealing with bacterial infections, it will stimulate tissue healing. Use it alongside your medical treatment to amp up its positive effects. It promotes physical healing through cleansing negative energies. As a result, this green gem helps overcome joint pains. It balances your blood pressure and immune system.

During a recovery process, your entire body will benefit from letting go of stagnant energy and promoting positive energy flow. It will help you become physically active again in no time.

Emotional breakthroughs

The Green Calcite chakra is the heart or green chakra. As a result, these beautiful gemstones have emotional healing properties. Calcite boosts your emotional body's ability to cope when you're greatly stressed. It offers you emotional support.

The soothing energies of this gemstone give you a renewed sense of hope and comfort in your heart space. You’ll lose sight of whatever emotional stressors are burdening you.

Your emotional balance will be restored with the help of Green Calcite. The 7 Chakra ‘Blissful Healing’ Set with Calcite helps you restore your balance and heal.

Better sleep

The positive vibrations of the Green Calcite crystals will promote deep relaxation for both yourself and everyone else in your space with just a few deep breaths. You'll find your way towards peaceful dreams if you keep these crystals in your bedroom.


Get Your Green Calcite Today!

Start enjoying the many rewards of using Green Calcite. If you’re looking to boost its healing abilities, use it together with crystals for healing and cleansing. And if you’re looking to attract more blessings into your life, try using it together with crystals for success and manifestation.

Our final thoughts are you can benefit a lot from having Green Calcite in your life. Step into a healthier, more balanced, and more prosperous future with the help of this gorgeous gemstone.

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