How and Where to Wear Crystal Jewelry

A crystal’s energy can vary depending on where it’s placed on the body. Bracelets will have different impacts on your body depending on which side you wear them on.

The Left Side

Where to Wear Crystal Jewelry

The left side of our body is seen as the feminine and sensitive side. It deals with the internal self and introspection, helping you heal from within. It enables you to control external stress and benefit from the healing energy of your chosen crystal.

The Right Side

Where to Wear Crystal Jewelry

The right side is viewed as the masculine side of your body, promoting action over thought. This side is more associated with your external environment and how you react to the outside world. If you want to extend your healing powers to others then wear your crystals on the right-hand side.

You can also decide where to wear a certain crystal based on the purpose you want from it. Different stones promote different properties depending on which part of the body they’re worn.

Receiving Crystal

The left hand promotes relaxation, meditation, peace, harmony, introspection, wisdom, and mysticism. Stones that enhance these abilities are great for your left side. The following are a few examples: Amethyst, Fluorite, Citrine, Malachite, Rose Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye.

Projecting Crystal

The right hand is brilliant for success, healing, physical strength, and any action that gives energy to others. Any crystal that increases these properties is a fantastic choice. Here are some of your options: Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, and Red Agate.

The Hand

If somebody wears a ring, they tend to wear it for their entire life. This means that whatever crystal they choose will have a huge impact on their life. For jewelry like that, serious thought has to go into it.


Where to Wear Crystal Jewelry

It’s rare that people wear jewelry on their thumbs. It’s symbolic of willpower and transmits and receives extremely powerful energy. Burdening it with crystals can overpower the thumbs, so it’s best to avoid it.

The Index Finger

Where to Wear Crystal Jewelry

This finger represents our goals, hopes, wishes, and even karma. The energy of the jewelry on this finger is amplified by the conscious and unconscious messages that stem from our inner being. From the right hand, it transmits into the surrounding area, whereas the left hand directs the energy inwards. Crystals that boost index qualities are Lapis Lazuli (knowledge, logic, memory), Garnet (self-confidence, humility), and Turquoise (relaxation).

The Middle Finger

Where to Wear Crystal Jewelry

The energy in this finger is connected to intuition and is vital for transmitting our feelings and emotions. It’s said to bring balance to our personalities and represents the planet, Saturn, symbol of truth, obedience, and rebellion. Rings on this finger focus on introspection and individuality, supporting your vision of good and evil, or right and wrong. A ring on the left middle finger creates a direct connection with the heart. Amethyst (creativity and inspiration), Sapphire (noble goals), and Malachite (inner beauty and soul purification) are perfect gemstones for the middle finger’s abilities.

The Ring Finger

Where to Wear Crystal Jewelry

This finger is deeply inspired by love, as you’d expect being the finger for matrimony. It embodies Apollo, the Greek god and his dominion: creativity, culture, love, and beauty. Rings on this finger lead to grace, love, beauty, and compassion. Try Diamond (love), Onyx (protection), and Tiger’s Eye (creativity) to amplify the qualities of this finger.

The Little Finger

The little finger transmits and receives energy connected to changes, transformations, and new ideas. Embodying Mercury, it represents greater self-expression, communication, and intuition. Crystal rings on this finger harness qualities such as persuasion, eloquence, and resourcefulness. Use Pearl (organization), Turquoise (stress and tension release), and Aventurine (new possibilities) for the best boost to the little finger’s qualities.

Can You Wear Multiple Crystal Pieces?

You might be wondering, “Can I wear multiple bracelets?” or “Can I have more than one crystal ring?” The answer is yes. There’s absolutely no limit to how many crystals you can use in your jewelry, or how many items of jewelry you use either. Each one will bring its own properties and subtle energy to your aura.

For enhancing love or intimacy for instance, you can wear Rose Quartz bracelets together with Rhodochrosite, Moonstone, or Pink Tourmaline on the left wrist. Not only will this attract fresh love, it will also help those in a stagnant relationship by reviving and revitalizing both partners, reminding them why they fell in love in the first place.

Mix and match to get your desired benefits.