Obsidian Stone Meaning, Types, Healing Properties & Uses

Obsidian Stone Meaning, Types, Healing Properties & Uses

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Throughout history, various cultures have revered it for its majestic color, its explosive origins, and its various healing properties and uses. Let’s discover exactly why it is so respected and what its origins and uses really are.

What Is Obsidian?

The Obsidian stone is born from the fires in the mantle of the earth. It's formed by felsic lava that has cooled very quickly. This creates a natural form of volcanic glass that's commonly found in numerous places all over the world. Wherever there are volcanoes and volcanic lava, you can probably find Obsidian.

In truth, there are several different colors of this volcanic glass. The most common type of Obsidian stone is black. The Black Obsidian stone, like Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx and other dark stones, is a strongly protective stone that stimulates and activates the root chakra. The Black Obsidian stone healing properties make it a strong psychic protection stone too.

Although the Black Obsidian stone is the most popular, the hue of Obsidian stones can range from deep black to less common hues of green, purple, brown and blue.  

The scientific properties of Obsidian fall under the list of igneous rocks, meaning that the molten rock materials cool so quickly that the atoms within the molten rock are unable to arrange themselves into a “typical” rock structure. Therefore, it becomes an amorphous material with a smooth, uniform texture similar to that of manufactured glass.

Unlike most kinds of rocks, Obsidian forms above the surface of the Earth, and its additional and more rare colors are thought to be created due to trace materials of other elements. This is how we get different types of Obsidian, like Snowflake Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian and Gold Sheen Obsidian.

In antiquity, Obsidian was used by various cultures to create cutting tools and arrowheads because it was easy to shape and had razor-sharp edges.

The Obsidian Stone Meaning

Because the Obsidian stone is such a diverse stone with so many colors, it has a wide range of meanings that can all be attributed to its different types. Let’s discuss the various types of Obsidian, their healing properties and their meanings!

Black Obsidian meaning

By far the most common type of Obsidian, the Black Obsidian stone is a powerful tool for protection and grounding. It is also thought to reduce psychic smog, clear away mental stress and ease access into the spiritual realms.

You can partner Black Obsidian with other crystals such as Hematite and Tiger's eye to create an epic protection bracelet.

Snowflake Obsidian meaning

Snowflake Obsidian is a constant reminder of your uniqueness and individuality. Just how each snowflake is an individual masterpiece, so are you. It brings hope, helping you see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that everything is going to be okay. It opens the door to new horizons.

Like the Black Obsidian stone, Snowflake Obsidian blocks psychic attack and helps to remove negative energies from your environment. Snowflake Obsidian draws out the psychic smog created by electronic devices and absorbs it, shielding your aura from EMF radiation.

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Rainbow Obsidian meaning

A poetic stone with swirls of many colors dancing within its facets, Rainbow Obsidian has rare grounding purposes that connect to the root chakra to keep its user centered and level. Rainbow Obsidian permanently connects you to positive energy, encouraging feelings of love, light and happiness.

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Gold Sheen Obsidian Meaning

Otherwise known as Golden Obsidian, this type of Obsidian is so called because of its—you guessed it—golden sheen. Like other stones in the Obsidian family, Gold Sheen Obsidian clears emotional blockages with its powerful metaphysical properties. It helps you self-analyze with honesty and openness, but without blame. Through intense spiritual communication, it stimulates growth and relieves mental stress.

Golden Obsidian promotes qualities of confidence, inner strength and self-belief. It's a truth-enhancing stone that brings clarity to the third eye, as well as stimulating the solar plexus chakra and the base. It's a powerful cleanser, urging exploration of the self and deeper realms of consciousness. Use a piece of Gold Sheen Obsidian during meditation to harmonize your auric field and bring light, love and clarity to the mind.

Golden Obsidian bracelets and other jewelry make for great ways to shield your energy from harm. The Gold Sheen Obsidian benefits are enhanced when worn against the skin.

Mahogany Obsidian Meaning

Mahogany Obsidian has a rich, rippling color scheme that mixes deep brown, splashes of black, and bright red when hit correctly by light. It’s known for its intense protective ability and it absorbs negative energies like a vacuum.

Polished gemstones made from this type of Obsidian make for beautiful decorative pieces to leave around the home. Mahogany Obsidian clears away excess energy and brings clarity to the entire household. When worn in jewelry, it clears confusion and acts as a shield that blocks psychic attack.

Mahogany Obsidian draws out tension and liberates you from emotional blockages, helping you relax in social environments and act in alignment with your thoughts and feelings.

Blue Obsidian meaning

Blue Obsidian is somewhat of an anomaly. It forms in the same way as a regular Obsidian stone—rapid cooling of silica-rich volcanic lava—with one key difference. Geologists are yet to determine what that exact difference is, but they assume that trapped gas bubbles at the time of cooling can cause the icy blue hue.

It's mind-bogglingly rare for it to occur in nature, which makes it all the more exciting to work with. This has brought the price of genuine Blue Obsidian up considerably.

Like all Obsidian stones, Blue Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages. This type of Obsidian is a strongly protective stone, too, removing negative energies that interfere with honest and open communication. It stimulates the throat and root chakras, making it a top stone for urging exploration of the spiritual realms. It's a truth-enhancing gemstone that gives you a glimpse of the infinite.

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What Are The Obsidian Healing Properties?

Healing is a complicated topic because of the complexity of the human condition. Healing transcends just the physical and enters the mental, the emotional, and the metaphysical to create a complete picture of how the world around us can enter and affect the human mind, body and spirit.  

Because of its complex nature, the healing properties of Obsidian can often be misunderstood. These types of volcanic glass tend to focus on the metaphysical aspects, healing you from behind the scenes, or helping you process things in a healthier way so that you can heal yourself.

All types of Obsidian stone fall under the same category of healing based on the fact that they're all created with the same process and with the same type of igneous rock. So no matter what kind of Obsidian rings or other jewelry types you’re using, its healing properties will most likely be similar.  

The overarching healing aspect of Obsidian is centering, and a very common secondary healing property is protection. Because of its resonance with the base chakra, Obsidian bracelets allow you to contact your inner spirit and provide strong psychic protection, shielding you from negativity.

Because Obsidian is such a deep, reflective color, it also aids in the ability to perceive reality from falsehood. Gazing into its facets can reveal so much about the user; it can connect you to the truth you seek, and can even aid in discernment when it comes to difficult decision making. If you're getting stressed over an important decision, Obsidian calms your nerves and promotes tranquility.

If you find yourself reacting emotionally to regular events in your life, Obsidian can be an excellent way to anchor erratic energies and bring more balance to your life, connecting your physical, emotional, and metaphysical selves to create a more coherent vision of yourself in and through the stone. By using an Obsidian stone, you can clear your mind of fears and distractions, allowing you to focus on a goal, a hidden desire, or the ultimate search for truth.  

Obsidian promotes qualities that are beneficial for self-development. It stimulates growth spiritually and encourages you to make the most of whatever situation you find yourself in. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and clears confusion, making it a fantastic earth-born crystal to replace negativity with high vibe positive energy. The Obsidian stone benefits are almost endless if you follow the path of self-work.

Get an Obsidian protection pendant to ensure your energy is safe and secure.

How To Cleanse Obsidian?

Obsidian absorbs negative energies that surround you. By gazing into the stone, you allow it to wash away negativity or impurities from your body’s aura. However, it’s incredibly important to cleanse your Obsidian after doing so because this will prevent the negative energy from accumulating within the stone, which would render it useless.  

The best way to cleanse Obsidian crystals is by running them under lukewarm water, either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. By allowing the stones to be cleansed while the moon is setting or rising, you also allow them to connect with their most effective charging method: lunar energy. This is particularly potent during the full moon. Absorbing lunar energy is the most elegant and proven method for charging your Obsidian stones, so make sure to take full advantage of the cycles of the moon when the opportunity presents itself.

You can also get the negativity out of Obsidian by cleansing it with Selenite. Simply put your Obsidian on top of Selenite and leave it like that for 24 hours.

Which Zodiac Sign Is Obsidian Associated With?

Like most energy crystals, Obsidian connects with the Zodiac, impacting those born under certain signs. While Obsidian has no limits, it's most effective when used by people born under Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. It's especially powerful when used by people with these signs as a way to remove mental blocks and to shield from negative energy across the board.

The Obsidian metaphysical properties tend to be more beneficial during the season of these Zodiacs too. The months of November and December are great times to make use of your favorite Obsidian properties. Make sure you have one or two of these gemstones handy during this period to elevate your energy, keep you protected, and banish negativity.

Which Chakra Is Obsidian Associated With?

As with any type of crystal that has strong metaphysical properties, Obsidian is closely related to the chakras. In particular, the root chakra is a favorite of Obsidian. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and forms the foundation for the connection between the physical and the spiritual, meaning that the protective and centering properties of Obsidian mesh perfectly with this chakra.

If you find that you are out of touch with your base chakra, consider using an Obsidian stone to connect more truly to the center of your entire being. It will help ground your energy, balancing your aura and empowering you to focus on the present moment. In this way, it promotes mindfulness and helps you live daily life in a state of greater awareness.

Depending on the colors, some types of Obsidian may also activate other chakras. For example, Blue Obsidian works on the throat chakra, Gold Sheen Obsidian opens the solar plexus, and Mahogany is known to stir the sacral chakra. Even Black Obsidian can be used to work on the third eye. Its truth-enhancing properties and deep spiritual connection make it a fantastic stone for self-exploration and development.

Get Yourself A Piece Of Obsidian

Like all crystals, Obsidian is meant to be revered, respected, and used for our benefit. If you ever find yourself scattered, mentally or physically, try incorporating the Obsidian crystal into your routine. It's an excellent stone for letting go of outdated coping mechanisms as it helps reduce fear, worries and uncertainty.

Chase truth, find inner grounding, and discover the best way to replace the darkness with light. Because Obsidian is such a strongly protective stone, you should definitely consider implementing it in your crystal routine. There are plenty of different types of Obsidian jewelry that you can adorn, and there are always natural Obsidian stones for if you want to protect certain spaces in your home, too.

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