Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian: Meaning, Healing Properties, And Everyday Uses

Amongst some of the rare products of nature is the Obsidian stone. While it is mainly known as a shielding crystal, it comes in several forms and colors with different meanings. Blue Obsidian is a less common variety of Obsidian stone. In its natural form, it is a beautiful silica-rich volcanic rock.

Blue Obsidian stones appear quite different from Black Obsidian and appear in a pale blue hue. It is a natural volcanic glass. It shows its features in a clear, translucent film and looks very similar to glass. Like colored glass, it is a blue version of the typical glass, and it is physically harder than the typical glass used for mirrors, windows, etc. 

Here's a complete guide about this natural volcanic glass. This article covers Blue Obsidian meaning, healing properties, and how to use the crystal.

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What Is Blue Obsidian?

Blue Obsidian is a volcanic glass and a rare variant of Obsidian that occurs in several shapes and hue tones, from pale blue to electrical blue. While we can only guess what gives Obsidian its blue color, it's clear this type occurs only under unusual, special conditions.

Generally, Obsidian consists of silicon dioxide that helps form rocks, but it is not considered a mineral since it is not crystalline. 

The Blue Obsidian stone is created by volcanic lava with high silica content and trapped gas bubbles that cool quickly before crystals form. So it cannot be considered as a crystal. Crystals are usually other forms of volcanic matter.

Is Blue Obsidian natural?

Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian is a natural and igneous rock produced from silica-rich lava that is rhyolite-based. 

It also contains mineral elements such as oxygen, aluminum, sodium, potassium, and silicon. But it is only mineral-like as it doesn't contain any crystalline. 

A raw Blue Obsidian stone is exceptional, and it's considered a rare gift of nature. 

Since Natural Blue Obsidian is rarely available in the market, there are artificial Blue Obsidian stones made through a smelting process. 

Where is Blue Obsidian found?

There is currently some mining activity for Blue Obsidian deposits in parts of Greece, Morocco, Mexico, and the Atlas Mountains.

What color is Blue Obsidian ?

There are several color types of Blue Obsidian including;

  • Aqua Blue Obsidian: It is commonly described as 'Obsidian Blue Pearl' due to its rich aquatic blue color. It has a lovely pearly hue formed by the lava contents, and deposits are mostly found in Greece.
  • Cobalt Blue Obsidian: Cobalt Blue Obsidian is the most popular artificially produced Blue Obsidian. Although the natural occurrence of Blue Obsidian is rare, scientists have replicated the raw Obsidian stone for commercial purposes. Thus, there are many quantities of synthetic Blue Obsidian available in markets. 
  • Electric Blue Obsidian: It is another description of manufactured Blue Obsidian. The electric Blue Obsidian has a dark blue shade that gives off an electric blue vibe and contrasts to natural pale Blue Obsidian.
  • Tumbled Blue Obsidian: It is commonly used for physical healing exercises since it is gentle on the human body. Tumbled crystals are set in a large machine that tumbles continuously until all the sharp edges become blunt. It turns the stone into a smooth round object that is easier to handle.

Blue Obsidian Meaning

In the spiritual sense, Blue Obsidian is the gemstone of rooted communication.

Blue Obsidian is also a grounding tool for balancing and healing chakras, i.e., spiritual power. It is also meant to work as an aid to psychic and emotional development.

What does Blue Obsidian do?

Blue Obsidian
  • Blue Obsidian stones play a major role in ensuring the human body’s overall physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.
  • It channels the blue energy and helps increase the power, faith, and strength of the human soul.
  • In crystal healing, it radiates calming, soothing energy to promote healing and wellness of the mind.
  • The Obsidian Blue stimulates the throat chakra. The throat chakra is the main center of communication, so it can limit your ability to express yourself when it’s unbalanced. Blue Obsidian will help you balance your throat energy and improve your speech so you can speak up for yourself.
  • Blue Obsidian empowers you to think boldly and with a clear mind. You will also be able to represent yourself in a structured and accurate manner.
  • It drives away negative energy, and as the powers of the blue ray are taking effect, you will feel more power within you and feel more connected to your spirit.

What Are Blue Obsidian Healing Properties?

In alternative medicine, Blue Obsidian plays a significant role in ensuring fast and better healing. 

The gemstones connect with the human energy through the inner spirit to the outer physical body to promote calmness in grounded and clear communication.

Physical healing

Blue Obsidian

In crystal healing, Blue Obsidian helps manage conditions like dementia, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's disease. It alleviates pain and is also valuable for healing the digestive system and throat area problems.

It has neutralizing effects on negative energy that cause pain and has a cooling effect on your body. Thus, your body is more strengthened to encourage fast healing. 

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Mental and emotional healing

Blue Obsidian

If you feel like you need speech therapy, Blue Obsidian is widely known for its ability to enhance your communication skills. It helps to aid self-expression and improve self-awareness.

It is an excellent aid for removing imposter syndrome and allows you to embrace your authentic self. It also encourages vocal fluidity and boosts your confidence to speak out more. You can also include some of these confidence-boosting crystals to help your self-care journey. 

Asides from being a communication aid, Blue Obsidian grants us the ability to ground our emotional strength. It helps you to look inward as you practice self-acceptance and discover your true self.

 It also helps to clear mental confusion, promote stableness, and critical thinking. So you can think better and have sound judgments. As it helps bring mental clarity, the gemstones may be used to relieve multiple personality confusion.

Spiritual healing

Blue Obsidian metaphysical properties make it a protective stone that balances your throat chakra and root chakra to help you ground yourself and speak with more clarity.

This stone helps to frame your mind to a brighter and positive mindset to have a more impactful life.

This stone will also help you develop a better sense of yourself and improve your interaction with others.

Blue Obsidian metaphysical properties also help in psychic development pursuits like tarot reading so that you can connect deeper with psychic people and others around you.

It gives sensitive people intuitive knowledge and directional knowledge. You will also be able to discover spiritual meanings in different planes of the universe.

Ultimately, Blue Obsidian equips you with the power to balance your spiritual strength as you relate with yourself and the world around you.

How To Use Blue Obsidian

  • You can place the stones in your home to cleanse the air to ground emotions, promoting effective and authentic communication.
  • You can also place it close to you during meditation or other exercises to balance your chakras.
  • If you're working on your throat chakra, you can use it as a Blue Obsidian pendant and so that it will transfer the energy directly to your throat without any blockages.
  • You can also wear it as an earring if you're working on your third eye chakra energy.
  • You can use the gemstone with other crystals like Blue Lace Agate or Clear Quartz to boost your communication and stay focused.

If you are wondering about how to cleanse Obsidian, it is very easy.

How To Cleanse Blue Obsidian

As it is an energetic stone, the Blue Obsidian stone needs regular cleansing for its magic to stay potent.

  • You can cleanse the gemstones by placing them in saltwater for as long as 24 hours. 
  • You can also burn sage over your gemstone to cleanse it with your mind's eye. Also, take care not to expose your gemstone to extreme temperatures.

How do you charge Blue Obsidian?

Here are a few ways to charge Blue Obsidian to restore its healing properties:

  • Place it under full moonlight outside overnight and collect it once the sun rises.
  • Dig a hole somewhere outside and bury the stone in the earth for at least 48 hours.
  • You can also pray and meditate with the Blue Obsidian stone in your hand to enhance its healing energy.

How can I tell if Blue Obsidian is real?

Fake Blue Obsidians look and feel like ordinary glass, and the color does not reflect naturally. Fake Blue Obsidian stones will also have an exaggerated bright blue color compared to real Blue Obsidian stones with a blue shine that ranges from dark to almost transparent.

Additionally, you won't feel any energy charges as with authentic Blue Obsidian.

Use Blue Obsidian To Express Yourself

If you're looking to incorporate crystal healing in your wellness journey, you may consider Blue Obsidian for its overall soothing and captivating effects.

You can connect with your authentic self through the healing properties of Blue Obsidian. You will be able to balance your chakras and ground your emotions through an effective positive channel.

Aside from Blue Obsidian, other crystals can help to strengthen the mind and promote complete spiritual and physical healing.

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