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The Obsidian Wolf Pendant
The Obsidian Wolf Pendant
The Obsidian Wolf Pendant
The Obsidian Wolf Pendant
The Obsidian Wolf Pendant
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The Obsidian Wolf Pendant

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What better way to forge a sense of strength and protection than to combine Black Obsidian with the symbol of a Wolf. The Obsidian Wolf Pendant is the ultimate protector against harmful energy, and the perfect totem to guide you when you feel lost. It will never lead you astray. 

The image of a wolf instills confidence and pride, encouraging you to remain strong against all odds. It symbolizes loyalty, which you can pass onto your loved ones in the form of compassion. Combined with the immense power of Black Obsidian, it enables you to communicate more deeply with yourself, exposing flaws, weaknesses, and bad habits mercilessly, just like a wolf. 

Black Obsidian is unrivaled when it comes to protection. It eradicates negative energy with ease, soaking up your surrounding aura like a sponge and absorbing any harmful energy before you interact with it. It creates a force field around you that defends you from malicious intentions

Obsidian encourages change and provides solid support while you grow. It’s said that if you hold it above the Third Eye, it can help clear any mental blockages. Like a wolf, it acts fast, constantly converting the energy surrounding it. It’s one of the most intense stones, allowing you to make powerful breakthroughs mentallyemotionally, and spiritually

Using the base chakra, Obsidian connects you to mother nature with an ethereal cord. It forces you to remain focused on the present. If you feel lost or afraid, it inspires courage and inner strength that will help see you through any difficulties. It empowers you to sever negative attachments, be it people or things. 

To cultivate your inner strength, wear The Obsidian Wolf Pendant.

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Product Details: 

  • Material:  Black Obsidian, Ice Obsidian 
  • Necklace Type:  Pendant Necklace
  • Pendant size: 
    S pendant size: 41 mm
    L pendant size: 61 mm
  • Rope length: 60 cm
  • Rope bead size: 6 mm

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