Crystals For Beginners: Your Key To Health, Success, And Happiness

Crystals For Beginners: Your Key To Health, Success, And Happiness

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Each crystal and stone has its own special type of super-power based on its energy. They can do wonders through their healing properties and their ability to protect you from negative energy.

Luckily, you don't have to be an expert to benefit from their magic presence. By the end of our guide, you'll be well on your way towards learning the basics when it comes to crystals for beginners and their positive vibrations.

Can You Use Crystals To Improve Your Life?

Crystals For Beginners

Due to their unique process of formation, structure, and the ability to retain information, these healing stones and crystals can work wonders when it comes to overcoming issues and achieving goals.

How do you work with crystals?

Simply having crystals in your home and keeping them close to particular areas is going to change the energy flow within it and influence to some extent all occupants, visitors, and potentially even some of your close neighbors. But crystals do their best work if you actively work with their energy.

Focus your intention and work with the law of attraction to manifest your desired outcomes and you add all of that energy potential to the healing energies of crystals. You'll make so much more progress in a shorter time span once you learn how to tap into the healing power of these precious allies.

Your intent to work with the power of crystals is going to activate their energy to harmonize with your energetic body. Sure, past experiences with using crystals are helpful. But after reading our beginner's guide to working with crystals, you'll be able to find the ideal stone for crystal work like a veritable crystal expert!


How To Choose Good Crystals For Beginners

Crystal beginners might feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of crystal options that are out there. You might get stuck in an endless loop of wondering what are the best crystals for you and how you could make the most of their protective energy.

How do you choose crystals?

Crystal energy works first and foremost based on the interaction between the frequency of the crystal and yours. In a way, when it comes to crystals for beginners, the crystal chooses you more than you consciously choose the crystal.

You'll see healing crystals somewhere and simply feel a pull towards them. You'll feel a strong desire to interact with that crystal, to hold it in the palm of your hand, and to admire it from up close. That's a sign that your energies are already harmonizing and you can work very well with that particular crystal.

If you're trying to figure out the right crystals to start with, begin with taking a few deep breaths. Focus on the crystals in front of you, whether they are live or online. Take stock of the effect each crystal has on you as you're focusing on it.

As a beginner, it might be tougher for you to pick up on the pull that different crystals have on you. But if you focus on figuring out how different crystals and stones make you feel, you'll start to become more aware of how your energy interacts with them.

How many crystals should you start with?

Crystals For Beginners

A good rule of thumb for choosing your first crystals is to get the ones that call to you the most. Though it might be tempting, don't go crystal-crazy and buy dozens of them in one go.

Aim for getting a max of seven crystals to begin with. Get one in each color of the rainbow, so red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. It's not a must, but it will help activate all of your chakras.

Pick soothing stones, those that feel nurturing, gentle, and loving. Start off with stones that help you with personal development, loving yourself, bringing balance into your life, and protecting you from bad vibes. Crystals that relieve stress are also good options.

At this point, go with what feels right to you and your energetic body. Your intuition will guide you towards the crystals that have the frequency you need the most, especially when you begin your journey of exploring the power of having crystals close. They can be crystals that protect your energetic field, promote positive vibrations or protect you from unwanted energy.

Add some versatile stones that have soft and gentle healing properties. We're giving you a few examples below.

Great Crystal Options For Beginners

Which crystals help with healing and activation?


Crystals For Beginners

Citrine is one of the best healing crystals you can wear and a great option when it comes to crystals for beginners. The beauty of Citrine is it works very well with your Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra, encouraging personal development, emotional balance, progress in your spiritual and love life, body positivism as a result of self love, and free expression of self.

Citrine is great when you're doing any work that involves keeping or gaining balance, even on a physical level. It can help you if you're experiencing issues adapting to any new environment or situation.

Citrine can lower stress levels so it's a great option to wear at all times. It gives you a lot of support when it comes to regaining and maintaining your inner balance.

Soothing combos

Citrine is a great crystal to use in crystal combinations because it has asoothing and self-affirming type of energy.

Some great crystal combinations are Citrine and Clear Quartz or Citrine and Pink Quartz, for instance, particularly if you're dealing with tough matters of the heart, self love issues, or emotional issues, by and large.

If you combine Citrine with more activation-prone crystals like Amethyst, it will help support you emotionally as you have spiritual epiphanies or as you get energy upgrades.

Clear Quartz

Crystals For Beginners

Clear Quartz is a great choice when it comes to crystals for beginners because it has a steady energy transmuting effect that doesn't become overwhelming for the user.


Wearing Clear Quartz helps your upper chakras (Crown, Third Eye) by enhancing your spiritual clarity and energy perception on a consciously aware level. This crystal is a great ally if you're just starting out on your crystal journey. Clear Quartz is one of our favorites if you're using this beginner's guide to introduce healing and powerful crystals and stones into your life and bring balance in your home as well.


The Clear Quartz is a very versatile crystal that has the power to protect you from malevolent intentions and energies. It acts as an energetic filter that transmutes lower frequencies into higher frequencies. That's a big reason why Clear Quartz can be used as one of the Master Crystals for home.

Clear Quartz vibrations can be very soothing. If you have trouble picking up on those vibes by simply wearing it, you can use tuning forks to activate its audible vibrations. Once you've become acquainted with the audible vibrations of the Clear Quartz you'll have a much easier time picking up the energetic ones.

Quartz Combinations

Quartz crystals harmonize very well with one another. The Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Smoky Quartz combo of healing crystals does wonders for your personal energy field and for your home when it comes to clearing negative energy and activating positive energy and protective energy.

Rose quartz

Crystals For Beginners

Rose Quartz is one of the loveliest, sweetest, gentlest crystals you can wear and a fab choice of crystals for beginners. It works with your self acceptance and self esteem frequencies, encouraging loving yourself and achieving and maintaining emotional stability. Rose Quartz is pretty much the equivalent of a crystal hug.

Manifesting love

Rose Quartz has a soothing and healing effect on your Heart Chakra. Get rid of negative energy in your heart space and temper down negative feelings with the help of Rose Quartz. Also use Rose Quartz if you're having issues in your love life or if you're trying to manifest a particular type of soul contract (like a soul mate or twin flame).

Because of its well-balanced energy, Rose Quartz encourages manifestations that are based on high frequency unconditional love.

Angelic guidance

Because of its heart-centered high vibe effect, Rose Quartz is a good crystal to wear if you want to harmonize with the angelic realm. Also use Rose Quartz if you're trying to harmonize with or get guidance and support from a particular angel or archangel.

Combos galore

Combine Rose Quartz with other crystals to temper down or balance their effect. The sweet and soothing energy of the Rose Quartz won't take away from the energy of another crystal. Rose Quartz will support you in harmonizing with the energy more smoothly.

Smoky quartz

Crystals For Beginners

Smoky Quartz is a wonderful quartz option if you're having issues with grounding your energy or with your lower chakras (Sacral, Root). When it comes to crystals for beginners, Smoky Quartz is great to stabilize the energy flow between your chakras.

High vibe abundance

Due to the earthier frequency of the Smoky Quartz, it's an excellent choice for you if you're trying to manifest material abundance while still keeping your process protected from lower vibes.

Because of its earthy and grounding energy, it's a great stone to keep in your home. It promotes healthy energy flow with Mother Gaia while still bringing in the higher frequencies of the Above through its Quartz nature.


Crystals For Beginners

Amethyst is a powerful crystal that acts as an intuition guide and activator. It can be a great choice for activating your Third Eye Chakra and your psychic abilities.


In fact, Amethyst is more of an activating crystal than a healing one, though it has its own healing powers as well. But it's a great crystal to get help from if you've been having issues with your spiritual life or if you're trying to activate more conscious awareness in your energetic body.

If you're looking to bring online your psychic perception and gifts, initialize telepathic communication or higher dimensional positive energy connections and exchanges, Amethyst can be a protective and supportive guide and ally. That makes it one of our favorite crystals for beginners.

Ancestral wisdom

Amethyst can work very well for a beginner and a crystal expert as well due to its direct connection to ancient wisdom and activating your third eye and psychic abilities. It's one of the Master Crystals due to its high frequency and the generational wisdom it can help you tap into.

One of the better versions of Amethyst is that of an Amethyst geode, especially if you find it fitted into a piece of jewelry.

Tiger's Eye

Crystals For Beginners

This is a beautiful earthy stone, often with a wonderful golden shimmer, but it comes in more than one color.

Manifesting abundance

Tiger's Eye has special properties when it comes tomanifesting abundance and balancing earthy, realistic, grounded energies.

It's a great healing stone if you're having issues with your lower chakras, particularly your Root Chakra. This stone encourages abundant influx of energy and helps you gain momentum when you're working on any type of manifestation process.

Because of its reflective effect, this stone can also shield you from negative energy aimed at disrupting your flow of abundance.

Which crystals help to deal with negative energy?

Black Obsidian

Crystals For Beginners

Black Obsidian is a very versatile stone of volcanic nature, which basically means it's the cooled off version of the creative and explosive energy of Mother Gaia's fire. It's literally a stone formed from cooled volcanic lava.

Powerful protection

Because of its volcanic origins, Black Obsidian is a wonderful energy cleanser stone. It does wonders with clearing away negative energy and any lower frequencies festering around in your energetic body, in your home, and in your life. 

It's a wonderful stone to have around the house or office space. Keep it by your front door, windows, and any other access points into your space.

Black tourmaline

Crystals For Beginners

The crystal counterpart of Black Obsidian is Black Tourmaline, which is also a great protective option for yourself, your home, and your office.

Electromagnetic fields (a.k.a EMFs)

What makes Black Tourmaline a wonderful crystal for beginners and experts alike is its ability to lessen the effect of EMFs. It's a great option for hand and head jewelry, since we use our hands and ears when using our cell phone and other devices.

Black Tourmaline harmonizes those EMFs to tone them down. It also helps protect your energy from the effects of the devices and networks our modern day life depends upon. Place Black Tourmaline beside your television sets, computers, routers and any techy stuff.

Should I Avoid Some Crystals?

When starting on your crystal healing journey, you shouldn't venture out too much into the unknown by experimenting with powerful crystals that you don't know that much about outside the fact that they have significant power or deal with unwanted energy.

Though crystals don't carry negative energies in and of themselves, they could have a negative impact on you personally because they can have too powerful vibrations for your energy at this particular point in time. Moldavite is an amazing crystal, for instance, but it can be too much for a beginner. Here are some details about what does Moldavite do.

There are some crystals you shouldn't use together because they enhance one another's power and can become overwhelming or even triggering to a beginner, like Moldavite coupled with Herkimer Diamond, for instance. There can be such a thing as too much of the right crystal or the right combo, particularly when you're a beginner.

Definitely avoid crystals that make you feel anxious, tense, agitated, nervous or fidgety. Steer clear of those that induce stress and activate your survival instincts in their lower frequency of fight or flight.

You should also avoid overly stimulating crystals too, even if they have a powerful cleansing effect on your energy.


Great Ways To Wear Crystals For Beginners

Crystals For Beginners

When choosing the best crystal to wear everyday, you should keep in mind the general rule of thumb we mentioned earlier. The crystal should feel good to you. It should have a soothing, calming, balancing, or healing effect. Your safest bet is a crystal that has soft and gentle energy and interacts with your energy in that same way.

It might be tempting to go for a crystal that has a powerful effect on you, thinking that it will do more work faster. But when it comes to wearing a crystal every day, your safest bet - particularly as a beginner - is to go with healing crystals that work gently on your energy and raise your frequency.

Should I wear my new crystals right away?

Our tip when it comes to crystals for beginners is to not start wearing that particular crystal immediately. Place it in your living room first, so your energies interact during your awake time and you harmonize with each other.

When it feels right, move it into your bedroom, possibly even on your nightstand. Now it's going to interact with your sleeping energy, which is the most vulnerable version. If waking up and glancing at that crystal makes you feel all happy and zen, then it's time to start wearing it full time.

Don't rush it. Take the accommodation process step by step.

How do you wear crystals?

Crystals For Beginners

When it comes to wearing your crystals, one way to go is by carrying them in a satchel and keeping them in your wallet, purse or pocket. Another option is crystal jewelry, which makes it easier to keep your crystals on you every day.

Depending on the nature of the crystal, its color, and effects, you should focus on getting a jewelry piece from the following categories:

  • Earrings - for crystals that work mostly on the Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Throat chakra, colors like white, clear, blues, purples, indigos
  • Necklaces, brooches  - for crystals that work mostly on the Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, colors like blues, greens, teals, yellows
  • Bracelets, rings, and belt buckles - for crystals that work mostly on the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra, colors like reds, oranges, browns, blacks

You can also wear other crystals that have a general effect of bringing you good luck, healing crystals, crystals that protect you from negative energy, and crystals that help you gain clarity and improve your insight.

We'll tell you a bit about what crystals for beginners we feel are pretty much universally good options. If you'd like to add some more options to the list, we'd love to hear about it!

How To Charge Crystals For Beginners

Crystals For Beginners

Why should you charge your crystals?

Charging your crystals is a process that helps them do their best work with you, your energy, and your environment. Though they never lose their healing power or the ability to shield you from negative energies, charged or not, when you back up their features with fresh infusions of their specific energy, they pretty much gain super-powers.

Keep in mind the nature of your stone or crystal when charging. As a rule of thumb, if your stone or crystal has an action-based role like manifestation and protection, it's best to charge it with sunlight; and if it has a more spiritual, soothing or emotional role, it's best to charge it with moonlight. If you're not sure, use a purification lamp which works wonders for all types of crystals.

How do you charge crystals?

The best practice is to put your crystal or stone where it gets direct light from the Sun or the Moon and allow it to be charged for at least three days.

Ideally, you charge your crystals and stones regularly, every three months at least. That way, each of them gets the most energy and works its best magic for you. If you can do some focused meditation on light charging your crystals, that's even better. Some active meditative helper can be an awesome idea.

If you feel like one of your crystals or stones doesn't quite pack the punch it used to a month ago, you can always do an "emergency charge" with your lamp or light.

When should you charge crystals?

When charging crystals by using moonlight, the best time to do your charging is during a Full Moon. And when you're charging your crystals and stones by using sunlight, the best time to do your charging is Noon.

But don't worry if you missed that window of opportunity, especially when it comes to the Full Moon which happens once a month. Any type of sunlight and moonlight will do the job too, it just won't be the super-charge quick effect of the full blast version.

How Do You Cleanse Crystals?

Crystals For Beginners

Cleansing your crystals means clearing their energy of any outside influences. You should also clean them, which means cleaning their surface.

Cleansing your crystals for beginners

You should cleanse your crystals as soon as you get them. It helps them attune to your energy faster. Then you should cleanse them after repeated use, particularly in the case of jewelry and crystal rollers for massages, because they interact with a lot of other energies on a daily or regular basis.

One of the best ways to cleanse them is to hold them under running water - like from your water faucet - which is lukewarm or cold, then hold your crystal in a bottle for about an hour. Don't use hot water on them, because it might affect some of their properties.

For some crystals which are brittle, it’s better to cleanse them using other methods instead, since running water could affect their physical integrity. You can burn white sage or burn incense to cleanse them, or get the help of crystals that are natural cleansers (like Selenite cleansing lamp).

Always check whether it's OK for you to use water on your crystal, and double check before considering using crystals for elixirs since some of them can contain toxic substances.

Cleaning your crystals

You should also clean your collection to get rid of dust or any oily residues from handling them or using them in massages.

Don't use harsh chemicals on them for cleaning purposes! If they're greasy for some reason, simply use diluted dish detergent and lukewarm or cold water. For brittle and water-averse crystals, use a fluffy duster to get the dust off and gently wipe them down with a soft cloth.

If you use water to clean them, leave them out to dry naturally. Don't use any heart source on them.

Now you're ready to fully experience the powerful impact crystals can have on your health, success, and happiness. Start building your crystal collection of conscious items today and bask in the joy of their presence in your life!

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