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Digital Detox - Shungite Super Charged Bracelet
Grounding • Protection • Intuition
$29.95 USD
Welcome a much needed digital detox into your life.In a world that is saturated with a constant influx of technological devices and their electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs), our bodies absorb chaotic noise on a daily basis. Composed of carbon that neutralizes all aspects of the body, Shungite serves as an energetic shield - protecting us from negative effects, balancing the cells in our bodies, and stabilizing our energy fields.On this bracelet, the grounding and centering Shungite is combined with the light-filled Rose Quartz and the high vibrational Moonstone. Their healing properties of divine wisdom and intuition counter today’s digital chaos by reminding us of the sacred beings that we truly are. With a dash of their pearly white light, it brings spiritual healing and divine guidance right to our doorstep.This powerful combination enables us to go about our daily lives with not only the energetic protection for our bodies, but also the spiritual guidance for our minds and souls - a truly digital detox.Affirmation: Wear this bracelet on you whenever you are surrounded by technological devices, take a deep breath, and say this mantra with pride: “I am detoxified from digital technologies.”Product details: Item type: bracelet Material: Shungite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and gold plated copper Color: pink, black, gold Band type: crystal line (premium elastic string) Dimensions: Bead size: 0.2 in (6 mm), 0.3 in (8 mm) Length: 6.5 in (16.5 cm)  Weight: 0.4 oz (12 g) As the bracelet is made of natural stones, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.

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Veil of Protection - The Absolute Bracelet Set
Relaxing • Soothing • Worry-free
$49.95 USD
Journey through life with a veil of protection on you.This 4-piece bracelet set is packed to the brim with protection and grounding, allowing you to walk into any situation with utmost confidence. With its stainless steel tag and a platinum plating, this bracelet set is both powerful and beautiful.Rainbow Hematite’s glittering light washes over you and removes negative energy from your energy field. It taps on positivity in the atmosphere and attunes you to those vibrations. Hematite cuts through the negativity in the air like a steak knife, and serves you the most delicious, sanguine steak you can imagine.Black Tourmaline lends its grounding and centering nature to this powerful bracelet set, neutralizing negative energy and balancing all the cells in our bodies. Amethyst then tops it all off, bringing ultimate stability and strength to our minds. Altogether, this set will have you brimming with confidence and being secure in the knowledge that you are truly, ultimately protected.Affirmation: Wear this veil of protection wherever you go and recite a powerful mantra to lock in the veil, such as, “I stand strong, safe and protected.”Product details: Item type: bracelet Material: Rainbow Hematite, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst Color: multi-color Band type: crystal line (premium elastic string)  Package includes: 4 x bracelet Dimensions: Stone size: 0.1 in (4 mm) Bracelet length: 6.3 in (16 cm) Weight: 1 oz (30 g) As the bracelet is made of natural stones, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
Stress Soothing Pyramids
Anti-Stress • Anti-Anxiety • Cleansing
$29.95 USD
Say goodbye to stress and anxiety with these powerful Shungite and Selenite pyramids. They will cleanse your aura from all negative vibrations in an instant and welcome into your life the purest and most cleansing light.These Stress Soothing Pyramids consist of 2 separate crystal pyramids: the Anti-Negativity Pyramid, made from Shungite; and the Anti-Anxiety Pyramid, made from Selenite. When used together, their energies merge in such a powerful way that they will eliminate all stress from your environment and physical body.In a world consumed by digital technology and its chaotic energy, the Anti-Negativity Pyramid acts as a shield that guards you against harmful EMFs and radiation, thus restoring you to your optimal health. A dedicated energetic protector, it absorbs all the stress in your body and grounds you in stability and balance. It is especially useful when placed in your workspace, near your technological devices, or in your living room. Shungite’s inclusion of Pyrite also gives it an additional mystical element that eliminates negativity in an instant.The Anti-Anxiety Pyramid heals and cleanses energy in the purest of ways. Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selenite reflects the light within you and removes anxiety from the depths of your mind, body and soul. This pyramid will purify the parts of you that are filled with stress, and align your energy field with pure light and glow. It is most effective when placed in your bedroom, so that it can work its magic overnight and ensure that you wake up completely rejuvenated.Together, the Stress Soothing Pyramids bring forth the most carefree and relaxing combination that feels just like warm, healing chocolate for the soul.Affirmation: Amplify the healing effects of these pyramids by affirming, “I am free of anxiety and stress.”Product details: Item type: crystal pyramid Material: Shungite and Selenite Color: black and  white Package includes: 1 x Shungite or 1 x Selenite pyramid Dimensions: Stone size: 1.6 in (4 cm) x 1.2 in (3 cm) Weight: 1.9 in (55 g) As the stones are natural, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
Digital Protection - Shungite Stickers Set of 2
Grounding • EMF Protection • Stability
$29.95 USD
Walk with confidence into today’s digital age, knowing you have all the protection you need right next to you.Today’s world is flooded with electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) from our phones, laptops, TV screens, and more. Our bodies, which are not suited to thrive in such an environment, tend to absorb these frantic energies, and the harmful effects of EMFs can take a toll on our well-being over time.That’s where Shungite comes in. Composed of carbon that neutralizes negative energy, Shungite acts as an energetic protector that grounds and centers us in the divinity of our physical bodies. It aligns our energy fields with the purest light, balancing and stabilizing all the cells in our bodies.With this set of 2 Shungite stickers countering the unwanted effects of any of your digital devices (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc), you can journey through life with freedom, confidence and light.Affirmation: Attach the stickers to the technological devices of your choice and affirm a pure, energetic state by affirming, “I am pure and free.”Product details: Item type: phone sticker Material: Shungite Color: black Package includes: 1 x heart shaped Shungite protection sticker and 1 x rectangle shaped Shungite protection sticker Dimensions: Stone size:  rectangle: 1 x 0.5 in (25 x 12 mm) heart: 0.9 x 1 in (22 x 25 mm) Weight: 0.2 oz (12 g) As Shungite is a natural stone, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.

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