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Infinite Abundance: Citrine Lamp of Manifestation
Manifestations • Prosperity • Life Force Energy
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
14 Reviews
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Enjoy sunshine in a bottle with this captivating citrine halo lamp. Filling any room with joy, positivity, and manifesting magic, this beacon of joy will flood your space with happiness. The circle lamp is lined with raw citrine clusters to ensure all the light passes through the powerful crystal, imparting its abundant energy into every ray.Citrine is a manifesting crystal filled with potent life force energy. Used to attract prosperity, wealth, and all forms of abundance, this stone is ideal for imparting motivation, physical energy, focus, creativity, and inspiration.The Halo shape represents the infinite energy of a circle–designed to honor the limitless abundance the universe makes available to you. Lean into the lamp's energy to eliminate limiting beliefs and tap into the plenitude of resources within yourself and surrounding you.For the ultimate manifesting Feng Shui, place the citrine lamp in the wealth corner of your space, located in the southeast part of the room. The Conscious Items logo is the perfect final touch serving as an additional ode to the continuous and unstoppable nature of prosperity and expansion.Affirmation: "I claim my abundance. Everything I desire is on its way to me now."How to use:Keep the citrine lamp in your office for powerful productivity and idea generation. Use in a shared living space for joy, kindness, and positivity. Or welcome it to an office space to harmonize ideas, repel negative, and impart inspiration. The light is adjustable for brightness preference. Absorb the radiant manifesting energy wherever the Citrine lamp may glow. Pairs well with:Totem of Abundance: Mayan Lamat Silver Ring of MiraclesPowerhouse of Success - Trio of Stones Bracelet BundleGolden Hand of Fortune - Bracelets of WealthAs the stones are natural, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.
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Rainbow After the Storm - Clear Quartz Lamp of Hope
Restoration • Clarity • Optimism
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
8 Reviews
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Struggles and setbacks are a natural part of every journey. The challenges we face mold our relationships, careers, and successes. It’s all part of a life well lived when you remember the rainbow shines brightest after the storm. It’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us that rough times will pass and better days lie ahead.Bask in the brilliant ambiance of the highest quality authentic Brazilian Clear Quartz. Precious metals bond to the surface of these natural crystals to create Aura Plating. This process allows the exceptional, vibrant coloring of the rainbow to bloom from the lamp’s crystals. Radiant Aura Points focus on the restorative energy of Mother Nature’s “Master Healer.” This powerful gemstone clears away the negativity of the past to help you see tomorrow’s rainbow beyond today’s storm.With 30 Customizable Light Modes, the lamp bathes you in vivid colors. Simply choose your preferred level of brilliance. The Halo shape represents the infinite energy of a circle. It symbolizes the unrelenting presence of the rainbow. May you always feel hope and optimism, even when it’s hidden behind dark clouds. Place the lamp in the best Feng Shui position, where you rest or meditate to find clarity in tomorrow’s promise.Affirmation:“I will overcome every challenge. I am unbreakable. I feel tomorrow’s hope.”“Though dark clouds may gather overhead, I know the brightest rainbow will follow.”How to use:Place the lamp in areas of rest and meditation or where you face the greatest challenges. It’s perfect for the office when seeking to overcome professional obstacles. Or place it in the bedroom to embrace its restorative powers as you rest and wake up with renewed hope. Choose between 30 customizable light modes to absorb the radiant glow at your preferred level.In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each lamp unique.

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