The Top 8 Ways to Carry Crystals With You Every Day

The Top 8 Ways to Carry Crystals With You Every Day

Never in the history of humanity have crystals been as popular as they are today. It’s crazy to think about it, but crystals are circulating far more than ever before. With this increase in crystal users, comes an increase in crystal uses. People carry their crystals in all kinds of different ways, and we can learn something new from each of them. 

The best way to carry crystals is in a position that allows them to touch your skin. Contact is vital for strengthening the connection between you and your stone. Some people claim that symptoms of their illnesses increase if the crystal is in direct contact with the skin. This is a fantastic sign that the issue is being dealt with by the stone. Emotional problems, in particular, will likely bubble to the surface, but this is for you to address them and release them gently and healthily. 

If you can deal with a little short-term discomfort, you’ll make up for it with long-term benefits. Let’s check out some of the best ways to carry crystals.


Carrying Stones in Your Pocket

As already said, the more contact with your crystal, the stronger the connection becomes between you and your stone. The constant contact makes you more aware of its energy and more receptive to its qualities. By carrying stones in your pocket, you can have regular access to them all-day-long. This is great if you feel the need to slow down and find your center.

labradorite stone

They can also be used as little mementos for you to keep track of your intentions. They act as a focal point for you to stay mindful throughout the day.

If you’re carrying your stones in your pockets, ensure that nothing else goes into the same one. You don’t want your keys to scratch your lovely tumbled stones. 


Carrying Crystals in a Pouch

Investing in a small drawstring pouch is a great idea if you have several tumbled stones that you’d like to carry around with you. Pockets aren’t ideal for more than one or two stones, but a pouch can hold multiple. Carrying crystals in a pouch is even better if you use stones that complement each other. For example, you could double down on your protection by carrying hematite bracelets with black tourmaline or boost your self-love by carrying rhodochrosite and rose quartz

You can also match the color of the pouch to increase the frequency of the crystal. A green pouch would enhance the energy of malachite or green aventurine for instance. This is a safer way to carry crystals than in the pocket, but it does require a little more preparation. 


Carrying Crystals in Your Purse

This idea is particularly useful if the crystals are for wealth. Jade bracelets with Citrine and Pyrite are a good choice to carry in your purse. By doing this, you’ll feel uplifted and happy every time you open your purse, positively changing your mindset about your finances. Crystals in your purse ensure you make wise investments and smart business deals. It’s the best way to increase your luck with the lottery, that’s for sure. Just gently squeeze your crystal as you pay for the ticket.

Carrying money-protection crystals in your purse also makes certain that your wealth is well guarded with money attracting crystals. Pyrite defends your cash and sends more your way. It’s a great choice if you want a little crystal bodyguard or two to shield your purse.

Every time you see your crystal in your purse, recite an affirmation. If you’re stuck then try something like, “Money flows to me naturally and easily.” This will help attract abundance.

Carrying Stones With You to Work

There are two huge benefits to carrying your crystals to work. The first is that, depending on the stone, they can help you remain clear-headed even in a busy environment. Fluorite, for example, can be used to increase concentration, cut off distractions, and bring clarity to the mind. Tiger’s Eye strengthens your focus and willpower, helping you achieve desired productivity. 

The other benefit is that some crystals absorb EMF radiation. Malachite and black tourmaline are good examples. Simply place them near your laptop or phone and they will protect you from the electromagnetic smog that lurks in your work environment. 

tiger's eye pyramid of focus

Try the Pyramid of Focus, a tiger’s eye pyramid that looks great as a desktop ornament. Carry it with you to and from work, or leave it on your work desk at home to boost productivity.


Carrying Crystals With You to the Bath

Place crystals in your bath to relax deeply after a long day’s work. Water acts as a huge amplifier for crystals, boosting their energy and allowing you to absorb it. It adds a spiritual dimension to your bathtime. The only thing that could top a crystal bath is a crystal bath with incense, soothing music, and plenty of bubbles! 

Many crystals are unsafe to use in water, and others degrade when wet, so make sure you do thorough research into the crystals you want to use before you take them with you. 


Carrying Gemstones to Bed

Crystals are still active while we sleep. Carry your favorite crystal with you and leave it on your bedside table before drifting off. Alternatively, you could place a crystal under your pillow, or even under the mattress. By doing this, you can get a great night’s sleep, especially if you choose a crystal that specializes in relaxation like amethyst.

This method can calm nighttime tension, empowering you to switch off an overactive mind and stop unnecessary thoughts. It reduces the chances of having nightmares, eases tension, and makes falling asleep a breeze. Carrying crystals to bed helps replenish your body while you sleep so that you wake up the next day with maximum energy. Try holding a gratitude stone before bed and thinking through all the things you’re grateful for from the past day.

If you want a super crystal to carry to bed with you, look no further than an Amethyst stone. And Amethyst bracelets can calm your energy, reduce the effects of insomnia, and increase feelings of self-love and self-worth. A few nights with this marvel and you’ll feel like a whole new person.  

clear quartz lamp

If you’re looking for something a little more practical, then try the Healing Lamp. It’s a clear quartz crystal point that doubles as a night light. Whether it’s switched on or off, whether you’re awake or asleep, clear quartz’s healing energy will be present.


Making Your Crystal Elixir

By making a crystal elixir, you can ingest the energy of crystals and have their power working from the inside out. Don’t have space in your purse for a crystal? Or maybe your outfit doesn’t have pockets? Well, now you can drink your crystal’s energy! 

There are plenty of tips for making a crystal elixir online, but all you need to know is this:

  1. Cleanse your crystal in the moonlight the night before
  2. Add it to fresh spring water
  3. Drink

Voila! It’s simple, right? Like with the bathwater, some crystals are not supposed to be submerged, and others will make the water toxic and undrinkable. Make sure you know how your crystal reacts in water before drinking it. 

By carrying the energy of crystals inside you like this, you’ll experience their qualities more naturally. There may be a slightly metallic taste to the water. This is normal. Take note of how you feel after drinking it, and maybe jot it down in a journal so you know which crystals work for you.

If you don’t want to go through the process of making your own elixir, check out our Amethyst Healing Water Bottle instead. It’s a ready-made elixir that does the great trick in harnessing the power of the crystal. 


Wearing Crystals as Jewelry

The most obvious way of carrying your crystals is by simply wearing them. You get used to their energy more easily and you’re less likely to subconsciously resist their power. It’s also beneficial because they’re more difficult to misplace. If you carry stones in your pocket, you can end up forgetting where you put them and it can cause unnecessary stress, even if only for a brief moment. If your bracelet is around your wrist, that’s usually where it stays.

In addition to this, the gemstones are in constant contact with your skin which is the optimal way to strengthen your bond with them. You get the most out of their energy and look good in the process. Malachite can do wonders with keeping worries at bay, and there’s no better protection than the epic one offered by Black Obsidian. Our beautiful Jade anklet offers seamless support in overcoming financial troubles and the Citrine bracelets for ultimate success.

jade anklet

Aside from tumbled stones, crystal jewelry is the easiest thing to come by. They make excellent gifts as they’re both stylish accessories and energy healing powerhouses! Check out more potential presents in our gift guide.

Whichever way you carry your crystals, the important thing is that you remain mindful of their energy and maintain your connection with them. The rest is all personal preference.

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