The Best Crystals to Help with Anger Management

The Best Crystals to Help with Anger Management

Anger is a normal human emotion. No matter how many crystals for anger and rage you see, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a natural feeling. What’s less natural is being unable to control it properly. This is where crystals for anger and anxiety really shine.

If dealt with quickly and efficiently, anger can be transformed into productivity or it can be channeled toward other outlets such as sports or exercise. Be careful when associating self-drive with anger, however. This can easily lead to an addictive tendency to fly off the handle over tiny things in order to achieve a post-anger serotonin boost.

Untamed rage can break up relationships and push people away. It can cause you to lose control and say things you might regret. Buddhists have gone as far as calling anger “poison” because it can quickly turn into violence. It tends to bring out the worst in people and can have devastating consequences if left to fester. A moment of intense rage has changed many lives irreversibly.

Healing crystals for anger management can benefit you a lot, but they can still only get you so far. It’s healthier and wiser to use natural stones as a supplement to therapy or another form of anger management. Most crystals for anger resonate with the opposing frequencies: peace, tranquility, and love. By filling yourself with these feelings, you will bring balance to the lopsided emotions.

Ideally, crystals for anger and resentment must be near the subject regularly. It’s even better if they are always touching them. For example, anger management bracelets are a brilliant choice to enable you to be in constant contact with the soothing energy of crystals.

In order to help you choose the best stones, here’s a list of the top 7 crystals for anger and why you should work with them:



This calming white stone has a gentle, almost delicate energy. You can feel the serenity in your mind, body, and soul all at once, and it swiftly cools you down if ever you find yourself getting heated. It’s one of the best crystals for anger and resentment because it releases those unwanted feelings and empowers you to choose peace instead.

A lot of anger stems from self-hatred. Rage is often a form of self-sabotage where the subject is in a negative cycle that they can’t seem to break. Howlite helps transform this mindset into one that prefers to adopt kindness, love, and compassion. It won’t be an overnight change, but by holding a chunk of howlite and feeling its weight, you can sense an instant calmness. Be patient with howlite and a positive transformation will come.


Smoky Quartz

Another one of the great crystals for anger and rage, Smoky Quartz empowers you to release negative emotions in a healthy manner. Even in the most stressful or chaotic situation, this stone grounds your energy and allows you to feel centered. Smoky Quartz activates the root chakra, freeing the flow of energy that may have become blocked. This can be a liberating experience all on its own. A lot of negative distortions to your frequency come from blocked energy, and Smoky Quartz is the perfect plunger. That’s why it’s such an effective tool at decreasing rage.

smoky quartz pendant

Another reason why it’s such a good healing crystal for anger management is that it helps you let go of feelings of mistrust. You may have been betrayed at some point in your life, but Smoky Quartz helps you realize that not all people are liars. Holding negative presumptions against people you haven’t even met is a key reason as to why some people seem to be perpetually angry. They see the worst in people, whereas Smoky Quartz lets you see everyone as an individual with their own story, motives, and past. It shows you the truth through the cloud of lies.

Lapis Lazuli

This crystal is known to work on the throat and third eye chakras. If the throat chakra is blocked, this can cause anger issues due to the lack of an outlet. People with a blocked throat chakra may feel helpless or unable to express how they truly feel. This can lead to emotions being suppressed rather than released. Lapis Lazuli brings awareness to these emotions. It empowers you to see things clearly and understand why you’re angry in the first place. That is often the hardest but most important step to overcoming bouts of rage.

This midnight blue crystal helps you remain calm if you usually rise to confrontations. It facilitates the release of toxic emotions that can manifest in times of stress. Lapis lazuli gives you a view of the bigger picture and reassures you that small irritations aren’t worth getting wound up over. It highlights the path to self-discovery and enables you to access your inner truth—something that can’t coexist with anger or rage.

Rose Quartz

This soothing heart stone should come as no surprise to be featured on a list of crystals for anger. It opens the heart chakra so that you’re flooded with unconditional love. Who can be angry when they’re surrounded by love? More often than most people care to admit, we talk negatively about ourselves. This disempowering self-talk can bring us down unnecessarily and make us feel unworthy, but Rose Quartz flips it on its head. It encourages positive affirmations that enhance confidence and self-love. As a result, you feel like you deserve more!

Anger has no place in Rose Quartz’ energy field. It empowers you to forgive yourself and others, rather than hold grudges and get worked up over something from the past. It helps you let go of pent up emotions that have been with you for as long as you can remember. They aren’t welcome anymore. Rose Quartz assists with getting a good night’s rest, too, as it eases tension before bed and lets you sleep deeply.


Renowned as a stone of courage, Aquamarine helps you stand up to your darker self. It gives you back control over your life and helps you realize that you don’t have to choose anger at all. Its soothing energy is reminiscent of calm, still waters. You’ll find yourself less inclined to judge people, regardless of what they’ve done. Welcome in the waves of compassion instead.

aquamarine bracelet conscious items

Another great stone for the throat chakra, Aquamarine helps you overcome problems that stem from a lack of healthy self-expression. Hold back from unleashing harsh words in a fit of rage—you can’t take them back afterward. It promotes peaceful communication that gets the message across without negativity attached. It truly is one of the greater crystals for anger and resentment because of its pacifying energies. 


Peridot is one of the must-have healing crystals for anger management. Its incredibly light energy encourages you to be grateful for the small things. It almost works as a stoic teacher, helping you remain calm regardless of your external situation. You always have a choice in how you react. Release thoughts of jealousy or envy. Comparing yourself to others only leads to feelings of unworthiness.

Peridot is said to help you find your inner love and confidence. It protects you against malicious comments made by others that have the sole intention of bringing you down. Once you see the love inside yourself, it will be almost impossible to take these comments seriously anyway. They’re so laughably wrong that it isn’t worth getting angry over. A true perspective-changer, peridot is definitely one of the best crystals for anger.


Nothing works quite as good as Amethyst for soothing anger. Its high vibration is effective at calming everything around it. That’s one of the main reasons it’s known as “Nature’s Tranquilizer.” It just brings tranquility wherever it goes. Not only is the crystal’s energy highly soothing, but it also looks stunning! It can match any outfit and any style, making it an awesome choice for an anger management bracelet.

You can wake up angry after a terrible sleep, but Amethyst is the best crystal for reducing nightmares and curing insomnia. Leave it by your bed at night and you can’t help but wake up refreshed and revitalized. How can it not be one of the best crystals for anger and anxiety with this kind of ability? Perfect for meditation too, amethyst eases tension and helps you relax into deep trance-like states at will. It encourages wise decision-making, even in times of chaos, and is excellent for increasing control over your temper. Amethyst is the greatest chill-out stone you can get.

amethyst bracelet

If you want Amethyst by your side wherever you go, wear it on your hand or your ankle for easy access to its soothing energy. If you’d prefer a little crystal point, then maybe you’d like the Support Stone. Hold it to calm down if you feel the steady build-up of anger.

Hopefully, you found a crystal on this list that works for your needs. Whatever your choice is, make sure to combine it with therapy, anger management tips, and calming techniques to overcome your negative emotion and move on into a calmer tomorrow.

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