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August is National Wellness Month: 8 Strategies for Enlightened Life

August is an official Wellness Month and we’ve already started celebrating! Get ready to jump into the month of healing, hoping, and reprogramming—we’re aligning our August intentions with an all-encompassing wellness plan.

August is an official Wellness Month and we’ve already started celebrating! Get ready to jump into the month of healing, hoping, and reprogramming—we’re aligning our August intentions with an all-encompassing wellness plan.

If you’re anything like us (crystal obsessed!), you practice wellness and you practice often. A daily mantra, a morning meditation, or a precious stone you carry around your wrist every day—there are countless, wondrous ways to invite wellness into your life at every moment.

But August is about digging deeper into holistic health—that is, crystal grids and intention-setting that touch on your every need for a completely nourished mind, body, and spirit. Luckily, we’re breaking down the eight dimensions of wellness so you’ll be buzzing with positivity well into September and beyond. Plus: a few top crystal picks to help you along the way. 

Emotional: Honoring your genuine feelings

True wellness is a balance that requires a bit more internal exploration—and that’s what August’s Wellness Month is all about. It is meant to provoke a level of honesty with yourself, digging into your authentic self, and finding new ways to let go of stress.

Studies have shown that emotional distress makes you more vulnerable to physical illness by negatively impacting your immune system. By beginning with your emotional well-being, you’ll craft a more resilient mind and body, leading you to deeper insights during the other seven dimensions of wellness. Plus, you'll have a greater willingness to accept what’s in store for you.

To help you in a deep emotional cleanse, we recommend apache tears. This lesser-known stone energy helps gently remove deep-rooted toxic emotions caused by trauma and guide you toward true healing. Apache tears are also understood to aid in the removal of toxins within the body, making it a profound healing tool. 

Financial: The ability to attract money without greed or self-doubt

Money may not be the end-all-be-all to true wellness, but we tend to hold a lot of negativity, misguided mindsets, and self-limiting beliefs when it comes to financial success. But here’s the truth: you’re deserving of feelings of satisfaction, joy, and confidence in this arena—the same as any other.

Try green jade, also known as the lucky charm. Its goal is not to attract wealth but rather boost your long-term focus on reaching financial success. This symbol of prosperity will serve you along with your long-term business ventures for long-lasting monetary success!

Social: A sense of belonging to a group of like-minded friends

As human beings, we all have a deep desire to feel a sense of connection, belonging, and security. Even the most independent and self-sufficient person needs a support system to lean on from time to time.

For social anxiety, try rose quartz. You can attract friendship and a social circle, but the true work begins with you. This stunning pale pink stone is the main healer and a symbol of the ultimate unconditional love. Rose quartz helps open your heart up to self-love and empowerment, making you more grounded in social situations and therefore more open to accepting love from others.

Wellness month

For communication: Turquoise. The precious stone has long been prized for its ability to bring feelings of self-assurance and satisfaction to the wearer. Turquoise tends to have an emboldening effect in social situations, making you feel more extroverted and able to express your authentic self. It’s also been said to influence others around you.

Spiritual: Expanding your sense of purpose

There is no single way to define or practice spirituality; to raise your vibration level and achieve wholeness, peace, and unity in life. Finding spiritual awakening moves past the physical and material necessities of earth and elevates your consciousness.

Let clear quartz help you walk this path of enlightenment. The seventh chakra stone (the crown of the head) is known as the master healer. That’s because it not only amplifies the vibrations of other crystals but also connects you with your higher self, intuition, and spirit guides.

Occupational: Enrichment and passion for your work 

Job satisfaction is a delicate balance. Too much work leaves you tired and unmotivated. In fact, up to 40 percent of American workers report feeling job burnout, which has been shown to have both mental (depression, anxiety, anger) and physical (fatigue, increased likelihood of diabetes) effects on you. Too little work, or no work at all triggers anxiety around money, prosperity, and fulfillment. 

To help attract your ideal balance, try Tiger’s Eye. With its dynamic combination of earth and solar energy, tiger's eye is your stone for staying sensible with your money. Let this earth-toned tool bring you luck with new business ventures while remaining level-headed.

Physical: Respecting your body and its needs

To be the vessel that moves you through life, your body needs physical activity, adequate sleep, and proper nutrition. Without that, you may suffer from fatigue, headaches, brain fog, and many undesirable ailments that stop you from reaching goals throughout the day—not to mention hindering you from higher frequencies during your meditation.

wellness month yoga

If you’re looking to create a positive shift in how you see and treat your body, then try citrine. Wearing this talisman has been believed to support metabolism, absorption of nutrients, and immune health. Because of its strong connection with the sacral and solar plexus chakras which regulate your body's midsection, citrine has been known to alleviate conditions of the spleen, kidneys, lower back, and more.

Intellectual: Expanding your creative abilities, knowledge, and skills

Intellect is not just about how many books you’ve read this month or facts you can recite. It’s problem-solving skills, empathy for your friends and family, and the ability to take an idea and turn it into a tangible project. To achieve true wellness, you’ll need to exercise the mind from all sides. But remember: strive for progress, not perfection.

For well-rounded, restored energy levels on this quest, try ruby. It’s been known to improve not just intellect but bring self-awareness to your mind. This beautiful red stone also improves sensuality and the circulatory system.

Environmental: Owning a supportive, safe space

Your environment can be your home, your office, your car, etc—any physical space you occupy from morning to night. But your environment is also your energy and the energy emitted from those around you. 

For a surrounding that supports your well-being, protect yourself with Amethyst Cluster. The sparkling purple geode emits cleansing vibrations and rids negative energy, making it the ideal addition to your home. Protecting you from energy vampires and stimulating a sense of peace, this super high-vibration stone also suits anyone needing a crystal bodyguard throughout the day.

Connecting with these natural healing tools can help you achieve a level of mind-body-spirit health that touches on every aspect of life. We hope you’ll join us not only for a month of healing but a lifetime of spiritual growth and awakening. 

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