How to Use Crystal Spells for Your Healing

How to Use Crystal Spells for Your Healing

Crystals aren’t just pretty stones. They’re a powerful source of energy, and every crystal can serve as a magical conduit. The reason people have been using crystals in spells for so long is that they’re excellent at absorbing and directing energy. Any respectable witch will have a handful of different crystals to work with.

It’s good to know that regardless of which spells you’re performing, bigger does not mean better. Likewise, a more expensive crystal such as diamond is not superior to a common crystal like quartz. The price is based on its obscurity and appearance rather than its power.

How to Prepare for Using Crystals in Spells

The first step is to gather your crystals. If you want to perform a basic healing ritual spell, then you might find clear quartz or selenite a good choice. If you prefer to perform protection spells with crystals, then take a look at black tourmaline or black obsidian. You could also let the crystal find you. Simply go to a crystal shop, roam around, and see which stone calls to you. You’ll know it when you feel it. Follow your intuition.

selenite cleansing

Always, I repeat, always cleanse your crystals before using them. The last thing you want to do is absorb old, stagnant, or even negative energy from your crystal. The more often you work with your stones, the more frequently you should cleanse them.

A simple rule for a beginner witch is to always cast spells on yourself first. Stick to white magic and perhaps even request that no harm comes to anybody through the casting of your spell. If you dive straight into complex spellcasting, there is a chance that it could backfire with terrible consequences. Be mindful of others that your spell may affect.

Energy spells for beginners usually require very few materials, but they could make use of any of the following: crystals, herbs, colors, candles, symbols, poetry, or even specific days, dates, or astronomical events. However, the most important addition to any spell is your intention. All of this magick is to increase the power of your mind and your control over said power. Your intention is critical to casting spells with crystals. 

This is also one of the reasons why you must take it seriously. By all means, have fun with it, but if you expect it not to work then it won’t. There’s nothing wrong with the spell, rather there is a lack of conviction behind the most important ingredient: intention. 

Before you begin using crystals in spells, ensure that you have somewhere private to practice. You don’t want to be disturbed during this process as it can interrupt your thoughts and confuse the crystals. It’s advisable to make a note of any intentions you have beforehand so that you are clear, concise, and succinct when programming your stones. 

Gather all your materials and you’re good to go. Anybody can cast simple spells. They’re quick, effective, and safe to use.

Crystal Energy Spells for Beginners

There are a wide variety of basic spells with stones that require very little effort. In fact, there’s a good chance that you already do some of these without realizing it. To make the most out of your crystals, try the following energy spells for beginners:

Carry them with you. This is something almost every crystal owner has already done. The trick is to stay mindful of the stone’s energy and regularly bring your attention to it.

Wear crystals. You can get crystal bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, earrings, and any other type of jewelry you can think of. This works great because the crystal is in continuous contact with your skin. You are more aware of its energy and it proceeds to work throughout the day.

Write a spell or intention and place a crystal over the paper. The crystal’s energy will amplify your wishes and remind you of your intention. This supercharges the intention and speeds the manifestation process. Keep this paper and crystal on your spiritual altar if you have one, or at least somewhere that it won’t be disturbed.

Purification. Add crystals to your bath or shower to cleanse your energy and emotionally soothe your mind and body.

Sleep with a crystal under your pillow. This is one of the easiest amethyst spells you can do. As a stone of tranquility, amethyst encourages you to drift into a deep slumber. It reduces the chances of nightmares by dissolving the negative energy surrounding your bed. It eases the effects of insomnia and enhances dream recall, creating vivid dreamscapes, and even increasing the chances of lucid dreaming. It empowers you to learn from your dreams and ensures that you don’t oversleep. All that from one of the most simple amethyst spells!

amethyst stones

Charging Crystals for Spells

As mentioned earlier, the most important way of using crystals in spells is to charge them with an intention. To do this, be as clear as physically possible with your intention. If you want to cast a healing ritual spell, then program your crystal with the intention of releasing all negative energy. 

Place the crystal you want to program in your hand. Visualize the outcome of your intention. Using your other hand, push into the crystal as you consider the following. What is it you want? Envision it as though it’s already happened: I am confident, I am loved, I have a new job. Delve into the emotions. How would you feel if your wish came true? FEEL it now. Experience every sensation that would come with the completion of your intentions. The more energy and enthusiasm you can muster for this, the stronger the crystal’s programming will be. 

Once you’ve pushed your crystal into your hand and given it the energy you felt from your visualization, it’s charged. You’re now free to use it as you wish. Put it in your pocket, purse, or even your bra. Use it as a charm or hang it like a pendant, the choice is yours. Just remember to keep it close and bring your attention to it regularly. When you do this, you take on the attributes with which the crystal has been programmed.

Crystal Healing Ritual Spell

You may be asking if there is a spell that can heal a broken heart. Heartbreak is something we all go through one way or another. And the answer is a resounding yes.

Healing is subjective and entirely personal. Some people may feel the effects almost immediately, whereas for others, it could take weeks. The best stone for this healing ritual spell is rose quartz, the stone of love. It’s known for stimulating the heart chakra, so you could also use malachite, aventurine, or jade to create a similar spell.

crystals for spells

Before you start with rose quartz spells, it’s a good idea to leave it to bask in the moonlight overnight. The fuller the moon, the better. If you have a window sill that receives moonlight then that will be fine, or you could also leave it in your garden. Let it absorb the lunar energies overnight and in the morning it will be ready for spell-casting.

Hold the freshly charged rose quartz stone in your left hand and visualize a bright beam of light travel from the crystal through your body, ending in the heart chakra. Feel it soothe your pain, as if it were sewing up a gaping wound. Imagine it’s light energy surrounding you like a spiritual shield—this is the same technique used in many protection spells with crystals.

Return to the rose quartz whenever you feel low or if ever the memory of your heartbreak trickles back into your mind. Repeat the process as often as you need. It’s okay if you’re doing it a lot at first. That’s completely normal, and the more you work on it, the stronger the rose quartz spell becomes. 

rose quartz healing crystal set

Allow yourself to release unrealistic expectations. Don’t hope to get back together. Accept what is and try to focus on feeling good, regardless of your romantic situation. At night, leave it in the same spot as before so that it can soak in the cleansing energy of the moon. 

You can combine this with one of the other simple rose quartz spells. Talk to your rose quartz as if it were a friend. Program it to heal your heart. Say, “I ask this rose quartz stone to cleanse my pain and heal my heart. I forgive myself for my mistakes, and I forgive all energy that no longer serves me. Give me the strength to love and trust again. Thank you.”

Using crystals in spells is an effective way to enhance a spell’s power. It also makes it easier for newcomers to practice spells with stones. Stick to the light and practice white magic with a loving heart and a big smile. Once you get confident practicing energy spells for beginners, you can move on to something a little more complex. For now, enjoy and have fun!

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