How To Charge Crystals Properly And Repel Negative Energy

How To Charge Crystals Properly And Repel Negative Energy

Wondering how to charge crystals? When it comes to charging crystals, it’s all about loading them up with positive energy. Cleansing crystals gets rid of negative energy. But by charging crystals, you make sure you’re keeping negative energy away.

We’ll discuss crystal charging methods, from direct sunlight to using energy healing. There are 6 powerful crystals you can use for cleansing and charging. And just in case you have a few questions about charging crystals, we’ll answer 8 of the most frequently asked questions.

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How To Charge Crystals

When it comes to charging crystals, it’s all about supporting them with spiritual healing and positive energies for spiritual growth. If you’re wondering how to charge your crystals, we’ve got a few suggestions for charging crystals and stones.

Whether it’s how to charge your crystals or how to recharge your crystals, the main methods will be the same: how to recharge crystals is very similar to charging them. It implies repeating the process through one method or another.

By charging your crystals, you raise the energetic level of their natural state. If you’re wondering about the first part of the cleanse-and-charge crystals process, we’ve discussed how to cleanse crystals.

Recharging your crystals suggests you’ve done at least one cleansing of your crystals. You’re ready to load them back up with the highest possible vibration.

These are the charging methods you can choose from:

  1. Smudging - burn dried plants and use the smoke to charge crystals
  2. Sound - use sounds like bells, frequency songs, singing bowls, or chimes to charge crystals
  3. Water - use running water, be it tap water as well, to charge crystals
  4. Earth - use the power of the earth and Mother Gaia to charge crystals
  5. Light - use sunlight, moonlight, and artificial light to charge crystals
  6. Crystals - use other crystals and stones in order to charge your crystals
  7. Energy healing - use Reiki or some other energy healing method to load your crystals with positive vibes

1. Smudging

Smudging is a process that involves the burning of dried herbs or incense. Whether it’s a sage stick, an incense stick, or an incense cone, it’s all about the smoke interacting directly with the stone.

How to charge crystals with smudging: you envelop them in the high vibration smoke that results from burning the dried herbs or incense.

Crystals respond naturally to any incense you burn in their proximity. Most crystals will charge right up with positive vibes as the smoke envelops them. You can use something like the Natural White Sage 2-Piece Set, the Buddhist Meditation Set or the Natural Energy Aromatherapy Cones.

2. Sound

How to charge crystals with sound: you use the chimes, bells, gongs, or singing bowls to cause sounds that charge crystals with the high frequencies of the sounds

Using sounds to cleanse and then charge with more energy that’s high vibration is a charging method used ever since ancient times. The Japanese technique of the singing bowl called Ring Gong comes from centuries ago. The singing bowl emits high vibe sounds that charge you crystal.

3. Water

How to charge crystals with water: you keep your crystal under running water, whether it’s natural water (a river) or artificial running water (tap water)

You can use water to cleanse your crystals in order to get rid of bad energy. Salt water is particularly powerful when it comes to cleansing your crystals. You can also use water to charge it.

Be mindful not to use overly soft stones to charge them with water, though. In some cases, crystals or stones can have their physical integrity affected by contact with water. Others might produce toxic fumes or gas, so be sure to read about the particular crystals you want to charge before getting them in contact with water.

We’ve talked about water-safe crystals in a previous crystal guide.

4. Earth

How to charge crystals with earth: you can bury crystals in a jar with sand or earth. Natural earth energy has the power to remove negative energy and also charge crystals.

That unwanted energy is received and transmuted by Mother Earth or Mother Gaia. After the earth will remove negative energy, it’s transformed into high vibes. Once the cleansing part of the process is complete, the charging can begin.

Leaving your crystals in the sand or earth overnight or for a few hours should be enough. Make sure to read about your particular crystal and whether it might harm it to bury it under sand or earth.

5. Light

How to charge crystals with light: place crystals under a source of light and energy, whether it’s the sun’s energy, moonlight energy, or crystal lamp energy

Perhaps the best method for cleansing and charging crystals overnight is to use moonlight. Depending on which segment of the lunar cycle you resonate the most with, you can do the charging based on the different moonlight energies.

The New Moon has powerful energies of new beginnings which will resonate a lot with crystals for change and new beginnings.

During the Full Moon, the positive vibes are much more intense. If you charge crystals for a few minutes during the Full Moon, it’s the equivalent of a few hours during other nights.

Direct sunlight is a powerful way to charge crystals. A few minutes under direct sunlight at noon is the strongest way to charge crystals with sunlight.

Solar and lunar eclipses are also very powerful times to charge crystals. It’s a specific crystal-charging time for success and manifestation gemstones.

Another powerful way to charge crystals is to use crystal lamps like the Curative Lamp, the Intuition Lamp, the Love Lamp, the Self-Care Lamp, or the Money-Magnet Lamp. These powerful lamps combine the power of the light with the power of crystals to charge your stones for the specific purpose you’re using them.

6. Crystals

How to charge crystals with crystals: other stones cleanse your crystals overnight or for longer periods

When you’re using crystal-based cleansing and charging, the healing energy of the source crystals serves to charge your other crystals. Their own energies interact with that of the crystal-charging station, resulting in powerfully high vibe charged crystals.

There are many crystals you can use to charge other crystals, and we’ll discuss a few later on in this guide.

7. Energy healing

How to charge crystals with energy healing: you can use methods like Reiki or a similar energy healing method

When it comes to their natural energy, healing crystals lose some of their power through use and contact with lower vibes. By using energy healing, you can restore the high vibes of your crystals and of your charging crystals alike.

With the help of energy healing, you can also optimize the energies of your space and your own frequency, so everything has a higher vibe and harmonizes on a higher frequency. That’s going to encourage easier cleansing and charging of your crystals as well.

6 Powerful Crystals That Cleanse And Charge

Cleansing and charging crystals have crystal healing properties. Their powerful healing energies work to repel negative energy and lower vibes and attract positivity and high vibes.

We’ll focus on 6 of the most powerful charging crystals that you can also use to cleanse and protect your crystal collection, your space, and your own energy field.

The crystals for charging we recommend are:

  1. Black Tourmaline - repels electromagnetic fields and malevolent energies, promotes high vibes
  2. Clear Quartz - transmutes low vibes into high vibes, amplifies positive energy
  3. Rose Quartz - heals all wounds and traumas, encourages compassion and the highest vibe of unconditional love
  4. Selenite - cleanses low vibes and radiates positive high vibes
  5. Fluorite - repels negativity, focuses positive energy, and spurs on optimism
  6. Black Obsidian - grounds you in the high healing vibes of Mother Gaia’s unconditional love

1. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline repels electromagnetic fields and malevolent energies and promotes high vibes. When you charge crystals with Black Tourmaline, it raises a protective shield around them. That helps your crystals charge at the highest vibe possible, without being affected by unwanted energies.

If you use something like the Divine Protection Gift Set, you make the most of the charging power of Black Tourmaline in combination with other powerful crystals and stones.

2. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz transmutes low vibes into high vibes and amplifies positive energy. When you charge crystals with the help of Clear Quartz, you introduce healing harmonious frequencies into their energetic fields.

The Purification Lamp serves as both a cleanser and charger for your crystals. It helps you and your crystal connect to your higher power and your spirit guides.

3. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz heals all wounds and traumas. When you charge crystals with Rose Quartz, you encourage them to harmonize with compassion and the highest vibe of unconditional love.

By using the Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Set you’ll charge your own energy field and that of your crystals with the healing and soothing vibes of Rose Quartz.

With the help of the Rose Quartz charged crystals, you’ll find your way with more ease. You’ll make the best choices that come from a place of self-love and self-care.

4. Selenite

Using Selenite to cleanse other crystals helps you get rid of low vibes and radiate positive high vibes. When you charge crystals with Selenite, you empower their own crystal healing powers. That way, your crystals will do better at recharging themselves whenever they have contact with a high vibe source.

The Selenite Cleansing Lamp optimizes the energy of your crystals, yourself, and your space. That promotes high vibes and favors your crystals charging with the highest possible positive vibes.

5. Fluorite

Fluorite repels negativity. At the same time, Fluorite focuses on positive vibes and spurs on optimism. When you charge crystals with the help of Fluorite, you encourage a constructive outlook on life.

The Fluorite Heart of Peace brings soothing and protective energies into your space. It charges crystals with the vibes of powerful healing and boosting confidence in your own devices.

6. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian grounds you in the high healing vibes of Mother Gaia’s unconditional love. When you charge crystals with Black Obsidian, it creates a protective energetic barrier around your crystals. That charges them with the power of the elements.

The Golden Obsidian Energy Bracelet brings clarity and protection to your crystals. It charges them with the energy of courage. That way, they’ll provide you with the best possible support they can.

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Charging Crystals

We’ve put together a small guide that answers the 8 most frequently asked questions about charging crystals. This set of questions and answers should cover your basic needs in terms of charging crystals.

1. How to charge crystals the first time?

The first time, cleansing and charging crystals is a process that involves you setting intention. We’re going to assume that at this point you’ve already set intention for that crystal to guide and support you in your personal journey or in you achieving your desired goals.

Set the intention for your cleansing and charging to optimize your crystal’s energy. Use the cleansing method that feels best suited for your crystal and your end goal. Set the intention to call in positive energies and repel negative energies. Then choose the charging methods that call out to you.

This first cycle of cleansing and charging is one of the many you’ll go through with your crystal. It’s the first step on the long and meandering journey of crystal healing and spiritual growth.

2. For how long do you charge your crystals?

Charging crystals can take a few minutes or several hours. It depends on the charging methods you’ve chosen, on your crystal, and on the intention you’ve got for that charging session.

In some cases, prolonged exposure to the element you’re using to charge your crystals might affect the physical integrity of your gemstone. Be sure to check how that crystal interacts with that element. Follow the guidelines for loving and caring treatment of your crystal.

3. When should you charge your crystals?

When you get a new crystal, you should put it through a cleansing and charging round before introducing it into your collection.

Once it’s part of your collection, you should follow your intuition when it comes to charging your crystals. Depending on the charging methods you feel called to use, it might mean charging your crystal at the next Full Moon, New Moon, or the next lunar or solar eclipse. Follow your gut feeling.

4. How often should you charge crystals?

We recommend cleansing and charging your crystals regularly. Depending on the nature of your crystal and the goal you’re using it for, that regular action might mean once a week, once a month, or even once or twice a year. It all depends on when and how your intuition guides you to charge your crystal.

You should always charge your crystals after cleansing them. In some cases, your intuition might point out the fact that your crystal needs cleansing more than charging or vice versa. Ideally, the two processes would go hand in hand every time.

5. Can you recharge your charged crystals whenever you'd like?

Yes! You can recharge your crystals at any point you feel called to. If you’ve done a cleansing cycle on those crystals recently and haven’t really used them much, you can skip the cleansing phase and focus on charging.

However, if you feel your crystal is struggling with some lower vibes, make sure to do a cleansing first. Then do the charging. There’s no such thing as over-cleansing or over-charging a crystal.

However, if a charging method affects the integrity of your crystal, you can certainly overdo it by using that particular method. Look for other methods that are kinder to your crystal. Keep in mind that your crystal is your ally and friend. Treat it with the kindness and love you would treat your best friend.

6. Do you need to cleanse and charge crystals, in that order?

Yes. Cleansing and charging crystals should be done in that order. A cleansed crystal has greater healing properties and charges with higher vibe energy.

You can directly charge a crystal you’ve been using rarely or one that hasn’t been used for some time. But the frequency of the energy it will attract will be lower than the one it would have had after a cleansing.

When you first cleanse and charge afterward, you give your crystal the chance to heal itself and then offer you the best possible energy, support, and guidance it can. In a sense, by doing the cleansing and charging in that order, you help that crystal help you.

7. How do you choose the best charging methods for your crystals?

Choosing the best charging methods for your crystals is a matter of following your intuition, first and foremost. Whatever rules or guidelines you might have in mind at some point, your intuition will always trump that.

That being said, you can also lean on some common guidelines. For instance, white, blue, and purple crystals tend to charge better with the help of water. Yellow, orange, and red crystals might charge better with the help of the fire element, meaning smudging. Earthy-toned crystals like green, brown, and black tend to charge better with the help of the earth.

Transparent and translucent crystals are likely to charge better with the help of light and energy healing. Opaque stones are likely to charge better with the help of the elements (water, earth) and sound.

Crystals for manifestation and abundance tend to charge better with the help of sunlight. Crystals for intuition and emotional aspects tend to charge better with the help of moonlight.

Sometimes, a crystal might require more than one charging method. Your gut feeling is going to guide you toward the right blend of methods.

8. Do you have to always charge the same crystal in the same way?

Not at all! In fact, we recommend trying to use various charging methods for the same crystal at different points in time.

Your charging methods may adapt to the cleansing methods you’ve chosen to go with at that particular point in time. The cleansing and charging methods can be similar or complementary.

You might also feel called to use particular charging methods for different goals you’re using that crystal for. For the best possible results, try to cycle through different charging methods. That way, you introduce that crystal to all of the highest vibe forms of energy. Allow your crystal to communicate to you which ones work best for it at that moment.

It’s all about flexibility. Energy flows and you have to be adaptable and flexible enough to flow with it when it comes to cleansing and charging your crystals.

Start Charging And Cleansing Crystals Today!

Whether you’ve recently bought your first crystals or you have a collection already, don’t forget to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly.

Charging your crystals raises their frequency and helps them harmonize with the highest possible vibes. That keeps negative energies at bay for longer. In turn, the charged crystals will offer you the highest possible vibes. Your crystal healing experiences will intensify. You’ll connect with your gemstones at a deeper level.

Choose the charging method that works best for you. Whether it’s smudging, sound, light, water, earth, other crystals, or energy healing, choose the method that your intuition guides you towards. Experiment, pick and choose what feels right for your crystals at a particular point in time.

Use some of the powerful charging crystals we’ve discussed or choose your own. In order to amplify their powers, use them together with crystals for healing and cleansing, crystals for balance and focus, or crystals for serenity and peace.

Make sure to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly. Allow them to do their best work for you by boosting their positive and healing energies. Allow your charged crystals to keep low vibes away and empower you to live a fulfilling and enriching life.

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