Tonight, Unleash Your Beaver Moon Rituals

Tonight, Unleash Your Beaver Moon Rituals

Are you looking for a ritual to bring good fortune and transformational energy but don’t have the time to wait until the new year? You’re in luck! This November 30th, 2020, is the moon of the beaver. There’s no need to knock on wood -- this full moon brings all the glorious lunar energy that full moons tend to do -- with some special twists!

Let’s dive into the history of the full moon that arrives every November, the best rituals to do during this time, as well as the best crystals, affirmations, and intentions to try during your moon ritual this month.

What and When Is It?

The Beaver Moon is the first full moon in November. The Beaver Moon rises on Monday, November 30th, 2020. 

History of the Beaver Moon

While this moon may not have an awe-inspiring name such as the Harvest or Hunter’s Moon, it still has an interesting story to be told. 

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, “This is the time of year when beavers begin to take shelter in their lodges, having laid up sufficient stores of food for the long winter ahead. During the time of the fur trade in North America, it was also the season to trap beavers for their thick, winter-ready pelts.” So this moon was named after this very important night when the sky offered extra night light so get ready and warm for winter. 

beaver moon

The Old Farmer’s Almanac also notes that the Beaver Moon sometimes goes by other names. It is sometimes referred to as the Frosty Moon and the Freezing Moon. Due to being in close vicinity of cold winter months, it’s no surprise why it may go by these names. You may also hear it being called the Digging Moon, referring to the animals scavenging the fallen leaves and nuts scattered about. Either way, these alternative names along with the “Beaver Moon” nametag accurately represent the coming of the winter season!


Full-Moon Affirmations to Try on this Night

Full moons, as a rule of cosmic thumb, shed light and give us new information on old scenarios in life, helping us figure out the next best step. Full moons are loaded with feminine energy and revitalize stale affirmations that we may have forgotten about during the past month (because life happens!). It’s the perfect time to let the sky illuminate your life path.

But this full moon also holds its own special lunar vibrations. If you focus your intentions on this full moon, you can harness the energy of the hard-working beaver. Do not underestimate this animal! The beaver is hard-working and resourceful: capable of constructing dams with a great work ethic and amount of cooperation. 

The same energy can be applied to you during the Beaver Moon. Use it to create affirmations and intentions that empower you to get to work. Use it to put your logs in a row to build something protective, useful, and beautiful.

The beaver is also a very familiar animal, loving to work and remain loyal to its family. Use this time to look into any disputes going on in your family unit and call for better communication to help you find resolutions moving forward. 


Full Moon Rituals to Try on this Night

As this moon comes during the peak fall season, with a nod to the ushering in of winter, you can try rituals that offer something to the spirit of fall.  

Try the cornucopia: the quintessential symbol of Thanksgiving. While the special turkey-stuffed holiday may have already passed, it’s still a wonderful contribution to the fall season. The cornucopia, or Horn of Plenty, has an interesting origin story. Legend has it that the Greek character, Amalthea was caring for baby Zeus who is said to have broken off the she-goat’s horn. The horn then supplied unending nourishment to the growing infant. 

The horn is also connected to the Goddess of Harvest, Demeter, and God of Wine, Dionysus. It’s the perfect representation of bounty, fertility, and good times! Take advantage of everything these symbols have to offer by invoking the cornucopia into your Beaver Moon ritual. 

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Try filling one with your favorite crystals and host a full moon ritual. We recommend turning to Moonstone, with its feminine vibrations akin to that of the moon. You can also turn to Selenite, connected to everything related to the moon. After the traditional moon-hued stones, we recommend Black Tourmaline to propel negative vibrations that may be hindering better communication between you and your family. After that, Tiger’s Eye can help motivate you to be the busy-bee you’ve always wanted to be! Just like the beaver, you’ll be putting together amazing projects that leave everyone in awe and earn you more income and more respect. 


Here’s an idea: Charge your crystals under the full moon

Grab the crystals we recommend above or any gemstone that is calling your name during this time. You’ll want to leave them under the Full Moon’s rays, ideally the day before. You can cleanse a crystal under the moonlight but the day before the full moon can also cleanse your crystals. If you need to cleanse them now, try using a Palo santo for the smoke method so you have fully cleansed crystals in the next step.

After cleansing, program them with your intention. With a clear head and pure heart, think of your intention. Now transfer that powerful energy to the crystal. The energy will work its magick to help supercharge your crystal. You can leave them outside to charge, ideally in a crystal grid or altar. But anywhere you have on hand will do! You can also leave the offering on the windowsill where it can capture light without being outside.

The Beaver Moon is for the Go-Getters

October may have given us two full moon’s during the year 2020 but it has a few more amazing opportunities before the year is out! Utilize the Beaver Moon to envision your path and enlighten your mind with newfound knowledge! You’ll see how this gift can help you ahead in life and you’ll see how motivation and action can carve new structures that support us in life!

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