When are the Two Full Moons in October? Meaning & What to Do

When are the Two Full Moons in October? Meaning & What to Do

When October arrives, what comes to mind? For some: Fall favorites such as pumpkins, crisp cider, ripe apples, and orange and amber leaves falling from threes. For others, we immediately think of things a bit more on the witchier side: black and orange Halloween decorations, spooky rituals, spirits afoot, and glowing full moons. Lucky us: we’ll get all of those things in the year 2020.

October has two full Moons this year—talk about double trouble! The first is the full Harvest Moon, arriving on October 1st. The next? The full Hunter’s Moon, arriving on the 31st which is Halloween night! It’s a special time for everyone this season. While both full moons are tied to the autumnal equinox, both the Harvest Moon and Hunters Moon have their own special meanings and will need their own set of intentions. Read on to get the in-depth lunar information you seek!

Full Harvest Moon Meaning

A Harvest Moon is the full moon that appears nearest to the autumnal equinox which marks the beginning of autumn (this year, 2020, it was September 22nd). 

When is it: The Full Harvest moon of 2020 rises on Thursday, October 1st, becoming visible after sunset. 


harvest full moon

Where it got its name: For a few evenings around the time of the Harvest moon, the moonrise comes right after sunset, about 30 minutes later each night. That leaves an abundance of bright light coming from the moon on these nights only! Historically, that extra moonlight was a huge aid to farmers harvesting their crops, who relied on the moon’s rays for evening illumination. So it became known as the night that farmers had more harvesting time! That’s how it got the name “Harvest” moon.

What that means for you: This full moon on October 1st is in Aries. Aries is a cardinal fire sign, full of passion, and the ability to take charge. Aries runs headfirst and asks questions only after taking action. The lunar night is also influenced by Mars in retrograde in Aries, making it a cosmic alignment that should have you proceed with caution. It may bring feelings of disagreement with authority and restriction. If you’re feeling stuck in a box, use this time to break free from places, energy, and people that no longer serve you. If you use it for a full moon ritual, use it to consider your individual identity.

Find your destination and the courage to head there with the bloodstone. It will help release negativity during this time. You can also try black Obsidian which will help you cultivate a strong sense of self.

Full Hunters Moon Meaning

A Full Hunters Moon is the first full moon to follow the Harvest moon. In 2020, it occurs in October but this moon can usually happen in either October or November. 

A Blue Moon is the second full moon to appear within the same calendar month. Because the full Harvest Moon is October 1st, and the Full Hunters Moon is October 31st, October 2020 is also giving us a Blue Moon! Halloween night is a Blue Hunters Moon combo!

When is it: The Full Hunters Moon of 2020 rises on Saturday, October 31st.

Where it got its name: It’s been said that the Full Hunters Moon was named similarly to the Harvest moon, in that it was a signal that it was time to go hunting in preparation for the upcoming winter months. Farmers had just recently harvested all the summer crops under the Harvest Moon, so now it was time for hunters to go out collecting. As the Hunters Moon gave extra moonlight, these hunters could easily spot deer, foxes and other animals coming out at night. The earliest citation of the term “Hunter’s Moon” was first seen in the 1710 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, as explained by The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Hunter full moon

What that means for you: This Full Hunters Moon takes place in Taurus in 2020, bringing a wealth of opportunity to those who lean into its lunar energy. It’s also the only full moon in Scorpio season, making it the right time for thinking about matters of the heart and wallet. It will be an emotionally charged time, full of motivation. Let this full moon steer you in the right direction. However, because the unpredictable planet Uranus is bringing unpredictable cosmic energy here, too, don’t get too tied to one plan. 

You may not need the moon to go hunting for food, but you can definitely use it to hunt for your next success in life. To be more proactive and sharp, take Tiger’s Eye with you. Use it in combination with your moon crystals and let it guide you toward your targeted goals. Tiger’s Eye, as the name implies, is the supreme goal hunter filled with strength and bravery. 

Your Full Moon Ritual

What are your full moon goals? October is giving you two separate chances to manifest new, feminine energy. The full moon represents a month’s climax, giving us the ability to stay motivated at the highest peak.

While new moons are all about renewal and starting fresh, full moons are about pushing forward, making sense of our current situation, and bringing light to the information we’ve been seeking. These full moons work to energize us! But sometimes it can feel exhausting. You can utilize this lunar event to channel that chaotic energy into your current manifestations. Try a Moon Altar complete with moonstone and crystals that suit your current intention. Let the altar or crystal grid enhance your intuition while the bright moonlight illuminates your path and attracts good fortune. Alternatively, you could use the extra moonlight to make moon water

Is this a rare occurrence? Yes! Contrary to just about any Halloween movie ever, full moons on Halloween night are not common. It only happens every 18 to 19 years. What’s more is the 2020 Harvest moon will be a fiery red, leaving us all in awe of her cosmic energy! As the moon rises on the horizon, it’ll appear out-of-this-world large with an amber goal, just perfect for fall! So enjoy the lunar energy this year. You deserve it!

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