The Best Crystals to Gift to Your Friends

The Best Crystals to Gift to Your Friends

There is a crystal for every situation—from manifesting more friendships to cultivating stronger bonds. Let them heal your friends’ needs, elevate your bonds with other people, and protect worthy relationships. Below is a list of our favorite friendship crystals to help you along your unique journey.

Frodo and Sam. Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Monica and Rachel. Friendships are the basis of stories filled with grand adventures and delicate personal growth. They are the reasons why you can instantly conjure the images of these famous best friends. These friendships are timeless. Their stories of trust and adoration stick with us from childhood well into adulthood. 

Such is the case with the friendships in our own lives. However, they will never be as storybook perfect as in the movies because we are humans with complicated lives and intricate complications. Luckily, there is a crystal for every situation—from manifesting more friendships to cultivating stronger bonds, to smoothing over tiffs with a good friend. Let them heal your friends’ needs, elevate your bonds with other people, and protect worthy relationships. Below is a list of our favorite friendship crystals to help you along your unique journey. 

Colors of Friendship Crystals

Orange and orange-related hues generally bode well with feelings of friendships. So when searching for your next friendship crystals, you may find yourself gravitating toward orange gems. It’s the color of companionship, charm, caring, and sharing vibrations—all the wonderful sensations we adore in these relationships. Try Orange Agate for its bright positivity and the courage to make new friends. Go for Carnelian for a joyful outlook on life. And, of course, Citrine to bring positive vibrations to you and your friends around you. This is a wonderful place to start.

However, here are some more of the best stones to give as gifts for other needs!

Malachite: This green dream is the stone of transformation. It aligns with the throat and heart chakra to allow better flowing communication and love between you and your friend. This makes it perfect for two people going through a rough patch.  Make amends through the power of Malachite and watch negative emotions melt away as you begin to communicate through issues and patch up the relationship.


anti-anxiety malachite bracelet

Lapis Lazuli: This deep blue gem is the stone of friendship. So, it’s no wonder it made our list of top friendship crystals! It aligns with the throat and third-eye chakra, making it a great tool for better communication and understanding within friendships. It works to strengthen current relationships and develop new ones by releasing judgment. So this is a great crystal to have for yourself when manifesting new meetings.

Blue Chalcedony: Can you see a pattern that, other than orange gems, blue ones work well between friends too? Associated with the throat chakra, lovely Blue Chalcedony works to build stronger bonds. It invites laughter and happiness into your energies and keeps the wearer and those surrounding him/her open and communicative. It’s the best crystal when looking for support within friendships. Love sharing experiences? Blue Chalcedony will be our guide!

Rose Quartz: No bonding ritual would be complete without the warm pink energies emitted from Rose Quartz. A nurturing stone, it opens up the heart chakras for all those around it. It promotes love in a glorious way, making the wearer feel confident and safe. This pink gem is one of the best stones to give as a great gift. Alternatively, choose a pair of jewelry pieces to share between the two friends so you will always feel close!


Sunstone: What about a stone for those who want to manifest more friendships in their lives? Whether you’d love more bonding relationships, new adventures, or for fading acquaintances to rejoin your journey, Sunstone can work for you. This bright crystal is filled with the power of the sun and is known to bring a level of confidence, light and happiness to the wearer. This can be the perfect addition to going to new events where you’d like to meet someone because it gives you the confidence to try new things and meet new people. It gently nurtures hope and leadership qualities, making others naturally attracted to your energy. 


sunstone bracelet


Golden Topaz: Known as a gem of friendship, this gorgeous crystal will make any friend smile. It is a pure representation of fidelity, honoring the strong bond between two people through thick and thin. Legend has it that giving Topaz helps the giver (you) become more gracious. The sparkling beauty looks best as a piece of jewelry. 

How to Gift Crystals as a Gift

Friends can be hard to shop for. While you may be very communicative with friends, you may not always know exactly what they’re going through. When that time arrives, you can use your intuition to find them a crystal gift. 


crystals for friends

First, think about the person you’d like to gift to. Then, tune into the stones (either that you have at home, or at the shop or online shop). Which stone stands out to you when you think of this person? It may be exactly what your friend needs! Once selected, remember to cleanse the stone so you gift it to him or her with the purest of energies. Box it up and give it to the person while thinking of a unique intention just for them! They’ll be sure to love it.

Friendships are as Precious as Stones

The sole act of gifting a crystal to a friend shows that you are thinking of them—and who doesn’t love a present that was picked out just for their unique needs? Friendships are worth the time and effort needed to nurture them and keep their bonds strong. We, as humans, have a deep need to feel a connection so don’t let those important needs slide away, beneath life’s many responsibilities. Cultivating wonderful relationships is a huge need, too. Whether your friend needs a crystal friend, your friendships need some loving energy to help strengthen the bond, or you need a crystal protector to help you meet new people, crystals are there for you.

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