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September Birthstone Sapphire: History, Meaning, Properties, and Uses

In the Northern Hemisphere, September marks the transition from summer to autumn. The lively and fresh summer days slowly become shorter, and the temperature begins to drop. As we slowly start bundling up to welcome the colder months ahead, it's important to remember just how special this month can be.

And if you're having trouble seeing past the chill in the air, look no further than September's birthstone: the alluring, benevolent Sapphire.

Almost otherworldly in its captivating beauty, Sapphire has somehow been able to maintain a sense of etherealness and mystery even as its popularity has grown. But what exactly is so special about the Sept. birthstone? We're glad you asked.

Let us clue you in on the hidden depths of the Sapphire birthstone below!

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September birthstone meaning

Sapphire has been seen as a symbol of wisdom, virtue, love, fortune, and good health for centuries. Also known as the “celestial stone” due to its association with the heavens because of its deep blue hue, it's no wonder that Sapphire has found a place in the hearts of so many!

The meaning of Sapphire as the September birthstone revolves around vision, wisdom, and awareness. Believed by some to contain within its depths the secrets of the universe, Sapphire functions as a reminder to be open to the possibilities and revelations of life.

Given the several colors of Sapphire—which we'll delve more into later—there are slight variations in the meaning of each hue.

Think of these variations as a way of customizing your journey and allowing the different shades to offer unique insights into your path ahead. Let's take a closer look at the meanings of our favorite Sapphire colors:

  • The classic Blue Sapphire birthstone is linked with water, imbuing its wearers with the kind of calm, clarity, and composure that comes from being one with the flow of life.
  • Pink Sapphire is one of the best ways to learn how to love yourself—and, consequently, those around you—more deeply.
  • Yellow Sapphire is said to be associated with the sun, conveying strength and courage. This is especially useful during times of doubt and confusion when you need a spark to carry on.
  • Green Sapphire acts as a sieve for truth, granting its bearers the insight they need to discern what is and isn't real.
  • Star Sapphire is all about preparing you for metaphysical travel, opening up pathways of exploration for your individual journey.

Where Sapphire is found

The birthstone for September can (thankfully) be found across several continents. This is what helps keep Sapphire prices relatively manageable—at least when compared to Diamond and Ruby.

Some locales that offer quality Sapphires include Africa, China, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Madagascar, Myanmar, the United States, and Australia. For the most striking specimens, however, you can't go wrong with Sapphires from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Kashmir.

Sapphire variations and colors

As we touched on earlier, there's so much more to Sapphire birthstone than the classic blue. Sapphires come in a range of colors, depending on the type and amount of trace elements present in the stone itself.

The commonly known variants are yellow, pink, green, orange, purple, and even black sapphire. There's also the Star Sapphire, which is the result of needle-like inclusions of rutile, visible at certain angles.

Sapphire healing properties

While Sapphire holds the same general properties regardless of what color you choose, each shade has its own healing benefits. The stone's harmonious, comforting energy feels like a cool breeze on a summer day, which can be beneficial for those with anxiety, stress, fevers, and inflammatory issues.

Emotionally, Sapphire brings balance and clarity. It's believed to help us connect with our higher selves, allowing us to gain a better understanding of our spiritual paths. As such, Sapphire is an invaluable tool for spiritual growth and exploration. Wearing Sapphire jewelry means having access to this unique power, allowing us to tap into our inner wisdom and find answers within.

September Alternative Birthstones

Lapis Lazuli September birthstone

Lapis Lazuli as a birthstone connects you to the wisdom of the universe, with its deep blues and gold flecks reminding us to trust our intuition. Balancing our Third Eye chakra, this stone bats away anything preventing us from seeing the truth of our paths.

Inculcating a deep sense of compassion and harmony, Lapis Lazuli grants us the insight and strength we need to always be true to ourselves—and those around us.

Amethyst September birthstone

Amethyst is also a birthstone for September. Working in the interstices of our intuition and intellect, this crystal imbues us with keen insight into our best-laid plans. Amethyst helps us navigate the dream world with ease, exciting our imaginations as soon as we wake up—ready to take action.

A godsend for insomniacs and those dealing with anxiety, Amethyst helps slow down the mind so we can access the creative flow of ideas that comes from our inner brilliance.

Opal September birthstone

Opal as a September birthstone tethers us to our inner strength and courage, illuminating our path forward. With its unique blaze of colors, Opal helps us understand and accept ourselves as we are.

It reminds us that life is precious and worth savoring every step of the way. It encourages us to be vulnerable, allowing us to explore our emotions with an open heart so we can learn, grow and become our best selves.

Common Questions About September Birthstones

How many birthstones does September have?

There are four September birthstones: Sapphire, the traditional birthstone for the month, and three alternatives, Opal, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli.

Why does September have several birthstones?

Birthstones used to be limited to just one per month. Over time, however, people began to recognize the importance of having multiple birthstones for each month. While access to certain stones may be limited, having three or more birthstones for each month ensures that there's something for everyone—no matter where you live, the size of your wallet, or what you're looking for in a birthstone.

What does the September birthstone symbolize?

Sapphire, in all its colors, symbolizes tranquility, insight, and balance.

Final Takeaways

Despite its long history as a prized gemstone, Sapphire still maintains a certain je ne sais quoi that continues to cast its spell over collectors and admirers alike—thousands of years since its first discovery.

As September beckons us to slow down and connect with our inner selves, you can trust Sapphire to be there for you every step of the way. Blasting away negative thought patterns and granting us access to our inner wisdom, Sapphire is a true stone of insight that you will cherish for many years to come!

What’s the best crystal for me?

You are only few answers away from finding out which crystal is best suited for your life’s journey ✨

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