August Birthstone Peridot: History, Meaning, Properties, and Uses

August Birthstone Peridot: History, Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Once August rolls around, you just know that the days will begin to shorten and the nights will become cooler, yet the natural sparkle of Peridot remains present. This gemstone is known for its bright yellow-green hue that reflects sunshine even in the waning summer months.

Peridot, as the August birthstone, is perfectly suited to represent the transition from summer to fall. Its distinctive lime-green hue evokes a feeling of optimism and renewal, helping us prepare for the future and all that awaits.

Read on as we walk you through what makes Peridot the August birthstone—helping you better understand this mesmerizing stone and its extraordinary properties!

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August birthstone meaning

The meaning of Peridot—the birthstone for the month of August—hinges on its striking yellow-green hue. Like a lime-tinted glass of lemonade, this color is meant to soothe and refresh at the same time. Peridot has long been associated with a lightness of spirit, giving way to a deep-seated optimism that can help you move forward in life.

Peridot has an air of mystery and power that captivated ancient cultures. The Egyptians, for instance, regarded Peridot as a symbol of protection against evil, while the Romans prized it for its resemblance to Emerald under lamp light. Hawaiians even believed that Peridot contained the tears of Pele, their goddess of fire and volcanoes.

The stone's color is mainly associated today with prosperity, an almost tangible reminder of the good fortune that life can bring. It's said to open up your heart and mind while helping to discern what is truly meaningful in life, including the power of love over all obstacles.

Where Peridot is found

Despite being linked with mysterious cultures of the past, it is mainly sourced today from the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona, though small deposits can also be found in Hawaii and other parts of North America. You'll also be able to find excellent specimens from Africa, Myanmar, China, and Pakistan.

And if you're in the market for a specimen that's truly out-of-this-world, try searching for Peridot sourced from a meteorite.

Yes, you read that right—it's rare, but it can be found!

Peridot variations and colors

At heart, Peridot is simply olivine. What makes this stoneglow with that distinctive grass-green tint isn't trace amounts of other minerals (unlike most other stones)—the composition of olivine itself in Peridot is the key to its signature hue.

Again, unlike most other stones, Peridot's color range is quite limited and you won't be able to find any fancy cuts or intense shades of color. Almost all Peridot specimens will come in a medium-greenish yellow or light olive shade.

Peridot healing properties

Peridot works wonders as an emotional healing stone, helping to open up the heart and fill it with optimism. Working with this stone can help you discover inner strength, calming any overwhelming feelings of stress, anger, or jealousy while boosting self-confidence.

An excellent stone to balance our Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, Peridot can be used to open up our emotional center and draw in new levels of love, understanding, and sensitivity.

Thanks to its strong connection with nature, Peridot is also believed to bring good luck and abundance into the lives of those who wear it—a beautiful reminder that we are supported by the universe, even when we don't realize it.

Wearing Peridot jewelry close to your skin can give you a deep sense of calm and renewal. We don't always have time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, so why not let a piece of Peridot jewelry do the trick?

August Alternative Birthstones

Spinel August birthstone

The August birthstone Spinel's vivid red and pink hues—among other shades—are said to represent passion and energy. This stone can help one be more decisive and full of life, as well as bring balance to relationships.

Spinel as a birthstone works like a charm to bring out your inner courage and strength, spurring you on to greater heights!

Sardonyx August birthstone

Beloved by ancient Egyptians, the August birthstone Sardonyx is all about courage, communication, and bridging the gaps that divide us. Couples, in particular, are said to be drawn together more closely when they wear this stone!

The layered bands of the Sardonyx birthstone signify strength and stability, while the sheer white hue adds a dreamy touch. Its beautiful presence can bring relief from stress while soothing anxious minds—allowing you to move forward with a deep-seated optimism that will help you conquer any challenge.

Common Questions About August Birthstones

How many birthstones does August have?

August has three birthstones: Peridot, the traditional birthstone for the month, and two alternatives, Spinel and Sardonyx.

Why does August have three birthstones?

In olden times, each month was linked to just one birthstone. However, in recent times, two or three birthstones are usually associated with a single month. This is to offer more options and variations for those seeking the perfect birthstone.

Whether it's because the traditional birthstones are too expensive or simply not the right color, having multiple birthstones for a single month allows you to go with the one that resonates best with you!

Final Takeaways

August represents a turning point in the year when the days start to get shorter and colder. There's more of an emphasis on introspection and slowing down this month, making it the perfect time to focus on healing and self-care.

August-borns who are starting to feel the chill of winter can find solace in the three birthstones associated with this month: Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx. Each stone has unique properties that make it great for healing and balance, whether it's emotional or physical.

So why not add a touch of nature to your wardrobe with any one (or all three!) of these August birthstones? They could be just what you need to turn the tide and stay optimistic during the colder months!

Happy healing!

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