A Guide to the Ultra Soft Vivianite Stone

A Guide to the Ultra Soft Vivianite Stone

Looking for a crystal solution to revitalize your energy, balance your chakras, and help heal heart matters? The unique colors and hand-feel of the crystal Vivianite could help. Filled with unique physical properties and even more interesting metaphysical properties, it will be a fascinating stone to add to your collection. Ready to learn more about this specimen and how it can help your mind, body, and spirit? We’ve comprised a collective guide with everything you need to know!

History & Physical Properties of Vivianite

This gorgeous stone dates back to the 1800s. It was first discovered in 1817 by John Henry Vivian and named after him by Abraham Gottlob Werner. John Henry Vivian was a mineralogist from Cornwall, England. He was also a mine owner and politician at the time. 

Vivianite is now a common secondary mineral. The mineral occurs in oxidized metallic ore deposits and granite pegmatites and acts as a replacement for organic material in lake sediments, fossilized bones, and appears in caves. These crystals are mostly mined out of Bolivia but are also found in Mexico, U.S.A, and Mexico. 

Vivianite is a soft and fragile crystal. It’s only a 1.5-2 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale! It is so soft that it’s along the same lines as talc. It is often flexible and can be cut with a knife! As you can imagine, any faceted gems would be extremely difficult to wear. This is why you won’t find pure Vivianite in a piece of jewelry and why it is not often handled by anyone other than professional collectors or gem suppliers. 

Gem faceter and supplier C. D. Parsons said, in an interview, that he looks forward to cutting vivianite someday—something few have ever done successfully due to its extreme softness and perfect cleavage, as told by the Gem Society. 

The Many Colors of Vivianite

You’ll typically see Vivianite as a dark green, almost black color running between transparent to opaque. When mined, these soft gemstones are colorless or pale green, but their colors quickly darken when exposed to light. That’s why you’ll find note after note saying never to place a Vivianite stone near sunlight.


The light will darken it to different green and blue shades, then further to a dark green, then differing shades of dark purple, dark blue, and bluish-black. You can see photos of the different colors coming from various mines found here on Dakota Matrix Minerals.

Vivianite Metaphysical Properties

In addition to Vivianite’s fascinating physical properties, it also has some wonderful metaphysical properties. That’s because crystals from all over the world each carry their unique frequency. Those frequencies work in tandem with our own energy to either raise them to achieve greater happiness and intuition or give immunity against the negativity around us. That’s why we, at Conscious Items, love choosing crystal jewelry by intentions! So we always have a crystal bodyguard by our side.

With that said, Vivianite is mostly a collector’s stone, but you can still understand its amazing metaphysical energy in case you ever get your hands on it!

Works with the Throat Chakra: Your chakras are your energy centers in the physical body. When each chakra (there are seven) within yourself is balanced, then everything is balanced. When one is out of line, you may feel a specific part of your life feeling misaligned. With that said, the Vivianite stone works with the Throat, or the blue chakra, the center of communication. If you are having trouble expressing your true self and your needs, you will want to turn to crystals that work with this chakra.

Vivianite also works with the third eye and crown chakra. It unlocks your intuition so you can connect with your Inner Guide and become fully aware of your true self. This helps you walk down the path of enlightenment and see the true blessings that are already in your life. 

Works with Capricorn Zodiac Signs: The Vivianite is a Capricorn stone. If this is your sign, you may find yourself drawn to the stone’s energies. 


Aids Matters of the Heart: Although not necessarily working with the heart chakra, this lovely stone works to heal old and new wounds. It has a gentle sensation to it, allowing you to feel compassion for yourself and others. If you find yourself being down in the dumps or extra critical of your accomplishments and your looks, you will need the nurturing warmth to help you take things easy and relight the fires that once kept you confident. This is a transformative stone to help release any anxiety you may have regarding what other people think of you. You are beautiful inside and out and may only need a small reminder of that! Let the warm energy of these compassionate stones be that reminder. Vivianite works well with Rose Quartz in this sense. 

Aids with Stressful Situations: We see this stone can help relax your negative thoughts, but it is ultra-relaxing in every way. Turn to it when stressful thoughts and situations are taking control of your mind. Along the same line, it is quite beneficial for the body. The crystal is helpful for osteoporosis and helps strengthen memory, particularly in cases of dementia.

Your Compassionate Color-Changing Stone

Now that you’ve learned the history and many uses of this peaceful stone, Vivianite, is it calling your name? Use your intuition to find rocks that you will need in your collection; you may be surprised to see this one calling to you! In modern-day jewelry, you may discover Vivinite combined with other stones to make more durable keychains, bracelets, and talismans out of it. Good news: Vivianite works great with lots of crystals—particularly high-frequency ones and stones of the heart and throat chakra! So mix and match as you please with this one! Let your Inner Guide tell you what you need. 

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