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Chalcedony Stone: Meanings, Properties, and Powers

Chalcedony is a stone that has been used to promote healing for centuries. Read more about its powers and where it comes from here.

Learning more about crystals is exciting for those who understand how to use them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to gemstones and their potential healing powers. Let’s discuss Chalcedony a bit more so that you can truly harness its nurturing abilities. 

What Is Chalcedony?

Chalcedony is a type of quartz that is relatively compact. It comes in a variety of colors and forms, each with its own unique characteristics. It has a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale and is waxy in luster. While there are many different varieties, Agate is the most popular type of Chalcedony. 

This gem is often used for beads and bracelets, as well as for animal carvings. Sometimes this stone is dyed to create more vibrant varieties of the crystal. This includes vivid blue colors, red, and pink. Chalcedony is found in abundance all over the world and is easily distinguished from other types of gems. 

Types Of Chalcedony

There are a lot of different types of Chalcedony because it is the host of subcategories of gemstones. Here a few examples:

  • Agate is a banded variety of Chalcedony that is typically white or grey in color. It is used for rebalancing and stabilizing auras. 
  • Bloodstone is typically dark green and associated with the base chakra. It is a cleanser and healing stone that wards off negative energy and stimulates dreams. 
  • Carnelian is a red translucent type of Chalcedony that promotes courage and dispels feelings of apathy. 
  • Jasper is an opaque version of Chalcedony that’s usually yellow or brown. It’s known as the nurturing stone and supports people during times of stress. It also encourages honesty in yourself and with others. 
  • Tiger’s Eye is known for its chatoyant (or cat’s eye) effect and its golden-brown tint. This stone brings good luck and focus to the mind. It’s associated with the throat chakra and is used to release stress and frustrations. 

Symbolism Of Chalcedony

Chalcedony is known for bringing emotional balance and the ability to promote generosity. It is also the perfect stone for increasing stamina, endurance, and even kindness. This crystal alleviates any negative thoughts you may have, including nightmares. 

This stone is symbolic of the mind and the power that it holds. It emits calming energy that enables the mind to align with your positive thoughts. Chalcedony stones are used at the Third Eye chakra to promote stability for the mind. 

The Meaning Behind Chalcedony

The name Chalcedony comes from the ancient Byzantine city of Chalcedon. Today, that area is known as Kadikoy, Turkey. People often used this stone to focus on the spiritual world without losing their own objectives in the process. It can strengthen your ability to positively transform your life. 

Ancient civilizations in Egypt and Rome used this gemstone in their jewelry and in carvings. It was believed to give people powers when they held it in their hands. It was known as the “speaker’s stone,” as it was said to improve your elocution skills. Cicero, a Roman orator, once wore Chalcedony around his neck. 

Several Native American groups consider this stone to be sacred. They use it to promote stability during their ceremonies. They still use it today during meditations as a connection to the spirit realm that helps receive thought transmissions from a higher power. 

Healing Properties And Powers Of Chalcedony

Chalcedony is known for its nurturing abilities and its ability to promote comradery. It instills feelings of generosity in those who use it and rids your body and mind of hostility. This crystal also diminishes feelings of self-doubt or self-pity. 

The physical properties of this stone are incredible. It lessens the effects of dementia in the elderly and increases physical energy. It also heals ailments in the bones, spleen, and blood. Chalcedony is also known to combat the buildup of minerals in your veins. 

This stone is a powerful cleanser as well. It aids mothers who have a lack of maternal instincts. Chalcedony also rids your mind of panic and anxiety. With this stone, your emotions become aligned with your body for perfect harmony. 

Chakra Association

Since this stone is associated with communication, it makes sense for Chalcedony to be closely tied to the Throat chakra. This is the voice of your body that allows other chakras to be expressed through it. If this chakra is out of alignment, it will cause the other chakras to become blocked as well, since they cannot be properly expressed. 

When your Throat chakra is in proper alignment, you will be able to speak your truth freely. The flow of energy in your body will move with ease and be expressed through your body language and speech. It enables natural release for your body, especially during meditation. 

Blue Chalcedony specifically, is used to communicate with Spirits and encourages the language of Light. This is a good stone for repairing old wounds you may have and addressing deep anger within you. Blue Chalcedony also stimulates telepathic abilities so that you can communicate with the invisible realms.

As a word of caution, if you are using Chalcedony for the Throat chakra, do not use it in conjunction with Azurite. The power of both of these stones is extremely strong and should be left to professionals to handle. 

Uses For Chalcedony

In ancient times, Chalcedony was used as an amulet to prevent people from drowning. It was also used as a seal that was carved into pendants for religious figures. Today, it is worn at night to protect the user from nightmares and sleepwalking. It also protects against psychic attacks while you are unconscious. 

Chalcedony can be held or placed in a pocket for people who wish to use it to lessen intrusive thoughts and rid themselves of sadness and fear. It is also used to lessen the effects of seasonal allergies.

Chalcedony is also often made into an elixir by using water and salt in boiling water. This treats sore throats and other problems with the vocal cords. 

Zodiac Sign

Elementally, Chalcedony is known for Cancers and Sagittarians. While it isn’t a birthstone for any month, it has strong ties to those two signs. All of the minerals are associated with these signs in some way. It is good luck for Cancers to wear this stone and helps protect Sagittarians. 

Cleaning Chalcedony

You should clean and charge Chalcedony at least once a month. This could vary depending on how often you use this crystal. This can be done under warm running water. To charge this gemstone, place it inside an amethyst geode during the night. This is the most powerful way to charge this stone, but you can also use moonlight. 

Remember that every crystal you use carries energy with it after being used. If you don’t cleanse the crystal after a session, it will hang onto those intentions until the next time you cleanse it. If a certain method of cleansing speaks to you, go with your gut. Just be sure that the method doesn’t damage the crystal in any way. 

The Bottom Line

Chalcedony is a powerful stone with a lot of amazing qualities. If you are looking for a stone that can defend you against negative energy and promote communication in your personal and work life, try Chalcedony. Discover what this stone can do for you when you allow it into your life. 

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