A Guide to the Meteorite: Our Other-Worldy Gift

A Guide to the Meteorite: Our Other-Worldy Gift

Meteorites are indeed an out-of-this-world gift. A meteorite is a solid piece of debris from asteroids, meteoroids, or comets that originates in outer space and arrive on Earth as our precious gift to utilize! 

Many cultures consider Meteorite to be a sacred stone capable of supernatural powers. This very rare crystal represents emotional support and balance, spiritual growth, and physical healing. Its superpowers aid in spiritual healing and work well with chakras as it is associated with almost everyone!

This reference guide will help you understand what a meteorite is, the different types of meteorites, their metaphysical properties, and how to work with them in your crystal practice. 

History of Meteorite

Meteorites originate in outer space and survive their travel through the Earth’s atmosphere and collision with the Earth’s surface. All meteorites originate within our solar system. Most are fragments of asteroids that come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. These asteroids have orbited the Sun for millions of years before colliding with Earth. Scientists spend their careers studying these ancient pieces of celestial bodies because they contain a record of our solar system’s history! 

Certain primitive meteorites contain some of the first solid material to form in our solar system, allowing researchers to use it to determine our solar system’s age: about 4.6 billion years old. By understanding meteorites, we can learn more about how the solar system evolved into the Sun and planets we know today and postulate how meteorite impacts could affect our future. How cool is that?

When entering the Earth’s atmosphere, meteors undergo a series of reactions due to pressure, friction, and chemical interactions that cause the stone to heat up and radiate energy. It forms a blazing fireball that streaks across the sky like a shooting star at this point in its journey to Earth. Upon impact on the Earth’s surface, it undergoes another series of chemical reactions that affect the type of meteorite we find here on Mother Earth. 


Guide to the Meteorite

Meteors vary significantly in size, from small stones to giant boulders that can form a crater; the biggest one ever found weighs around 60 tons. Imagine the spiritual healing you could do with that!

It commonly appears as a round stone found in grey, black, silver, brown, or metallic in color. While finding meteorites is very rare, a large portion of those that are found come from the Sahara Desert and Antarctica near impact sites. Many types of meteorites and their various names originate from the areas in which they were found. 

Types of Meteorite

There are three broad categories of meteorites based on their composition: chondrites or stony meteorites, iron meteorites composed of mainly iron and nickel, and the very rare stony-iron of achondrite meteorites. 

  • Stony Meteorites: The most common type of meteorites, chondrite meteorites are rocks composed of silicate materials, mainly Pyroxene and Olivine with small amounts of Plagioclase Feldspar and Nickel-Iron.

  • Iron Meteorites: About 5% of meteorites found are composed of metallic iron and nickel. Most iron meteorites are believed to come from the molten core of asteroids and are of the same composition as the Earth’s magnetic core. 


Guide to the Meteorite

  • Stony-Iron Meteorites: The rarest of meteorites making up only 1% of those found are the stony-iron meteorites. Containing both rocky and metallic materials, these types of meteorites consist of stone fragments and beautiful olivine crystals embedded amongst a matrix of iron and nickel. 

Metaphysical Properties of Meteorite

Meteorite is believed to hold supernatural powers and channel the energy of the universe right into the palm of your hands. Meteorite can be used to balance and align the energetic fields of the body and helps expand consciousness beyond your current boundaries. Meteorite promotes introspection and brings a more in-depth insight into existing problems or situations. Perhaps it is its other-worldly origin, but meteorite helps us realize the purpose of our existence on this planet and our purpose in life.

Meteorite teaches you to adapt to change more readily and encourages mental growth. It can assist with breaking bad habits and replacing them with productive ones. This stone can remove negative vibes and replace them with positive, vibrant energy.

Meditating with meteorites may help activate psychic abilities and clairvoyance. It encourages inner awareness and a sense of wonder of enlightenment. Chondrite meteorite is a handy tool for communication with other realms and connecting with other beings both on this planet and extraterrestrial. Chondrite meteorite is programmable and can be used to store information. It contains spiritual records and chronicles the solar system’s history, allowing the wearer access to esoteric knowledge and new information. 

Meteorites with high iron levels may assist the body in grounding, accepting, and integrating with the spirit. This grounding property of meteorite can serve as an anchor during astral travel and lucid dreaming, a useful tool to deepen your meditation practice. When the physical body is grounded, the spirit can travel to other planes gathering new information and practices. Meteorites can help retain this further information and make it available to the conscious mind. 

Using Meteorite in your Everyday Life 

Meteorite holds many healing properties and can be used daily to reap its many benefits. If you frequently experience stress, you can use this crystal to free your mind of mental burden and relieve stress. If you have a hard time focusing your attention, regular use of meteorite may enhance your concentration and help you strengthen your focus.

Due to its capacity to enhance communication skills, you can use meteorite to improve your professional life as well. Keep this crystal in your pocket during presentations or speaking engagements, and you’ll be able to communicate effectively, earning admiration and respect from your colleagues. Meteorite can bring good luck and finances in life. It also promotes mental growth, spurring inspiration and novel ideas, which can be useful in propelling your professional life forward. 


Guide to the Meteorite

One of the most notable uses for the meteorite crystal is its powerful benefits for athletes. Meteorite can boost stamina and endurance in athletes, helping them stay energized for longer. It can increase strength, promoting a strong and healthy physical body attuned in harmony with the spiritual body. The meteorite crystal is essential in treating the circulatory system’s diseases and may help alleviate blood-related issues like anemia. 

Get Out of the World Healing

Indeed an other-worldly gift, meteorites are an exciting addition to any crystal collection and make fascinating conversational pieces. In addition to their space-traveling capabilities, meteorite can bring an array of benefits to your life here on Earth as well. Just like any crystal, each type of meteorite will have its powers and energetic properties. Exploring the various types of meteorites and incorporating them into your rituals can take your crystal practice on the next level - if you’re lucky enough to get your human hands on them!

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