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Complete Guide to Shiva Lingam: Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Shiva lingam is a powerful stone that can achieve spiritual growth and enlightenment. It's also a healing stone, bringing balance to mind, body, and spirit.

It is one of the most popular fertility stones. It is a brilliant work of art that can activate all seven chakras. Bringing this stone into your life means allowing abundance and fortune in through the door! Many people regard this unique crystal as a good luck charm. Let's dive deeper into this healing stone.

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Shiva Lingam Crystal Meaning 

shiva lingam meaning

Shiva Lingam Crystal is a stone of protection and can be used to ward off negative energy. It is an incredible stone for attracting love, luck, and prosperity. The Shiva Lingam Crystal has been used throughout history to heal ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, and anemia.

Blue represents spiritual wisdom, while red represents passion or desire for something you want to achieve or find out about yourself (like deep-rooted desires). 

Yellow will help you see where there may be hidden blocks blocking your path towards success through meditation techniques like prayer mantras or breathing exercises which will focus on clearing away any negativity, so they won't influence what happens next in this process!

Shiva Lingam Benefits

Shiva Lingam Crystal is a powerful stone for healing. It helps to remove depression, negativity, and fear.

Shiva Lingam Crystal is also a stone of love and balance, helping you connect with your inner self through meditation or yoga.

Shiva Lingam Uses

shiva lingam uses

Shiva lingam symbolizes male energy and is believed to help with fertility and virility. Here are some awesome Shiva Lingam Uses.

Wearing Shiva Lingam Jewelry

Shiva lingam jewelry symbolizes the union of male and female energies. It is a symbol of fertility, creativity, and prosperity. Shiva Lingam jewelry can be worn by both men and women who wish to connect with their inner Goddess or God.

You believe in yourself by wearing Shiva Lingam jewelry like anklets, pendants, or rings. It says you have what it takes to overcome any obstacle life throws at you!

Shiva Lingam Crystal at Home

A Shiva Lingam Crystal at home can help you achieve well-being, peace, and balance. 

You can display this gorgeous stone in your house as decoration pieces like lamps, charms, or crystal bowls!

Shiva Lingam Crystal at Work

Shiva Lingam Crystal can help you focus and be productive at work.

If you feel like your mind is racing with thoughts, Shiva Lingam Crystal can help you deal with stress and anxiety at work. Keep the stone in your drawers, and hang it in wind chimes or crystal charms at work. 

Meditation with Shiva Lingam Crystal

When you meditate with the Shiva Lingam crystal, it helps you to become more aware of your intuition. You can use this awareness to guide you and make decisions more quickly.

The Shiva Lingam crystal will help reduce stress levels by opening up the flow of prana (life force energy). You can meditate by placing the stone on your forehead or keeping it on the ground as you meditate.

Shiva Lingam Crystal Therapy

Shiva Lingam Crystal is a powerful healing stone that can help you overcome your life's problems. Shiva Lingam crystal therapy allows wisdom and enlightenment to enter your life. The Shiva Lingam Crystal will help you connect with your higher self to live a fulfilling life full of joy and happiness.

Shiva Lingam Properties

The Shiva Lingam is a sacred stone used in Hinduism and Sanskrit. It is used for meditation, worship, and protection from negative energy. There are many Shiva Lingam properties you can use to your advantage.

The stone works immensely on impotency and allows the channels of fertility to open for both genders. It is also brilliant for menstrual cramps and pain. This stone will ease the pain and reduce mood shifts that women struggle with during menstruation. It offers ease and comfort during tough times and helps reduce negative thoughts. 

Shiva Lingam Metaphysical Properties

Shiva Lingam is a powerful stone that can help to heal and balance the body, mind, and spirit. It is also an excellent stone for meditation and healing. 

Shiva Lingam has been used in India for thousands of years as a sacred object or symbol of deity or power. 

It calms the mind and allows us to better understand the world. Once this stone enters your life, you will notice a massive positive shift in your aura and your decisions. 

Cleansing and Charging Shiva Lingam Crystal

charging shiva lingam

Regular cleansing and charging of your Shiva Lingam crystal are vital. It can be easily affected by negative energy, so you must cleanse your Shiva Lingam before you use it. 

How to Cleanse Shiva Lingam Crystal?

Using a soft brush to cleanse your Shiva Lingam Crystal: It is essential to use a soft brush when cleaning your Shiva Lingam Crystal. The practice will help you remove any unwanted dirt and pollutants that may have accumulated on it over time.

Using a soft cloth to cleanse your Shiva Lingam Crystal: You can also use a soft cloth instead of using any scrubber tool or fabric explicitly designed for this purpose. We recommend using these tools because they will not scratch the surface at all, which means they won't do any damage!

How to Charge Shiva Lingam Crystal?

Many people wonder how to charge Shiva Lingam Crystal. Place your cleaned crystal into the center of your charging wand. If you don't have one, use an inverted cup or bowl as an improvised version that will still work well for this purpose!

Hold your wand over a candle or candle holder while chanting a mantra (usually Om Namah Shivaya).

Shiva Lingam Crystal Pairings

Shiva Lingam is a powerful stone that can be used for many purposes. It is an excellent stone for healing, meditation, and spiritual growth. Imagine the wonders it can do if you use Shiva Lingam Crystal Pairings!

You can pair it with the Amethyst. It will offer you an abundance of groundedness, calmness, and tranquility. You will notice yourself reaching the inner pools of your spirituality, and the lock on your psychic abilities will also break!

If you want to transform your consciousness, pair the Shiva Lingam with the Moldavite. It will work on your spiritual aspects and provide major healing. Both stones have high vibrational energies, which promote intellect and fertility. 

Shiva Lingam Crystal and Chakras

The Shiva Lingam is used to balance the solar plexus chakra. The root chakra is located at the base of your spine and controls your basic physical needs, such as eating, drinking, and elimination. When this area is out of balance, we may feel like something is missing in our lives, or we may have issues with digestion or even constipation due to a lack of nutrients being absorbed through our intestines properly. 

When your crown chakra is out of balance, it can lead to headaches and fatigue, which can cause you more stress, leading you down a spiral path towards depression if left untreated long enough! The Shiva lingam works on all your chakras and balances them to avoid emotional and physical damage.

It also strongly impacts the heart chakra, allowing calamity and forgiveness. It reduces emotional distress and will enable you to allow positivity to enter your inner spirit. It helps you unite all your relationships for the better instead of repelling away from your loved ones. 

Shiva Lingam Crystal and Zodiac

Shiva Lingam Crystal is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries. All this is because Aries is a fire sign, which means it has an affinity for all things about fire. The Sanskrit word "Arya" means noble or nobleman, and all those who adhere to this lifestyle will find themselves drawn toward Shiva Lingam Crystal.

The fact that Shiva Lingam Crystal belongs to this particular sign makes it highly beneficial for anyone born this month (April-May). It can help you overcome any emotional problems you may be facing and bring back peace into your life after a long time of turmoil and stress.

FAQ on Shiva Lingam Crystal

Q: What makes the Shiva Lingam Stone Unique?

The stone is unique because it offers protection against negativity and evil spirits. It provides spiritual enlightenment through meditation.

Q: Is Shiva Lingam a rare stone?

No, the stone is readily available.

Q: Is Shiva lingam Expensive?

No, the stone is not expensive.


Shiva lingam is one of the most potent crystals that you can use. It stimulates your creative abilities and brings out your inner self. It will help you achieve life goals, which can be very challenging if not done correctly. You can use it in plenty of ways to make your life better. The versatile stone works with many different crystals and heightens its powers for you!

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