Rainbow Moonstone Meaning: Protective Properties And Spiritual Healing

Rainbow Moonstone Meaning: Protective Properties And Spiritual Healing

And yet, Rainbow Moonstone is not technically part of the Moonstone family.

Let's take a closer look at this gorgeous gemstone and its healing powers.

What Is Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow Moonstone is actually a type of Labradorite found in Madagascar. It presents a light base and multicolored adularescence. That means that when the light hits the gemstone, it diffracts within the microstructure of the stone layers. The effect is also called sheen or schiller.

Rainbow Moonstone is part of the Labradorite feldspar gemstones group, not the orthoclase like other Moonstones. Yellow Moonstone and Peach Moonstone, for instance, are actual Moonstones and part of the orthoclase group.

In the gemstones trade, the Moonstone title is not given based on the actual identity of the stone, but rather because of the adularescence effect.

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Meaning

In Ancient Rome, Moonstones were believed to be solidified rays of moonlight. It was associated with lunar deities like the goddess Diana. Part of the Rainbow Moonstone meaning is that of a divine gemstone.

Its connection to the Moon meant it was associated with instances of the Divine Feminine Energy in other cultures as well. Ancient Greeks associated Moonstone with the goddess Aphrodite. That made Moonstone the symbol of beauty, above all other gemstones.

In India, Moonstone is a sacred stone that is featured on the forehead of Lord Ganesh, the god of the Moon. Given as a gift, Moonstone is believed to bring good fortune and abundance.

Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the Divine Feminine principle. This highly spiritual stone symbolizes the purity and emotional innocence of youth. It also symbolizes fertility, intuition, and prosperity. Harmonize with these vibes by wearing the Lunar Ring of Power and you'll see your life transform.

Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

The Rainbow Moonstone spiritual meaning is that of abundant and intuitive energy. Moonstone helps to improve fertility. Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of abundance. It attracts wealth, be it material, emotional, spiritual: or even a wealth of knowledge.

It has the power of enhancing creativity. Rainbow Moonlight fuels inspiration and encourages self-expression.

It's an excellent stone for improving vitality due to its high vibes. When you're dealing with bad moods or trying times, Rainbow Moonstone restores your optimism and your zest for life.

It has the soft and gentle energy of a calming nature. As a result, Rainbow Moonstone is a great crystal to wear when you're going to therapy or recovering from emotionally trying times.

If you're experiencing issues in your love life, put Rainbow Moonstone in your bedroom. You'll find it can arouse tender passion and help you reconnect with your significant other. Add the Tiger's Eye Passion Bracelet to the mix and sparks will be flying.

The blue sheen is associated with spiritual insight. Moonstones are some of the clearer stones that carry the universal energy of insight. Rainbow Moonstone crystals unlock your psychic gifts and support your spiritual growth.

It activates your own intuition. With the help of Rainbow Moonstone, you'll take the first step towards exploring the spiritual world through psychic perception. 

When you're embarking on a lucid dreaming adventure, Rainbow Moonstone protects you from negative energy.

The protective and gentle energy of Rainbow Moonstone resonates with the angelic realm. These are the best crystals to wear when you're communicating with your guardian angel.

Healing Rainbow Moonstone Properties

Rainbow Moonstones are powerful healing crystals. The connection to feminine energy means it supports the female reproductive system. It's a great stone to wear when you're trying to conceive. It will enhance fertility.

Due to the soothing vibes, Rainbow Moonstone helps pregnant women overcome anxieties or restlessness. It cleanses negative vibrations from the nursery, optimizing the room for the baby's arrival.

The soothing vibes also help the digestive system, both for adults and for kids. Keep a Rainbow Moonstone in every room to make sure there's a gentle cleansing flow of energy throughout your home.

Rainbow Moonstone improves your creativity. If you're struggling with coming up with ideas at work, get a Rainbow Moonstone for your office. It will help you overcome blockages and fears.

If you struggle with a fear of public speaking, Rainbow Moonstone bracelets can help you heal from it. It will encourage you to express yourself in a charming and relaxed way. You'll connect with your audience and make a good impression.

Because it's connected to the Moon, Rainbow Moonstone can treat sleepwalking. It encourages soothing vibes that help you sleep peacefully. This precious stone can also heal insomnia.

If you're suffering from nightmares, it can chase away negative energies from your physical mind. You can use the Artist's Sleep Stone in a similar manner. That way, you'll enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.

If you find you're affected by the lunar cycles more than other people around you, Rainbow Moonstone can help you regain your balance.

Cancers, for instance, are often affected by the Full Moon. If they carry a Rainbow Moonstone with them around the Full Moon, the energy won't disturb their sleep so much. The Moonstone will absorb the excess energy of the Moon and allow Cancers to relax.

Rainbow Moonstone: Uses For The Zodiac Signs

The traditional birthstone for June is Pearl, but other gemstones are modern options, like Alexandrite. Moonstone is a modern June birthstone as well.

The Rainbow Moonstone resonates best with Cancer, an intuitive and emotionally aware sign which is ruled by the Moon.

Let's see what healing properties Rainbow Moonstones have for the zodiac signs.

Air signs

Rainbow Moonstone encourages mental clarity for air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). The crown chakras of air signs tend to be more sensitive to the energies of confusion and insecurities. Rainbow Moonstones protect their crown chakras.

These beautiful crystals offer gentle guidance and support. They resonate with the angelic realm. As a result, they can easily bring air signs guidance and support from their angels. Wear the Spiritual Growth Bracelet and it will be even easier to receive messages from your angels.

Sometimes the power of the mind can create emotional distance. Air signs might come across as cold sometimes. But that's because they naturally operate from a place of thinking rather than feeling.

Rainbow Moonstone restores the balance between what they feel and what they think. It encourages empathy and emotional vulnerability.

Water signs

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are very intuitive. They are also sensitive to the feelings and moods of people around them. Rainbow Moonstones offer them emotional protection from the emotional smog. The Cleansing Stone has similar qualities.

The psychic gifts of water signs are naturally activated. When they're starting out on their spiritual journey, things can become overwhelming. By wearing Rainbow Moonstones, they gain psychic protection.

Sometimes, water signs have feelings that run very deep. So deep that they might leave them feeling lost in an ocean of emotion. When that happens, Rainbow Moonstone crystals bring them back to calmer shores.

Fire signs

Decisive and assertive, fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) set out to achieve their goals. They're very driven and resourceful. Sometimes, that can mean they'll allow nothing to stand in their way.

But all of that determination can turn against them. They can get caught up in the storm of hard work and burn themselves out.

Rainbow Moonstone restores their emotional balance. It helps them focus on their emotional well-being while they work very hard. Success is wonderful, but not when it comes at the cost of your own health. The Chakra-Balancing Bracelets Set does the same thing for the entire energetic body.

Earth signs

Steady on their feet, earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) might tend to avoid emotional vulnerability. Showing what they feel can leave them feeling too exposed or insecure. When that happens, Rainbow Moonstone offers them gentle support. These crystals help earth signs open up without fearing rejection or becoming outcome-dependent.

Earth signs tend to show a stoic front. That's not because they don't have intense feelings. On the contrary. But one of those intense feelings is often a fear of the unknown. Rainbow Moonstone guides them towards focusing on the process of opening up. That way, the fears related to the outcome are cleansed.

Those lower vibes transform into the high vibes of emotional authenticity. The Strawberry Quartz Emotional Healing Bracelet also helps in a similar manner.

Rainbow Moonstone: Healing Properties For The Chakras

Rainbow Moonstone is an excellent energetic cleanser for chakras. It expels negative energy and optimizes the energetic exchange with the Above and the Below.

As part of a multi-chakra approach piece like the Chakra Cure Bracelet, it boosts creativity and emotional equilibrium.

But let's see how Rainbow Moonstones interact with each chakra.

Crown chakra

Rainbow Moonstone resonates naturally with the frequency of the crown chakra. These gorgeous gemstones help you connect to higher dimensions. The angelic realm is a good example of that.

Spiritual practices like lucid dreaming, astral traveling, and meditation are greatly aided by Rainbow Moonstone. If you want an even more intense spiritual experience, add Moonstone to your practice during a Full Moon.

Add Rainbow Moonstone to your spiritual practice and altar and you'll feel the vibe change.

If your crown chakra hasn't been activated yet, Rainbow Moonstones will activate and upgrade it. The creative and insightful vibes of these crystals are going to open new paths of connection to your higher self. You'll become more in tune with the universal energy and more authentic to your true self.

If you haven't discovered your life purpose, meditate with Rainbow Moonstone on what it is. Your higher power will help you awaken to your divine mission.

Third eye chakra

Allow your third eye chakra to harmonize with the energy of the Rainbow Moonstone. The world as you perceive it will become a whole new place.

Rainbow Moonstone activates and upgrades your psychic abilities. Your spiritual healing and insight are going to improve. You'll gain a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of yourself and of the world around you.

The veil between worlds will become thinner when you activate your third eye with Moonstones. That can be a vulnerable situation, especially if you're a beginner on this journey. That's why Rainbow Moonstone is a great ally for you at this point. It grants you psychic protection as well as heightened awareness and understanding.

Use the Serenity Lamp for added support. It will keep low vibes and malevolent energies away as you experiment with your psychic abilities.

Throat chakra

When the Rainbow Moonstone crystal interacts with your throat chakra, communicational blockages will become a thing of the past.

With a clear picture regarding your life purpose and enhanced psychic insight, it's important how you communicate the information. Rainbow Moonstone gives you the inspiration and wisdom you need to find the right words at the right time.

But this beautiful crystal helps in many more situations, not just spiritual ones. Whatever career and life path you're on, communication is the cornerstone of human interaction. Rainbow Moonstone will develop your charisma and persuasive skills. It will upgrade your negotiating skills and fuel your growth.

If you're involved in any type of conflict, lawsuit, or tense situation, make sure you have Rainbow Moonstone on you during the meetings. It will upgrade your diplomatic skills. With its support, you'll reach a compromise and find the common ground to build on.

Heart chakra

Are you ready to activate the energy of divine love? Your heart chakra can greatly benefit from the help of the Rainbow Moonstone.

All of your emotional ties will benefit from the help of this crystal. You'll find the courage to wear your heart on your sleeve. But you'll also know when to enforce healthy boundaries.

Rainbow Moonstone will help you sense what others truly feel. You'll perceive the authentic intentions of those you interact with. As a result, you'll sense who is wearing a mask and who is holding back due to fear or insecurity. 

If you've been struggling with your own feelings, Rainbow Moonstone helps you achieve and maintain emotional balance. Green Peridot works very well with Moonstone to achieve that. Wear the Rainbow Freedom Rings and you'll be able to express your authentic feelings and maintain your inner peace.

If you're looking for true love, a soulmate, or a divine counterpart, Rainbow Moonstone will help you magnetize them to you. You'll find your way towards achieving the happily ever after you dream of.

Solar plexus chakra

Your solar plexus chakra is the seat of your personal power. It gives the tone of your overall stamina and vitality. It's also the powerhouse that fuels your manifestation process.

Rainbow Moonstone activates your creativity and sparks your imagination. It helps you focus on your end goals. Rainbow Moonstone gives you the clarity you need to visualize your process. With a clear vision, the focus on your end goals, and the creativity to adapt, your manifestation process has every chance at becoming a success story.

If you suffer from self-esteem issues or are afraid to be your true self, Rainbow Moonstone heals the negative energies blocking your solar plexus.

The lunar energy of the Moonstone is a natural complement to the solar energy of your solar plexus. When these energies harmonize, they encourage the divine integration of your feminine and masculine energies. This is an essential step of your ascension process.

To maintain the results you achieve, try the Solar System Stones & Bracelet Set.

Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is the seat of your divine feminine and creative energies as a woman. Rainbow Moonstone resonates with this chakra very well since it's also connected to the moon and fertility.

As a result, Rainbow Moonstone cleanses the energy of the sacral energy center and optimizes it. It's a particularly powerful stone to use if you're looking to conceive.

But from the sacral chakra also comes creative power in general. It supports your manifestation processes. When Rainbow Moonstone activates your sacral, it stimulates abundance in all its forms, particularly the material kind.

To make the most of your Rainbow Moonstone, use it together with the Ultimate Wealth Bracelet. You'll see prosperity blossom as you become more and more successful. 

Root chakra

Your base or root chakra is the energetic center that connects your aura to the energy of Mother Earth (or Gaia).

Rainbow Moonstones encourage the frequency of balance. When it works with the root, Moonstone supports grounding your higher vibe energies. It also optimizes your manifestation process so it reaches a successful completion.

Energy flows from Above, through your chakras, crown to root, and down into the bosom of Mother Gaia. Once the frequency of Rainbow Moonstone reaches this level, your entire energetic body has been optimized and cleansed.

Energetic protection is very important at this level. If your energy is not well protected and grounded at your root level, your entire energetic body will suffer from it.

That's why it's important to use grounding crystals to aid you. Wear the Spiritual Protection Bracelet to make sure that your energy is protected.

Which Crystals Does Rainbow Moonstone Harmonize With?

When it comes to crystals that harmonize with Rainbow Moonstone, there are two main types: those with complementary energies and those with similar energies.

Crystals with similar energies amplify each other's frequency. They raise the vibe of each other and of the wearer. In the case of Rainbow Moonstone, great options for similar energy crystals are Opal, Pearl, Labradorite, Moonstone, and Clear Quartz.

How Do You Cleanse Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow Moonstone is best cleansed with the help of moonlight. Place your Moonstone under direct moonlight during the Full Moon. It will cleanse and also charge your Rainbow Moonstone to its full capacity.

If you'd like to set the intention for how you'll use it, place it under direct moonlight during the New Moon.

Other cleansing methods like crystal lamps also work, of course. You can never go wrong with using Selenite and light for cleansing, but electric light has fire energy; your Rainbow Moonstone will be cleansed more efficiently if you use moonlight and add a Selenite All-Cleansing Tower next to it.

Get Your Rainbow Moonstones Today!

So, what is Rainbow Moonstone good for? Rainbow Moonstones are powerful healing crystals. They support your energetic and physical body. These stones bring good fortune and improve abundance.

Rainbow Moonstone improves fertility and intensifies emotional connections. It supports your emotional balance and cleanses negative energies. It helps you build stronger social networks and improves your negotiating skills.

Rainbow Moonstone is a potent stone that enhances your psychic gifts and offers you psychic protection. It connects you to your higher self and the angelic realm. Rainbow Moonstone supports your spiritual ascension process.

And all of the Rainbow Moonstone's qualities come in the shape of an exquisite and sacred stone. Make the most of its power by using it together with crystals for love and happiness.

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